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Part 282 – IDIOMS/PHRASES Previous Year Questions

Q1. The actress took cue from her brother and became successful.
(a) some help
(b) a hint
(c) some money
(d) learnt acting
Ans: (d) took cue from: to copy what somebody else does as to how to behave or what to do The other children took cue from Tanisha and won the competition. The best option is learnt acting.

Q2. We wanted the gift to be a sur prise for my mother, but my sister gave the game away.
(a) lost the game
(b) gave out the secret
(c) gave away the gift
(d) withdrew from the plan
Ans: (b) gave the game away: betray; to make known something that somebody wants to keep secret Though they were the oldest of the employees of the company, they were giving the game away. The best option is gave out the secret.

Q3. Let us have a heart to heart talk to solve this problem.
(a) good talk
(b) emotional talk
(c) frank talk
(d) loving talk
Ans: (c) heart – to – heart talk: candid talk; speaking honestly and frankly We sat down and had a nice hearttoheart talk for about an hour. The best option is frank talk.

Q4. His speech fell short on the audience.
(a) had no effect
(b) moved the audience
(c) impressed the audience
(d) was quite short
(a) fell short: to fail to reach the standard that you expected or need; fail to meet expectations or standards The athlete fell short of the expectations of his coach. The best option is had no effect.

Q5. He put across his ideas to the Minister.
(a) made available
(b) effectively conveyed
(c) strongly expressed
(d) laid aside
Ans: (b) put across: to communicate your ideas, feelings, etc. successfully She put her views across during the hearing. The best option is effectively conveyed

Q6. George and I are neighbours, but we don’t see eye to eye with each other.
(a) like (b) interact
(c) agree (d) fight
Ans: (c) see eye to eye: to think alike We never seem to see eye to eye in any context. The best option is agree.

Q7. The question of unemployment is a hard nut to crack.
(a) difficult task
(b) different matter
(c) impossible task
(d) inexplicable problem
Ans: (a) a hard nut to crack: a difficult problem or situation to deal with This assignment is a hard nut to crack. The best option is difficult task.

Q8. The rat race among the leaders is revolting.
(a) corruption
(b) nepotism
(c) favouritism
(d) fierce competition for power
Ans: (d) rat race: fierce and undignified competition for success in one’s career, social status, etc. He got tired of rat race. He is settled now and has gone to live in his home town. The best option is fierce competition for power.

Q9. People were dropping like flies in the intense heat.
(a) collapsing in large numbers
(b) getting infected with many diseases
(c) taking leave in large numbers
(d) sitting down in the shade
(a) dropping like flies: to fall down in large numbers The heat was overwhelming and people were dropping like flies. The best option is collapsing in large numbers.

Q10. He knows the ins and outs of the case.
(a) entry and exit
(b) separate ways
(c) route
(d) full details
Ans: (d) ins and outs: full detail Jatin knows the ins and outs of repairing computers. The best option is full details.

Q11. The news of the President’s death spread like wild fire.
(a) spread rapidly
(b) caused a major confusion
(c) was a wild rumour
(d) set the nation on fire
Ans: (a) spread like wildfire: to become known by more and more people very quickly This disease will spread like wildfire when it gets going. The best option is spread rapidly.

Q12. Negative arguments generally end up in smoke when team members sit together to discuss important strategies.
(a) create hard feelings
(b) lead to bad habits
(c) spoil good understanding
(d) become useless finally
Ans: (d) end up in smoke: efforts that come to nothing or are useless The whole discussion ended up in smoke. The best option is become useless finally.

Q13. When my friend was in Kolkata, he ran into an old friend at the theatre.
(a) hit
(b) met accidentally
(c) planned to meet
(d) invited
Ans: (b) ran into: to meet by chance I ran into my school friend at the park the other day. The best option is met accidentally.

Q14. Going abroad for a holiday was out of the question.
(a) undesirable (b) impossible
(c) unpleasant (d) irresistible
(b) out of the question: impossible or not allowed and therefore not worth discussing Starting all over again is just out of the question. The best option is impossible.

Q15. to eat a humble pie
(a) to feel downtrodden
(b) to accept defeat
(c) to be humiliated
(d) to accept abuse
Ans: (b) to eat a humble pie: to say and show that you are sorry for a mistake that you made The producers of the advertisement had to eat humble pie for misrepresenting the facts. The best option is to accept defeat.

Q16. to break the ice
(a) to start doubting
(b) to start a quarrel
(c) to start a conversation
(d) to break a friendship
(c) to break the ice: to say or do something that makes people feel more relaxed, especially at the beginning of a meeting There should be someone who will break the ice at any social gathering. The best option is to start a conversation.

Q17. not my cup of tea
(a) a refreshing drink
(b) a routine work
(c) not what I like
(d) not liked by me
Ans: (c) not my cup of tea: not what somebody likes or is interested in Baseball is not my cup of tea. The best option is not what I like.

Q18. to have second thoughts
(a) to change decision
(b) to plan carefully
(c) to take someone
(d) to reconsider
(d) to have second thoughts: to change your opinion after thinking about something again Some of the biggest companies are having second thoughts about jumping into the Internet access business (online business) The best option is to reconsider.

Q19. Sarala is always ready to eat anyone’s salt.
(a) to be one’s guest
(b) to cook tasty dishes
(c) an infectious disease
(d) to deceive someone
Ans: (a) eat anyone’s salt: to be anyone’s guest When you are eating someone’s salt, you can help him around the house. The best option is to be one’s guest.

Q20. He will certainly come to grief if he does not leave his present friends.
(a) addicted
(b) go upto the extreme
(c) suffer
(d) enjoy
Ans: (c) come to grief: suffer In the end, he came to grief because he did not follow instructions. The best option is suffer.

Q21. If you develop friendship with an individual you must stand by him through thick and thin.
(a) think about his/her welfare
(b) under all circumstances
(c) to accompany through a thick forest
(d) in day and night
Ans: (b) through thick and thin: even when there are problems/ difficulties We’ve been together through thick and thin and we won’t hurt each other in future too. The best option is under all circumstances

Q22. Nowadays, one gets good literary books once in a blue moon.
(a) from renowned publisher
(b) at very low cost
(c) when moon gives blue light
(d) rarely
Ans: (d) once in a blue moon: very rarely You are seen only once in a blue moon. The best option is rarely.

Q23. He decided to bury the hatchet.
(a) to keep a secret
(b) to make peace
(c) to fool someone
(d) to bury the wealth
Ans: (b) bury the hatchet: to stop being unfriendly and become friends again Let’s stop arguing and bury the hatchet. The best option is to make peace.

Q24. Reena is a kind of person who wears her heart on her sleeve.
(a) expresses her emotions freely
(b) expresses her emotions curbingly
(c) suppresses her emotions openly
(d) suppresses her excitement sparingly
Ans: (a) wears her heart on her sleeve: to allow your feelings to be seen by other people As she wears her heart on her sleeve, it is easy to hurt her feelings. The best option is expresses her emotions freely.

Q25. I hope to talk him over to our view.
(a) oppose (b) analyze
(c) convince (d) support
Ans: (c) to talk him over: to discuss something thoroughly, especially in order to reach an agreement or make a decision We talked themover to our point of view. The best option is convince.

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