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Part 279 – IDIOMS/PHRASES Previous Year Questions

Q1. The car broke down just as it reached the edge of a cliff. It was indeed a close shave.
(a) to share one’s brand
(b) very risky
(c) narrow escape from danger
(d) to be happy
Ans: (c) a close shave: a narrow escape The car passed so close to us; it was really a close shave. The best option is narrow escape from danger.

Q2. When she realised that she had bought a fake product, she knew that her money had gone down the drain.
(a) was lost forever
(b) dropped in the drain
(c) got washed away
(d) her money was safe
Ans: (a) had gone down the drain: to be wasted; to get very much worse; go down the plug hole All his savings are going down the drain ever since he has taken to gambling. The best option is was lost forever.

Q3. George Bernard Shaw was blessed with the gift of the gab.
(a) enormous wealth
(b) ability to work hard
(c) ability to speak impressively
(d) luck on one’s side
Ans: (c) gift of the gab: the ability to speak easily My brother really has the gift of gab. He can convince anyone of anything. The best option is ability to speak impressively.

Q4. You have been caught cheating; now you must face the music.
(a) face the unpleasant consequences
(b) stand upto unpleasant consequences
(c) be debarred
(d) be insulted publicly
Ans: (a) face the music: to bear the consequences for something you have done He is prepared to face the music for his conduct at the meeting. The best option is face the unpleasant consequences.

Q5. His position in the company was on the brink of disaster.
(a) at the top of
(b) at the point of
(c) on the side of
(d) on the back of
Ans: (b) on the brink of: at the point of The economy, today, is on the brink of collapse. The best option is at the point of.

Q6. The parents are in high spirits as their son has got a decent job.
(a) in good position
(b) drunk
(c) cheerful
(d) shocked
Ans: (c) in high spirits: cheerful; full of hope and enthusiasm When she came to know that she would receive a award that evening, she was in high spirits. The best option is cheerful.

Q7. The police caught the thief red handed.
(a) in a red uniform
(b) with blood in hands
(c) at the time of committing the crime
(d) after reading the rules
Ans: (c) catch redhanded: at the time of doing something wrong or committing a crime Many car thieves are caught redhanded. The best option is at the time of committing the crime.

Q8. I was so disappointed when my close friend left me in the lurch.
(a) went away without waiting for me
(b) helped me in difficult times
(c) abandoned me when I needed help
(d) stopped helping me in emergency
Ans: (c) left me in the lurch: to fail to help somebody when he is relying on you to do so I hope they can find someone to replace me at work. I don’t want to leave them in the lurch. The best option is abandoned me when I needed help.

Q9. Some people do not grease anybody’s palm on any account.
(a) bribe (b) flatter
(c) cheat (d) fight
(a) grease anybody’s palm: bribe; to give somebody money in order to persuade him to do something dishonest If you want to get something done around here, you have to grease anybody’s palm. The best option is bribe.

Q10. Tagore was a man of letters.
(a) of wide contacts
(b) an excellent letter dictator
(c) a great writer of letters
(d) proficient in literary art
Ans: (d) a man of letters: a scholar and a writer He was a distinguished statesman and a man of letters. The best option is proficient in literary art.

Q11. His friends beat the boy to pay off old scores.
(a) to refund old dues
(b) to take revenge
(c) to force him to be a scorer in a match
(d) because he had not scored well earlier
(b) to pay off old scores: get revenge on someone for some grievance Rishabh was satisfied as he had paid off old scores by beating Rohan’s little sister. The best option is to take revenge.

Q12. Chintan is so innocent that he wears his heart on his sleeve.
(a) Wears dress that does not match
(b) Expresses his feelings openly
(c) wears colourful dresses
(d) expresses his feelings with the shape of a heart printed on its sleeve
(b) wears his heart on his sleeve: to allow your feelings to be seen by other people As she wears her heart on her sleeve, it is easy to hurt her feelings. The best option is expresses his feelings openly.

Q13. It was a red letter day in the history of the world.
(a) a day with bloodshed.
(b) a dangerous note about the destruction
(c) a day memorable for some joyful event
(d) a day with love and warmth
(c) red – letter day: an important day 15th August is a redletter day in the history of India. The best option is a day memorable for some joyful event.

Q14. The poor subordinates are made scapegoats by their superiors.
(a) punished for others misdeeds
(b) developed poor relations
(c) treated humbly and respectfully
(d) scolded with arrogant reactions
(a) scapegoats: a person blamed for something bad that somebody else has done or for some failure; fall guy Her supporters see her as a scapegoat for a policy that failed. The best option is punished for others misdeeds.

Q15. The Manager doctored the accounts of the company .
(a) to make changes in account books
(b) to clear the doctors bill
(c) to verify the accounts in detail
(d) to manipulate the accounts
Ans: (d) doctored the accounts: to change the accounts in order to trick somebody; falsify The officer doctored the accounts of the office, which got him some illegal funds. The best option is to manipulate the accounts.

Q16. She could never measure up to her parent expectation.
(a) reach the level
(b) work as hard
(c) assess the amount
(d) increase her height
Ans: (a) measure up: to be as good, successful, etc. as expected or needed; match up This meal doesn’t measure up to my expectations. The best option is reach the level.

Q17. The little girl with her flawless performance stole the show.
(a) stole something from the show
(b) crept into the show
(c) won everybody’s praise
(d) disappeared from the show
Ans: (c) stole the show: to attract more attention and praise than other people in a particular situation The speeches were interesting but Richa’s singing stole the show. The best option is won everybody’s praise.

Q18. The thief was on good terms with the police.
(a) kept terms and conditions
(b) was friendly
(c) followed the rules
(d) agreed with them
Ans: (b) on good terms: to have a good, friendly, etc. relationship with somebody Binay is on good terms with the people he works with. The best option is was friendly.

Q19. John’s offer of help was turned down by the police.
(a) sent back
(b) twisted around
(c) refused
(d) handed over
(c) turned down: to reject/ refuse to consider an offer, a proposal, etc. I turned down the invitation for dinner today as I am feeling unwell. The best option is refused.

Q20. Having no arguments to defend his point, the speaker began to beat about the bush.
(a) wander across the words
(b) speak in a haphazard manner
(c) speak in a roundabout manner
(d) make use of irrelevant reference
Ans: (c) to beat about the bush: to talk about something for a long time without coming to the main point Let us stop beating about the bush and discuss this matter. The best option is speak in a roundabout manner.

Q21. They were offered six months’ rent in lieu of notice to vacate the building.
(a) in spite of (b) in place of
(c) despite of (d) in addition to
Ans: (b) in lieu of: instead of We gave money to charity in lieu of sending flowers to the funeral. The best option is in place of.

Q22. The reputed company is in the red due to the recession.
(a) making money
(b) losing money
(c) in danger
(d) spending money
Ans: (c) in the red: to owe money to your bank because you have spent more than you have in your account State government has been operating in the red for five straight years. The best option is in danger.

Q23. When the Principal was entering the class, all my friends quietly disappeared, leaving me alone to face the music.
(a) to listen to him
(b) to enter into the class
(c) to bear the criticism
(d) to listen to a favourable comment
Ans: (c) to face the music: to bear the consequences/criticism He is prepared to face the music for his conduct at the meeting. The best option is to bear the criticism.

Q24. The Kenyan team proved to be the dark horse in the ICC World Cup Cricket.
(a) a strong intruder
(b) a skilled team
(c) the most powerful
(d) an unexpected winner
(d) a dark horse: a person who does not tell other people much about his life, and who surprises other people by having interesting qualities 17-yearold Karan could also be a dark horse for the medal in the Olympiad. The best option is an unexpected winner.

Q25. Yesterday in a collision between a truck and a car he had a close shave.
(a) maintain clenliness
(b) remove the entire hair
(c) a narrow escape
(d) close relations
Ans: (c) a close shave: a narrow escape The car passed so close to us; it was really a close shave. The best option is a narrow escape.

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