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Part 283 – IDIOMS/PHRASES Previous Year Questions

Q1. Fresh out of college, Ram found it difficult to get a job as he was wet behind the ears.
(a) unsuitable
(b) inexperienced
(c) unhealthy
(d) irresponsible
Ans: (b) wet behind the ears: young and without experience; naive Chandu is too young to take on a job. He is still wet behind the ears. The best option is inexperienced.

Q2. The officer kicked up a row over the issue.
(a) gave a kick in the air
(b) made a great fuss
(c) avoided the issue
(d) gave strict orders
Ans: (b) kicked up a row: to complain loudly about something The food was so cold that dad kicked up a row and refused to pay for it. The best option is made a great fuss.

Q3. “If he does not perform his duties properly, I will send him packing,” said the manager.
(a) send him to packing department
(b) give him a warning
(c) serve him a notice
(d) terminate his services
(d) send him packing: to tell somebody firmly or rudely to go away The owner caught his servant taking small things from the store. So, he sent him packing. The best option is terminate his services.

Q4. to foam at one’s mouth
(a) to brush properly
(b) to get very angry
(c) to salivate on seeing food
(d) None of the above
Ans: (b) to foam at one’s mouth: to be very angry The court’s decision left the victim foaming at his mouth. The best option is to get very angry.

Q5. to feel like a fish out of water
(a) disgusted
(b) uncomfortable
(c) disappointed
(d) homeless
Ans: (b) to feel like a fish out of water: to feel uncomfortable or awkward because he/she is in surroundings that are not familiar All the other children in the school were from rich families. So, she was feeling like a fish out of water. The best option is uncomfortable.

Q6. at the eleventh hour
(a) too late
(b) too early
(c) immediately
(d) at the last moment
Ans: (d) at the eleventh hour: at the last moment She always revises for her exams at the eleventh hour. The best option is at the last moment.

Q7. to burn one’s fingers
(a) to get hurt physically.
(b) to suffer financial losses
(c) to find work
(d) to suffer nervous breakdown
Ans: (b) to burn one’s fingers: to suffer as a result of doing something without realizing the possible bad results, especially in business I’m staying away from risky stocks; I’ve burnt my fingers. The best option is to suffer financial losses.

Q8. to add fuel to fire
(a) to investigate(b) to insulate
(c) to initiate (d) to incite
(d) to add fuel to fire: to worsen a talk/conversation/argument; to incite Shouting at a crying child just adds fuel to fire. The best option is to incite

Q9. She was on the horns of a dilemma as she had either to leave her job or divorce her husband.
(a) in nervous condition
(b) in terrible mood
(c) in difficult situation
(d) in suspense
Ans: (c) on the horns of a dilemma: in a situation in which you have to make a choice between things that are equally unpleasant I didn’t know which dress to choose; I’m on the horns of a dilemma. The best option is in difficult situation.

Q10. He died in harness.
(a) ceased to live
(b) died of a disease
(c) died for his country
(d) died while working
Ans: (d) died in harness: died while in service My friend, Rashi, died in harness. The best option is died while working.

Q11. All his schemesended in smoke.
(a) came to nothing
(b) got on fire
(c) burnt up
(d) attracted everybody
Ans: (a) ended in smoke: become useless All his schemes ended in smoke. The best option is came to nothing.

Q12. The young boy was kicking his heels inspite of his mother’s stern warnings.
(a) playing happily
(b) kicking someone
(c) wasting time
(d) passing a gesture of disrespect
Ans: (c) kicking his heels: to be relaxed and enjoy She kicked her heels for hours sitting on a branch in the park. The best option is wasting time.

Q13. Fathima felt that she had been made a scapegoat for her son’s incompetence.
(a) fool (b) witness
(c) fall guy (d) proxy
Ans: (c) scapegoat: fall guy Her supporters see her as a scapegoat for a policy that failed. The best option is fall guy.

Q14. She denied pointblank her involvement in the crime.
(a) directly (b) desperately
(c) stubbornly (d) rudely
Ans: (a) pointblank: very definite and direct and not very polite; blunt He blocked himself in the bathroom and refused pointblack to come out. The best option is directly.

Q15. It is hard to strike a bargain with a woman.
(a) to finalize a deal
(b) to negotiate a deal
(c) to negotiate
(d) to deal
Ans: (b) strike a bargain: reach an agreement; negotiate a deal They argued for sometime and then struck a bargain. The best option is to negotiate a deal.

Q16. You had better get up now or you will be late for school.
(a) should (b) may
(c) might (d) can
Ans: (a) had better: used for telling somebody what you think he ‘should’ do You had better finish your milk now. The best option is should.

Q17. He took his father’s advice to heart.
(a) casually (b) patiently
(c) seriously (d) quietly
Ans: (c) took to heart: to be very upset by something that somebody says or does; be serious She took the rejection of college to heart. The best option is seriously.

Q18. Can you give me a hand with this luggage ?
(1 keep a watch on
(b) handle
(c) provide me with
(d) help me with
(d) give me a hand with: to help with Let me know when you are shifting and I’ll give you a hand with your luggage. The best option is help me with.

Q19. at the eleventh hour
(a) at a late stage
(b) at the beginning
(c) at 11 o’clock
(d) at an early stage
Ans: (a) at the eleventh hour: at a late stage; at the last moment She always revises for her exams at the eleventh hour. The best option is at a late stage.

Q20. a shot in the dark
(a) to love to go out on adventures
(b) be able to work very quickly
(c) be very violent
(d) an attempt to guess something
Ans: (d) a shot in the dark: a guess; something you do without knowing what the result will be When I applied for this job, it was just a shot in the dark. The best option is an attempt to guess something.

Q21. in a nutshell
(a) angrily (b) casually
(c) writing (d) brief
Ans: (d) in a nutshell: say/express in a very clean way, using few words He described his visit to Kerala in a nutshell. The best option is brief.

Q22. from the bottom of my heart
(a) sincerely
(b) lowest position
(c) totally
(d) wholly
Ans: (a) from the bottom of my heart: in a way that is sincere I thanked the boy from the bottom of my heart for helping me carry the vegetables home. The best option is sincerely.

Q23. for better or worse
(a) sometimes
(b) always
(c) in good times
(d) in bad times
(b) for better or worse: used for saying that something cannot be changed, whether the result is good/bad He trusts everyone, for better or worse. The best option is always.

Q24. a hard nut to crack
(a) a foolish search
(b) a difficult problem
(c) an easy question
(d) expensive thing
Ans: (b) a hard nut to crack: a difficult problem/situation to deal with This assignment is a hard nut to crack. The best option is a difficult problem.

Q25. hand in glove
(a) very difficult
(b) open enemy
(c) very intimate
(d) very rude
Ans: (c) hand in glove: working closely with somebody, especialy in a secret and/or illegal way The teacher and the Principal work hand in glove. The best option is very intimate.

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