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Part 295 – IDIOMS/PHRASES Previous Year Questions

Q1. I was taken aback when he proposed to marry my daughter.
(a) surprised (b) pleased
(c) hurt (d) shocked
Ans: (d) be taken aback: to be shocked surprised and confused She was completely taken aback by his anger. The best option is shocked

Q2. She played ducks and drakes with her money.
(a) lent
(b) spent lavishly
(c) did not spend
(d) borrowed
Ans: (b) play ducks and drakes: to waste/squander He lost his job for playing ducks and drakes with the fund of corporation. The best option is spent lavishly

Q3. He had to eat humble pie for his intense rudeness.
(a) earn praise
(b) suffer humiliation
(c) modest behaviour
(d) determine
(b) to eat humble pie: to say sorry for mistakes. I think I’m right, but, if I’m wrong, I’ll eat humble pie. The best option is suffer humiliation

Q4. Their attempt to get back the stolen necklace proved to be a wild goose chase.
(a) delayed action
(b) wise decision
(c) useless search
(d) timely action
Ans: (c) wild goose chase: a search for something that is impossible for you to find, that makes you waste a lot time. The police had been sent on a wild goose chase. The best option useless search

Q5. The day the new product was launched, people made a beeline to purchase it.
(a) went online
(b) rushed
(c) were doubtful
(d) refused
Ans: (b) make a beeline: to go straight towards something as quickly as you can; rush. As soon as she arrived at the party, she made a beeline for the food. The best option rushed

Q6. At his wit’s end, he turned to his old trade.
(a) Overjoyed
(b) After careful thinking
(c) Confidently
(d) Not knowing what to do
Ans: (d) at one’s wit’s end: to be so worried by a problem that you do not know what to do next. She was at her with’ end wondering how she’d manage it all in the time. The best option is Not knowing what to do.

Q7. When it comes to dancing, he is allthumbs.
(a) lazy (b) an expert
(c) a trainer (d) clumsy
Ans: (d) all thumbs: to be awkward with your hands so that you drop things or are unable to do something; clumsy. You know when you get nervous, you are allthumbs. The best option is clumsy

Q8. He usually goes to bed very early and rises with the lark.
(a) at midnight
(b) very late
(c) very early
(d) after sunrise
(c) get up/rise with the lark: to get out of bed very early in the morning. She always rises up with the lark. The best option is very early

Q9. He’s as daft as a brush. Don’t believe a word of what he says.
(a) a liar (b) very funny
(c) really silly (d) unreliable
Ans: (c) as daft as a brush: very silly; (a) daft: silly, often in a way that is amusing. As a kid, he was as daft as a brush. The best option is really silly

Q10. I hope you will back me at the meeting.
(a) criticise (b) speak after I do
(c) follow (d) support
Ans: (d) back: to give help or support to somebody/something. Doctors have backed plans to raise the tax on cigarettes. The best option is support

Q11. A closefisted man does not know the significance of human life.
(a) a poor man
(b) a rich man
(c) a miser
(d) an illmannered man
Ans: (c) close fisted: tight fisted; not willing to spend much money; stingy. My parents are very closefisted with money and expenditure. The best option is a miser

Q12. I shall always remember my alma mater with gratitude.
(a) institution where I got education
(b) teacher who inspired me
(c) mother’s loving care
(d) kindergarten days
Ans: (a) alma mater: the school, college or university that somebody went to. He donated 20 Lakh to his alma mater. The best option is institution where I got education.

Q13. I and my friend always go Dutch when we eat out.
(a) drive together
(b) pay for each other’s meal
(c) go together
(d) divide the costs
(d) go Dutch: to share the cost of something with somebody. How about dinner tonight ? We’ll go Dutch. The best option is divide the costs

Q14. Instead of keeping his promise of helping me with office work, he just left me high and dry.
(a) left me without a drop of water
(b) left me in a state of anger
(c) left me alone to do the work
(d) left me feeling like a fool
Ans: (c) high and dry: a boat in a position out of the water ; in a difficult situation without help or money. They walked out on the party, leaving me high and dry. (abandoned) The best option is left me done to do the work

Q15. Unless you make amends for the loss, nobody is prepared to excuse you.
(a) improve (b) confess
(c) compensate (d) pay debt
Ans: (c) make amends for: compensate They mustmake amends for the harm they’ve caused. The best option is compensate

Q16. Before the report reached the authority, the media spilled the beans.
(a) hinted at the consequences.
(b) dropped the charges
(c) spilled the content of the package
(d) revealed the secret information
Ans: (d) spill the beans: to tell somebody something that should be kept secret or private. There is a surprise party for her. Please don’t spill the beans. The best option is revealed the secret information.

Q17. Amit said to Rekha, ‘‘Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill.’’
(a) exaggerate a minor problem
(b) attempt an impossible task
(c) create problems
(d) start looking for mole hills in mountains.
Ans: (a) make a mountain out of a molehill: to make an unimportant matter seem important. Sita is always making mountains out of molehills. The best option is exaggerate a minor problem.

Q18. His friend turned out to be snake in the grass.
(a) cowardly and brutal
(b) a hidden enemy
(c) an unreliable and deceitful person
(d) low and mean
(c) a snake in the grass: a person who pretends to be your friend but who cannot be trusted. It’s upsetting to learn that someone you once viewed as a good colleague is in fact a snake in the grass. The best option is an unreliable and deceitful person.

Q19. He and his neighbour are always at loggerheads.
(a) agree on everything
(b) disagreeing on everything
(c) aloof from each other
(d) abusing each other
Ans: (b) at loggerheads: in strong disagreement. The two governments are still at loggerheads over the island. The best option is disagreeing on everything.

Q20. I am going to stay at home because I am feeling under the weather today.
(a) unhappy (b) depressed
(c) irritated (d) sick
Ans: (d) under the weather: slightly ill/sick and not as well as usual. She said she was under the weather and couldn’t make it to the meeting. The best option is sick.

Q21. Even in the middle of the fire he kept a level head.
(a) was impulsive
(b) was sensible
(c) was crazy
(d) was self centred
Ans: (b) keep a level head: to remain calm and sensible in a difficult situation. You have to keep a level head during business negotiations. The best option is was sensible

Q22. The winning team decided to go for the jugular in the last quarter of the match.
(a) forfeit the match
(b) give easy opportunities to the opposite team
(c) give reserve players a chance
(d) attack all out
Ans: (d) go for the jugular: to attack somebody’s weaker point during a discussion , in an aggressive way. She went straight for the jugular at the end of the game. The best option is attack all out

Q23. Everybody thought Asha and Ashok were a happy couple, but it was all just make believe.
(a) hatred (b) treachery
(c) reality (d) pretence
(d) make believe that…: to pretend that something is true. Let’s make believe we’re elves. (dwarfs) The best option is pretence.

Q24. to set the Thames on fire
(a) do a heroic deed
(b) do something to suit one’s own purpose
(c) to burn someone alive
(d) destroy with fire
Ans: (a) to set the Thames on fire: to do such a work that needs a strenuous effort. To win Mount Everest is like setting the Thames on fire. The best option is do a heroic deed.

Q25. You cannot expect even a single penny from him, he is a closefisted man.
(a) miser (b) boxer
(c) courageous (d) generous
(a) a close – fisted person: not liking to spend money; miser. She has always been a closefisted person with her money. The best option is miser

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