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Part 292 – IDIOMS/PHRASES Previous Year Questions

Q1. In his salad days he was quite a dandy.
(a) childhood (b) adolescence
(c) school days (d) old age
Ans: (b) salad days = the time when you are young and do not have much experience of life. I met her in my salad days. The best option is adolescence

Q2. He is cool about working at night.
(a) ready to work
(b) not ready to work
(c) excited about working
(d) grudgingly working
Ans: (a) cool (Adj.): marked by selfcontrol cool about working: not tense about working She’s cool about working in any shift. The best option is ready to work.

Q3. You cannot throw dust into my eyes.
(a) terrify me (b) cheat me
(c) hurt me (d) abuse me
(b) throw dust into one’s eyes: to confuse/mislead; to deceive He threw dust into our eyes by pretending to be a jeweller and then disappeared with the diamonds. The best option is cheat me

Q4. The girl took after her father. She is very amiable like him.
(a) similar to (b) different
(c) behind (d) takes
Ans: (a) took after: to look/behave like an older member of your family, especially your mother/ father Your daughter doesn’t take after you at all. The best option is similar to

Q5. Your behaviour is simply beyond the pale.
(a) outside commonly accepted standards
(b) beyond sorrow
(c) uninteresting
(d) something acceptable
(a) beyond the pale: considered by most people to be unacceptable or unreasonable. His remarks were clearly beyond the pale. The best option is outside commonly accepted standards

Q6. The much hyped event turned out be a nine days’ wonder.
(a) an event that lasted for nine days
(b) created awe for nine days
(c) a dazzling spectacle of great value
(d) a dazzling shortlived spectacle of no real value
Ans: (d) nine days’ wonder: a person/ thing that makes people excited for a short time but does not last very long The elopement of Bob and Anne was a nine days’ wonder. The best option is a dazzling shortlived spectacle of no real value

Q7. Listening to the lecture was watching grass grow.
(a) very boring
(b) very interesting
(c) very confusing
(d) very informative
Ans: (a) watching grass grow: delay in getting things done; boring. To watch somebody fishing is like watching grass grow. The best option is very boring

Q8. Suddenly the balloon goes up in the middle of the conversation.
(a) the situation turns unpleasant or serious
(b) a sudden shift in the topic of conversation
(c) the conversation takes a lighter note
(d) an abrupt silence takes place
(a) when the balloon goes up: when the trouble that you are expecting begins. We have to get out of here before the balloon goes up. The best option is the situation turns unpleasant/ serious

Q9. The departmental store is open around the clock.
(a) at different timings
(b) early morning
(c) day and night
(d) throughout the afternoon
Ans: (c) around the clock: all day and all night without stopping. Doctors and nurses worked around the clock to help the people injured in the train crash. The best option is day and night

Q10. Through the reporter’s efforts, many unknown facts have come to light.
(a) ignited (b) flared up
(c) brightened
(d) been revealed
Ans: (d) come to light: to become known to people New evidence has recently come to light. The best option is been revealed

Q11. I do not see eye to eye with you in this matter.
(a) to give a correct decision
(b) to obtain suitable punishment
(c) to have the same eyesight
(d) to have the same opinion
Ans: (d) not see eye to eye with somebody: to not share the same views as somebody about something. The two of them have never seen eye to eye on politics. The best option is to have the same opinion

Q12. The boy was in Dutch with his friends.
(a) in love
(b) in good terms
(c) in awe
(d) in trouble
Ans: (d) in Dutch: in trouble I’m in Dutch with my parents for my low grades. The best option is in trouble

Q13. Their attempt to get back the stolen necklace became a wild goose chase.
(a) wise decision
(b) useless search
(c) timely action
(d) delayed action
(b) wild goose chase: a futile search/pursuit I think she sent us on a wild goose chase looking for our beach house. The best option is useless search

Q14. Your remarks during the discussion added fuel to the fire.
(a) got others angry
(b) ignited the fireplace
(c) worsened matters
(d) created warmth all around
Ans: (c) add fuel to the fire: to make an argument continue or get worse. She was upset, and your making fun of her added fuel to the fire. The best option is worsened matters

Q15. Why do you fight shy of me ?
(a) fight with (b) avoid
(c) embarrass (d) shout at
Ans: (b) fight shy of something: to be unwilling to accept something or do something and to try to avoid it. I know the danger ; I see it and I tell myself that I must fight shy of it. The best option is avoid

Q16. They have latched on to tourism as a way of boosting the local economy.
(a) promoted (b) discovered
(c) exposed (d) explored
Ans: (a) latch on to something = to understand an idea or what somebody is saying; to become attached to somebody/something; to develop a strong interest in something. The stray dog latched onto the children and wouldn’t go home. The best option is promoted

Q17. When he asked me the way to the cafeteria, I told him to follow his nose.
(a) to find it by himself
(b) to ask someone else
(c) to follow me
(d) to go straight ahead
Ans: (d) follow your nose: to act according to what seems right or reasonable, rather than following any particular rules The garage is a mile ahead up the hill; just follow your nose. The best option is to go straight ahead

Q18. Winning the competition was quite a feather in my cap.
(a) rewarding
(b) an exciting moment
(c) an achievement
(d) a joy for my parents
Ans: (c) a feather in your cap: an action that you can be proud of A new television series will be another feather in his cap. The best option is an achievement

Q19. My father’s dealings are open and above board.
(a) to everyone’s liking
(b) mandatory
(c) without any secret
(d) very clear
Ans: (c) above board: legal and honest; very clear, without any secret. Don’t worry ; the deal was completely aboveboard. The best option is without any secret

Q20. After the public meeting, the crowd went haywire.
(a) were in jubilation
(b) protested
(c) became out of control
(d) left the venue
Ans: (c) go haywire: to stop working correctly or become out of control. The clock seems to have gone a haywire. The best option is became out of control

Q21. He broke off in the middle of the story.
(a) fainted
(b) suddenly stopped
(c) divided his narrative
(d) took time off
Ans: (b) break off: to end something suddenly. He broke off in the middle of a sentence. The best option is suddenly stopped

Q22. Some shots were fired at random.
(a) without any aim
(b) for a long time
(c) to end quarrel
(d) thoroughly
Ans: (a) at random: without deciding in advance what is going to happen/ without any regular pattern She opened the book at random and started reading. The best option is without any aim

Q23. I can finish the work by myself, but she always tries to be a backseat driver.
(a) person who misjudge others
(b) person who wants to do things by herself
(c) person who falsely accuses others
(d) person who gives unwanted advice
(d) backseat driver: a person who wants to be in control of something that is not their responsibility. My mom drives us all crazy with her instructions ; she’s an incurable back seat driver. The best option is person who gives unwanted advice.

Q24. Sheila’s tall tales have no meaning.
(a) jealousy (b) greed
(c) boasting (d) pride
Ans: (c) tall tales: something that a person talks about in a very proud way ; boasting. My uncle claims that he was raised in a drainage ditch, but it’s just another of his tall tales. The best option is boasting

Q25. The bridge gave way under the heavy weight.
(a) collapsed (b) endured
(c) withstood (d) stooped
Ans: (a) give way: to break or fall down ; collapse. The pillars gave way and a section of the roof collapsed. The best option is collapsed

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