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Part 280 – IDIOMS/PHRASES Previous Year Questions

Q1. The piece of parental property has created bad blood between the two brothers.
(a) impure relation
(b) illmatched temper
(c) active enmity
(d) bad parentage
Ans: (c) bad blood: feelings of hatred/ strong dislike There is no bad blood between us. The best option is active enmity.

Q2. Since you couldn’t accept a timely warning, it’s no use repenting now. Why cry over spilt milk?
(a) cry over irreparable loss
(b) to regret uselessly
(c) cry needlessly
(d) feel guilty of
Ans: (b) cry over spilt milk: to waste time worrying about something that has happened or that you cannot do anything about You have wasted all your time playing games. Now, what is the use of crying over spilt milk. The best option is to regret uselessly.

Q3. After fifteen years of marriage she did not expect her husband to leave her in the lurch.
(a) listen to her (b) provoke her
(c) ignore her (d) desert her
Ans: (d) leave her in the lurch: to fail to help somebody when he needs it I hope they can find someone to replace me at work. I don’t want to leave them in the lurch. The best option is desert her.

Q4. Who are we to sit in judgement over their choices?
(a) lecture (b) criticize
(c) speak (d) communicate
Ans: (b) sit in judgement: to decide whether somebody’s behaviour is right/wrong, especially when you have no right to do this I should probably not be allowed to sit in judgement of movies made for teenagers. The best option is criticize.

Q5. The teacher took me to task for not completing my homework.
(a) gave me additional homework
(b) punished me
(c) took me to the principal
(d) reduced my homework
Ans: (b) took me to task: to criticize somebody strongly for something he has done The teacher took Shalu to task for her misbehaviour. The best option is punished me.

Q6. Do not lose your head when faced with a difficult situation.
(a) forget anything
(b) neglect anything
(c) panic
(d) get jealous
Ans: (c) lose your head: to become unable to act in a calm or sensible way When the fuel leaked out of the place, the pilot asked the passengers not to lose their head. The best option is panic.

Q7. When I entered the house everything was at sixes and sevens.
(a) a quarrel among six or seven people
(b) to have six or seven visitors at a time.
(c) in disorder or confusion.
(d) an unpleasant argument.
Ans: (c) at sixes and sevens: in confusion; not well organised Roger is always at sixes and sevens when at home by himself. The best option is in disorder or confusion.

Q8. He was pulled up by the Director of the Company.
(a) assaulted (b) dragged
(c) reprimanded (d) cleared
Ans: (c) pulled up: to criticize somebody for something that he has done wrong They were pulled up for wasting money. The best option is reprimanded.

Q9. The storm brought about great destruction in the valley.
(a) invited (b) caused
(c) succeeded (d) halted
(b) brought about: to make something happen; cause His speech brought about a great change in my life. The best option is caused.

Q10. The police closed the book on the murder case.
(a) solved the case of
(b) stopped working on
(c) handed the case over to another agency
(d) refused to take up
Ans: (b) closed the book on: to stop doing something because you no longer believe you will be successful or will find a solution She closed the book on her career with a fine performance. The best option is stopped working on.

Q11. His arguments cut no ice with me.
(a) had no influence on me
(b) did not hurt me
(c) did not benefit me
(d) did not make me proud
Ans: (a) cut no ice with me: to have no influence or effect I don’t care who you are, It cuts no ice with me. The best option is had no influence on me.

Q12. There was a job for me to cut my teeth on.
(a) to gain experience
(b) to try
(c) to sharpen my wits
(d) to earn a decent salary
Ans: (a) to cut my teeth on: to do something that gives you your first experience of a particular type of work I cut my teeth on editing and proofreading. The best option is to gain experience.

Q13. The carrot and stick policy pays dividends in every organisation.
(a) fair and foul
(b) continuous vigilance
(c) democratic
(d) reward and punishment
Ans: (d) carrot and stick: reward and punishment I had to take the carrotandstick approach to discipline my kids. The best option is reward and punishment.

Q14. Unless you grease his palms he will not do your work.
(a) talk to him (b) flatter him
(c) beat him (d) bribe him
(d) grease his palms: bribe If you want to get something done around here, you have to grease someone’s palms. The best option is bribe him.

Q15. I had to pull strings to put up a good show.
(a) play music
(b) use personal influence
(c) use the instrument
(d) play a song
Ans: (b) pull strings: to control events or the actions of other people; to use your influence in order to get an advantage for somebody His father pulled some strings to get him out of jail. The best option is use personal influence.

Q16. You can easily overcome this situation if you keep your head.
(a) keep faith in
(b) remain calm
(c) believe in
(d) trust the others
Ans: (b) keep your head: to be able to act in a calm or sensible way When the boat capsized, the boatsman asked everyone to keep his head. The best option is remain calm.

Q17. It is clear that the ideas of both reformers ran in the same groove.
(a) promoted each other
(b) clashed with each other
(c) moved in harmony
(d) moved in different directions
Ans: (c) ran in the same groove: to be in harmony The success of any institution lies in the fact that both the management and the staff run in the same groove. The best option ismoved in harmony.

Q18. This place affords a bird’ s eye view of the green valley below.
(a) a beautiful view
(b) a narrow view
(c) an overview
(d) an ugly view
Ans: (c) a bird’s eye view: a view of something from a high position We got a bird’s eye view of the town as the plane made its descent. The best option is an over view.

Q19. He works in fits and starts.
(a) consistently
(b) irregularly
(c) in high spirits
(d) enthusiastically
(b) by fits and starts: impulsively and irregularly A sincere student works regularly, not by fits and starts The best option is irregularly.

Q20. build castles in the air
(a) waste time
(b) daydream
(c) build houses
(d) work hard
Ans: (b) build castles in the air: plans or dreams that are not likely to happen or come true I really like to sit on the porch in the evening, building castles in the air. The best option is daydream.

Q21. sought after
(a) highly paid
(b) pursued by
(c) in great demand
(d) with great talent
Ans: (c) sought after: wanted by many people, because it is of very good quality or difficult to get or to find He was much sought after as a throat specialist, particularly by singers. The best option is in great demand.

Q22. all at sea
(a) very proud (b) overjoyed
(c) puzzled (d) excited
Ans: (c) all at sea: confused and not knowing what to do I’m all at sea with these new rules and regulations. The best option is puzzled.

Q23. to hit below the belt
(a) to punish
(b) to tie with a belt
(c) to hit with a belt
(d) to attack unfairly
Ans: (d) to hit below the belt: to be unfair/cruel (attack) The boxer hit the contender below the belt and the crowd began to behave furiously. The best option is to attack unfairly.

Q24. potluck dinner
(a) dinner where everybody brings something to eat
(b) dinner where everybody pays for his food
(c) dinner where only soup is served
(d) dinner where people eat and play games at the same time
(a) potluck dinner: a meal to which each guest brings somefood, which is then shared out among the guests All the friends want to get together. So, they decided to arrange a potluck dinner. The best option is dinner where everybody brings something to eat.

Q25. at one’s beck and call
(a) to attend a call
(b) to be helped by someone
(c) to be useful to someone
(d) to be dominated by someone
Ans: (d) at one’s beck and call: always ready to obey somebody’s orders There were a dozen of maids and waiters at our beck and call. The best option is to be dominated by someone.

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