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Part 284 – IDIOMS/PHRASES Previous Year Questions

Q1. a lame excuse
(a) unsatisfactory explanation
(b) good explanation
(c) useless talk
(d) ill feelings
Ans: (a) a lame excuse: weak and difficult to believe; unconvencing He always gives lame excuses. The best option is unsatisfactory explanation.

Q2. at a loss
(a) expert (b) unable
(c) able (d) defeat
Ans: (b) at a loss: not knowing what to say/do I was so surprised that I was at a loss for words. The best option is unable

Q3. in black and white
(a) useless (b) in writing
(c) in short (d) in full swing
(b) in black and white: in writing or in print I want you to put your offer in black and white. The best option is in writing.

Q4. stand by
(a) support (b) postpone
(c) stand up (d) resist
Ans: (a) stand by: to help somebody or be friends with him, even in difficult situations I’ll stand by you at any cost. The best option is support.

Q5. to give vent to
(a) cause trouble
(b) lose courage
(c) circulate
(d) express
Ans: (d) to give vent to: to express a feeling, especially anger, strogly Suman gave vent to her feeling by shouting at Sheela. The best option is express.

Q6. part and parcel
(a) partly
(b) unnecessary part
(c) essential element
(d) large part
Ans: (c) part and parcel: an essential part of something Touring is a part and parcel of my job. The best option is essential element.

Q7. to get wind
(a) to forget (b) come to know
(c) to tell (d) to fly
Ans: (b) to get wind: to hear about something secret or private The police got the wind of the illegal drug deal. The best option is come to know.

Q8. under the thumb of
(a) beyond control of
(b) under the nose of
(c) active
(d) under control of
(d) under the thumb of: under the control of The committee in firmly under his thumb and will agree to whatever he asks. The best option is under control of.

Q9. fall flat
(a) to fail to stand
(b) to fail to realise
(c) to fail to maintain
(d) to fail to produce intended effect
Ans: (d) fall flat: fail to amuse people or to have effect that was intended Most of his jokes fell flat. The best option is to fail to produce intended effect.

Q10. carry weight
(a) to carry burden
(b) carry the day
(c) be important
(d) carry through
Ans: (c) carry weight: important influence/ strength Her opinion carries a lot of weight with the boys. The best option is be important.

Q11. to pass away
(a) to ignore (b) walk past
(c) die (d) revise
Ans: (c) to pass away: to die My aunt passed away last week. The best option is die.

Q12. turn down
(a) to accept (b) reject
(c) twist (d) weave
Ans: (b) turn down: to reject/to refuse The board turned down the demand laid down by the union. The best option is reject.

Q13. die hard
(a) unwilling to change
(b) ready to change
(c) egoist
(d) arrogant
(a) die hard: strongly opposing change and new ideas These ancient traditions die hard in the isolated communities of rural India. The best option is unwilling to change.

Q14. turn up
(a) twist (b) appear
(c) curt (d) wind
Ans: (b) turn up: to be found; to appear; to happen; to arrive The invitations will be sent out and we’ll see who turns up. The best option is appear.

Q15. bad blood
(a) low blood pressure
(b) feeling of love
(c) feeling of hatred
(d) high blood pressure
Ans: (c) bad – blood: feeling of hatred There is no bad blood between us. The best option is feeling of hatred.

Q16. by fits and starts
(a) regularly (b) irregularly
(c) certainly (d) fairly
Ans: (b) by fits and starts: irregularly A sincere student works regularly, not by fits and starts. The best option is irregularly.

Q17. to put an end to
(a) continue (b) start
(c) stop (d) enforce
Ans: (c) to put an end to: to close; to cease We all wanted the two brothers to put an end to their argument. The best option is stop.

Q18. to hail from
(a) call (b) receive
(c) come from (d) arrive
(c) to hail from: to come from He hails from a small town in Punjab. The best option is come from.

Q19. I took exception to his remarks and left the meeting.
(a) objected (b) suggested
(c) heard (d) excused
Ans: (a) took exception: to object; objected The manager took exception to the statement about having only three employees. The best option is objected.

Q20. He turned a deaf ear to his parents’ advice.
(a) listen carefully
(b) refused to obey
(c) big help
(d) attentively
Ans: (b) turn a deaf ear: refuse to pay attention Sheela turned a deaf ear to our pleadings. The best option is refused to obey.

Q21. Most people live from hand to mouth these days because of inflation.
(a) lavishly (b) happily
(c) comfortably (d) miserably
Ans: (d) live from hand to mouth: to spend all the money you earn on basic needs such as food without being able to save any money When I had no job, we had to live from hand to mouth. The best option is miserably.

Q22. There are no hard and fast rules for admission to this college.
(a) easy (b) strict
(c) fixed (d) slow
Ans: (c) no hard and fast: fixed We have no hard and fast rules for this procedure. The best option is fixed.

Q23. Please hold your tongue in this matter, otherwise you will repent.
(a) be silent (b) give advice
(c) defend (d) argue
(a) hold your tongue: to say nothing although you would like to give your opinion You’ve said enough. Now, hold your tongue. The best option is be silent.

Q24. If you want to be happy, cut your coat according to your cloth.
(a) be honest in your dealings
(b) work according to your capacity
(c) live within your means
(d) don’t be too ambitious
Ans: (c) cut your coat according to your cloth: to do only what you have enough money to do and no more We can’t afford a vacation abroad; we have to cut our coat according to our cloth. The best option is live within your means.

Q25. She broke down in the middle of her speech.
(a) could not proceed
(b) fell down
(c) became angry
(d) cried
Ans: (d) broke down: to lose control of your feelings and start crying When she heard the news of her husband’s accident, she broke down and could not be convinced. The best option is cried.

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