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Part 285 – IDIOMS/PHRASES Previous Year Questions

Q1. He lays out fifty percent of his income on bonds and shares.
(a) allots (b) distributes
(c) donates (d) spends
Ans: (d) lays out: to spend money; fork out The rich couple laid out a fortune on jewellery for the wedding. The best option is spends.

Q2. I will do the work if I am allowed a free hand in the choice of materials.
(a) complete liberty
(b) an expense account
(c) to employ men to work
(d) unlimited funds
Ans: (a) allowed a free hand: to get/ have an opportunity to do what you want to do and to make your own decisions He was allowed a free hand in the project and he accomplished it very well. The best option is complete liberty.

Q3. He is as hard as a nail, never moved by anything.
(a) tough
(b) emotionless
(c) physically strong
(d) hard working
(b) as hard as a nail: to show no sympathy, kindness or fear She’ll be a good business woman; she’s as hard as a nail. The best option is emotionless.

Q4. He left the town under a cloud.
(a) of his own accord
(b) in disgrace
(c) with a heavy heart
(d) when it was raining
Ans: (b) under a cloud: being subject to suspicion ; a state of disgrace As he behaved in an abnormal way, his activites were under a cloud. The best option is in disgrace.

Q5. The young boy’s act put his father in a pickle.
(a) in a funny position
(b) in a serious position
(c) in a sad situation
(d) in an embarrassing or awkward situation
Ans: (d) in a pickle: in a difficult or unpleasant situation I was in a pickle, when I missed my flight to Canada. The best option is in an embarrassing or awkward situation.

Q6. They got on well with each other the moment they met.
(a) had an agreement
(b) had a misunderstanding
(c) had a friendly relationship
(d) fell in love
Ans: (c) got on well: had a friendly relationship She doesn’t get on well with her room – mate. The best option is had a friendly relationship.

Q7. She tried to slip off, but was caught immediately.
(a) steal quietly
(b) go quickly
(c) leave quietly
(d) slide quickly
Ans: (c) slip off: to leave quiely They slipped off and no one saw them leave. The best option is leave quietly.

Q8. I am looking forward to her arrival.
(a) afraid of
(b) expecting with pleasure
(c) expecting
(d) confident of
(b) looking forward to: to be thinking with pleasure about something that is going to happen I’m really looking forward to your visit next week. The best option is expecting with pleasure.

Q9. rides the high horse
(a) superior
(b) went on a vacation
(c) started gambling
(d) bought a horse
Ans: (a) rides the high horse: behaves in a way that shows that he feels he is better than other people She is riding the high horse because of her father’s recent success in the business. The best option is superior.

Q10. rack and ruin
(a) successful (b) debt
(c) destroyed (d) ransacked
Ans: (c) rack and ruin: to get into a bad condition The lovely old house on the corner is going to rack and ruin. The best option is destroyed

Q11. to take to task
(a) pass over (b) reward
(c) punish (d) disappoint
Ans: (c) to take to task: punish The teacher took Shalu to task for her misbehaviour. The best option is punish.

Q12. iron will
(a) good health
(b) strong determination
(c) sticks to the point
(d) has high haemoglobin
Ans: (b) iron will: a feeling of strong determination One must have an iron will. The best option is strong determination.

Q13. weal and woe
(a) ups and downs
(b) joys and sorrows
(c) whole heartedly
(d) under suspicion
(b) weal and woe: happiness and misery Weal and woe come in everybody’s life. One should learn to live with them. The best option is joys and sorrows.

Q14. I could have continued my higher studies if 1 wanted but, that’s water under the bridge.
(a) something I cannot change
(b) the time I met with an accident near the bridge
(c) something my family did not want
(d) the time I went on a cruise
Ans: (a) water under the bridge: something that happeaned in the past and is now forgotten or no longer important In order to have peace of mind we should let water under the bridge pass. The best option is something I cannot change.

Q15. My parents want me to study science, but I will stick to my guns and graduate in Economics.
(a) prefer to disobey them
(b) hold on to my decision
(c) refuse to listen to them
(d) show them that they are wrong
Ans: (b) stick to my guns: to refuse to change your mind about something even when other people are trying to persuade you that you are wrong I’ll stick to my guns in this matter. The best option is hold on to my decision.

Q16. The manager dismissed the proposal out of hand and said that it was not at all practical.
(a) completely (b) directly
(c) simply (d) quickly
Ans: (a) out of hand: out of control; at once; immediately ; completely The second surgeon rejected the doctor’s treatment plan out of hand. The best option is completely.

Q17. The people of this village are the salt of the earth.
(a) rich (b) educated
(c) quarrelsome(d) kind
Ans: (d) the salt of the earth: very good and honest; kind Farmers are described as the salt of the earth, particularly when their products are needed to feed the army. The best option is kind.

Q18. He accused her of talking through her hat and refused to accept a word of what she said.
(a) talking straight
(b) talking nonsense
(c) talking tough
(d) talking sense
(b) talking through the hat: to talk nonsense He was talking through his hat when he described the shipwreck. The best option is talking nonsense.

Q19. Her mother saw through the excuse she gave.
(a) revealed (b) detected
(c) viewed (d) hacked
Ans: (b) saw through: to realize the truth about somebody/something You can’t fool me any more. I can see through you and all your tricks. The best option is detected.

Q20. She has a bee in her bonnet and can say anything.
(a) is a crazy person
(b) is an obsessed person
(c) is a foolish person
(d) is a proud person
Ans: (b) has a bee in her bonnet: to think or talk about something all the time and to think that it is very important; that is not normal; an obsession Mary has a bee in her bonnet about recycling. The best option is is an obsessed person.

Q21. Some people have the habit of working by fits and starts.
(a) very seriously
(b) excitedly
(c) consistently
(d) irregularly
(d) by fits and starts: irregularly A sincere student works regularly, not by fits and starts. The best option is irregularly.

Q22. I expect my friends to stand by me.
(a) energise (b) support
(c) accompany (d) release
Ans: (b) stand by: support; help I’ll stand by you at any cost. The best option is support.

Q23. The music group broke up unceremoniously.
(a) went bankrupt
(b) broke each other’s instruments
(c) disturbed the neighbourhood
(d) disbanded itself
Ans: (d) broke up: the ending of a relationship or an association; the division of a large group into smaller parts Personal tensions broke the rock band up. The best option is disbanded itself.

Q24. She vaguely takes after her grandmother.
(a) constitutes (b) follows
(c) resembles (d) accepts
(c) takes after: to look/behave like on older member of your family She takes after her grandfather in her talent for design. The best option is resembles.

Q25. The mother always insists on keeping the house spick and span.
(a) locked (b) safe
(c) tidy (d) open
Ans: (c) spick and span: neat and clean When she finished cleaning, the whole house is spick and span. The best option is tidy.

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