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Part 289 – IDIOMS/PHRASES Previous Year Questions

Q1. I saw through the trick and was on guard.
(a) anticipated (b) detected
(c) witnessed (d) defeated
Ans: (b) saw through: to realize the truth You can’t fool me any more. I can see through you and all your tricks. The best option is detected.

Q2. He is not a good lawyer but he has the gift of the gab.
(a) talk very fast
(b) speak very well
(c) a good voice
(d) pretend convincingly
Ans: (b) the gift of the gab: ability to speak well My brother really has the gift of gab. He can convince anyone of anything. The best option is speak very well.

Q3. We have to put up with the sorrows of life.
(a) bear patiently
(b) fight against
(c) welcome cheerfully
(d) treat with indifference
(a) put up with: to bear; to endure I cannot put up with your constant complaining any longer. The best option is bear patiently.

Q4. The die is cast and nothing can be done now.
(a) The game has been played
(b) There has been a failure
(c) The effect has worn out
(d) The decision has been taken
Ans: (d) the die is cast: an event has happened or a decision has been made that cannot be changed The die is cast; there is no turning back on this point. The best option is The decision has been taken

Q5. He is in the habit of picking holes in everything.
(a) delving deep into
(b) finding fault with
(c) causing trouble to
(d) asking questions about
Ans: (b) picking holes in: to find the weak points The lawyer picked holes in the witness’s story. The best option is finding fault with

Q6. The member took exception to the secretary’s remark about the current political situation in the State.
(a) accepted readily
(b) laughed at
(c) objected (d) granted
(c) took exception: objected The manager took exception to the statement about having only three employees. The best option is objected

Q7. The young servant goes about with the old master.
(a) tries to know more about
(b) adjusts well
(c) moves around
(d) goes around
Ans: (d) goes about: goes around; to continue to do something She is going about with her mistress. The best option is goes around.

Q8. The mother was right in giving a piece of her mind to the daughter.
(a) speaking sadly
(b) speaking sharply
(c) speaking kindly
(d) speaking cheerfully
Ans: (b) going a piece of her mind: to tell somebody that you disapprove of his behaviour or are angry with him I’ve had enough of Raju. I’m going to give him a piece of my mind. The best option is speaking sharply.

Q9. After getting a severe scolding from his mother, Raghu got down to business.
(a) began to work seriously
(b) joined his father’s business
(c) started a business
(d) became businesslike
(a) got down to business: to give serious attention There has been enough chit chat. Let’s get down to business. The best option is began to work seriously.

Q10. He was the bad egg in the family.
(a) greedy (b) worthless
(c) valuable (d) unwanted
Ans: (b) a bad egg (Id.): someone who behaves in a bad/dishonest way; worthless a good egg: a person who can be reliedon; to behave well He’s a bad egg: don’t believe anything he says. He’s a bad egg ; don’t believe anything he says. The best option is worthless.

Q11. to get into hot water
(a) to have a hot bath
(b) to keep warm
(c) to get into trouble
(d) to get drowned
Ans: (c) to get into hot water: to get into trouble I got into hot water with my wife last night when she found me drunk. The best option is to get into trouble.

Q12. a wildgoose chase
(a) run after a bird
(b) a fruitful search
(c) long pursuit
(d) fruitless pursuit
(d) a wild goose chase: a search for something that is impossible for you to find or that does not exist, that makes you waste a lot of time The police had been sent on a wild goose chase. The best option is fruitless pursuit.

Q13. took to her heels
(a) bent down
(b) ran off
(c) kicked off her shoes
(d) rubbed her heels
Ans: (b) took to his heels: ran away quickly The man took to his heels to try to get to the bus stop before the bus left. The best option is ran off.

Q14. was plain sailing
(a) was very easy
(b) was complicated
(c) was competitive
(d) was uncomfortable
Ans: (a) Plain sailing: to be simple and free from trouble. The roads were busy as we drove out of the city, but after that it was plain sailing all the way. The best option is was very easy.

Q15. a bolt from the blue
(a) struck by thunder
(b) a piece of bad luck
(c) a flash of lighting
(d) a complete surprise
(d) A bolt from the blue: an event or a piece of news which is sudden and unexpected. Her dismissal came as a bolt from the blue. The best option is a complete surprise.

Q16. I have recently changed my job and I am going to have teething problems.
(a) difficulties at the start
(b) difficulties at the end
(c) difficulties all the time
(d) problem with my teeth
Ans: (a) Teething troubles/problems: small problems that a company, product, system etc. has at the beginning. New cars often suffer fromteething problems. The best option is difficulties at the start.

Q17. The soldiers fought tooth and nail to save their country.
(a) using unfair means
(b) with strength and fury
(c) with weapons
(d) as best as they could
Ans: (b) Fight tooth and nail: to fight in a very determined way for what you want. The residents are fighting tooth and nail to stop the new development. The best option is with strength and fury.

Q18. Chetan is very upset because the new manager always picks on him.
(a) advises
(b) warns severely
(c) selects
(d) treats badly
(d) Prick on somebody: to treat somebody unfairly by blaming or criticising. My sister always picks on me. The best option is treats badly.

Q19. After his business failed, he had to work very hard to keep the wolf from the door.
(a) keep away extreme poverty
(b) earn an honest living
(c) regain his lost position
(d) defend from enemies
Ans: (a) To keep the wolf from the door: to have enough money to avoid going hungry. We have a small amount of money saved, hardly enough to keep the wolf from the door. The best option is keep away from extreme poverty

Q20. The mention of her former husband’s name still makes Rita foam at the mouth.
(a) angry
(b) vomit
(c) shy
(d) fall sick
Ans: (a) Foam at the mouth: to be very angry. She was foaming at the mouth over the judge’s ruling. The best option is angry

Q21. We must husband our resources against hard times.
(a) save (b) support
(c) sing (d) concede
Ans: (a) Husband our resources: to use something carefully and make sure that you do not waste it. Times are hard and we have to husband our resources. The best option is save

Q22. The newly elected Chief Minister has promised to bring about changes in the state.
(a) produce
(b) make
(c) carry
(d) cause to happen
Ans: (d) Bring about: to make something happen; cause What brought about the change in his attitude ? The best option is cause to happen

Q23. He gave vent to his pleasure with a smile.
(a) shared (b) allowed
(c) expressed (d) enjoyed
(c) Give vent to something = to express a feeling Children give vent to their anger in various ways. The best option is expressed

Q24. If you read between the lines, you will appreciate what he writes.
(a) can read leaving lines in between
(b) can read a lot quicker
(c) know what the writer thinks
(d) can read and write in the language
Ans: (c) Read between the lines: to look for or discover a meaning in something that is not openly stated. Reading between the lines, I think she needs money. The best option is know what the writer thinks

Q25. to throw dust in one’s eyes.
(a) to harm someone
(b) to deceive
(c) to show false things
(d) to make blind
Ans: (b) To throw dust in one’s eyes: to deceive She threw dust in the eyes of the jeweller by pretending to be a welltodo lady, and then stole the necklace. The best option is to deceive

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