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Part 288 – IDIOMS/PHRASES Previous Year Questions

Q1. Scientific knowledge is no longer a closed book in this 21st century.
(a) an unopened book
(b) a covered book
(c) a mystery
(d) a mysterious book
Ans: (c) a closed book: a person that you know nothing about I can’t figure her out; she’s a closed book to me. The best option is a mystery.

Q2. It takes a month of Sundays to chop all that wood.
(a) a short period
(b) no time
(c) a long time
(d) a special Sunday
(c) a month of Sundays: used to emphasize that something will never happen; a long time It will take you a month of Sundays to complete the book. The best option is a long time.

Q3. let sleeping dogs lie
(a) dogs can raise tempers
(b) do not allow dogs to stand
(c) prevent dog mobility
(d) do not bring up an old controversial issue
Ans: (d) let sleeping dogs lie: to avoid mentioning a subject or something that happened in the past, in order to avoid any problems/ arguments I know I should report the accident but I rather let the sleeping dogs lie. The best option is do not bring up an old controversial issue.

Q4. To get admission in present day educational institutions, all children should be born with a silver spoon in the mouth.
(a) always hold a silver spoon
(b) be born with silver spoon
(c) be born in a rich family
(d) be born to silver spoon manufacturer
Ans: (c) be born with a silver spoon in the mouth: having rich parents Most of the students in the exclusive Public schools are born with silver spoons in their mouths. The best option is be born in a rich family.

Q5. a man of straw
(a) an unreasonable person
(b) a man of no substance
(c) a very active person
(d) a worthy fellow
Ans: (b) a man of straw: without substantial means; a person who is weak and easy to defeat ; a person of little substance Compared to their predecessors, the country’s leaders seem to be men of straw. The best option is a man of no substance

Q6. Children complain about their parents’ gifts. They should learn not to look a gift horse in the mouth
(a) not to find fault with the gifts received
(b) not to ask for more gifts
(c) not to find goodness in the gifts
(d) not to look at a horse’s mouth
Ans: (a) not to look a gift horse in the mouth: not to refuse or criticize something that is given to you for nothing Never look a gift horse in the mouth. The best option is not to find fault with the fifts received.

Q7. Acquiring a job is a cakewalk for a student who has good academic performance coupled with good attitude.
(a) a difficult achievement
(b) a walkway made with cakes
(c) an easy achievement
(d) walk away with a cake
(c) a cake walk: something that is extremely easy to do She has been running marathons for years now. So this 5 kmrun will be a cake walk for her. The best option is an easy achievement.

Q8. I tried to feel his pulse on the issue, but in vain.
(a) find his views
(b) enlighten him
(c) argue with him
(d) guide him
Ans: (a) feel his pulse: to find what one is thinking on some point The exit polls feel the pulse of the voters. The best option is find his views.

Q9. For this act of indifference he will be taken to task by the authority.
(a) get an offical reprimand
(b) rewarded
(c) tender his resignation
(d) entrusted with an official job.
Ans: (a) taken to task: punished The teacher took Shalu to task for her misbehaviour. The best option is get, an official reprimand

Q10. Yor need to have something up your sleeve if the present plan does not work.
(a) have some honest means
(b) have some hidden sources of money
(c) have a secret pocket in the sleeve
(d) have an alternative plan
Ans: (d) have something up your sleeve: to keep a plan or an idea secret until you need to use it I have something up my sleeve that will solve all your problems. The best option is have an alternative plan.

Q11. The new manager ruled the roost to every one.
(a) exercised authority
(b) rushed through work
(c) got paid very handsomely
(d) created good impression
Ans: (a) ruled the roost: to be the most powerful member of a group; to be the manager Our new office manager really rules the roost. The best option is exercised authority.

Q12. Despite his initial arrogance he had to eat humble pie.
(a) he had to yield under pressure
(b) he maintained composure
(c) he failed to protest eventually
(d) he accepted the food offfered
(a) eat humble pie: to say and show that you are sorry for a mistake committed by you The producers of the advertisement had to eat humble pie for mis representing the facts. The best option is he had to yield under pressure

Q13. He broke down when he heard the news of his son’s death.
(a) resigned his job
(b) ceased to smile
(c) stopped working
(d) wept bitterly
Ans: (d) broke down: cried When she heard the news of her husband’s accident, she broke down and could not be convinced. The best option is wept bitterly.

Q14. “Don’t try to throw dust into my eyes. You will not succeed.”
(a) to blind me with dust
(b) to protect my eyes
(c) blind me with dust
(d) to mislead or confuse me
Ans: (d) throw dust into my eyes: to mislead; to deceive The governor’s secretary threw dust in his eyes by misleading him with wrong information. The best option is to mislead or confuse me.

Q15. a man of straw
(a) a man of no substance
(b) a very active person
(c) a worthy fellow
(d) an unreasonable person
Ans: (b) a man of straw: without substantial means; a person who is weak and easy to defeat ; a person of little substance Compared to their predecessors, the country’s leaders seem to be men of straw. The best option is a man of no substance

Q16. We visit the shopping mall off and on.
(a) up and about
(b) often
(c) really and truly
(d) once upon a time
Ans: (b) off and on: from time to time; now and again She always remains sick. She has to visit the doctor off and on. The best option is often.

Q17. Life is an event of give and take.
(a) adjustment
(b) make believe
(c) always
(d) giving
Ans: (a) give and take: wilingness in a relationship to accept what somebody else wants and gives up some of what you want Every contract involves some give and take. The best option is adjustment.

Q18. Don’t mix with the bad hats.
(a) people with bad hats
(b) people of bad character
(c) people selling bad hats
(d) people of poor status
Ans: (b) bad hats: someone who deliberately stirs up trouble He is a bad hat; he always creates problems for others. The best option is people of bad character.

Q19. The personality development, class started with an ice breaking session.
(a) having breakfast
(b) starting conversation
(c) introducing chief guest
(d) making speeches
Ans: (b) icebreaking: same as ‘break the ice’ start introduction. There should be someone who will break the ice at any social gathering The best option is starting conversation.

Q20. He chickened out when he confronted opposition.
(a) ate chicken
(b) released chicken
(c) hatched eggs
(d) withdrew
Ans: (d) chickened out: to decide not to do something because you are afraid Gaurav chickened out of the plan at the last minute. The best option is withdrew.

Q21. Try to make do with what you have.
(a) create (b) do
(c) produce (d) manage
Ans: (d) to make do: to manage You’ll have to make do with less money next year. The best option is manage.

Q22. The scientist worked for donkey’s years to arrive at the formula.
(a) a long time (b) a short time
(c) for donkeys (d) for few years
(a) donkey’s years: a very long time I haven’t seen her in donkey’s years. The best option is a long time.

Q23. The manager hesitated to assign the job to the newcomer as he was wet behind the ears.
(a) young and inexperienced
(b) drenched in the rain
(c) unpunctual and lethargic
(d) stupid and slowwitted
Ans: (a) wet behind the ears: young and inexperienced Chandu is too young to take on a job. He is still wet behind the ears. The best option is young and inexperienced.

Q24. Mrs. Roy keeps an open house on Saturday evening parties you’ll find all kinds of people there.
(a) keeps the gates open for a few persons
(b) welcomes all members
(c) welcomes a select group of people
(d) keeps the doors of the house open
Ans: (b) keeps an open house: to give entertainment to all visitors at any time. They keep an open house for artists and writers. The best option is welcomes all members.

Q25. The police cordoned off the area after the explosion.
(a) did not allow anyone to leave
(b) filled
(c) isolated
(d) checked everyone in
(c) cordoned off: to stop people from getting into an area by surrounding it with police, soldiers, etc. The police cordoned off the scene of crime. The best option is isolated.

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