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Part 277 – IDIOMS/PHRASES Previous Year Questions

Q1. Helena was over head and ears in love with Demetrius.
(a) carefully (b) completely
(c) brilliantly (d) cautiously
Ans: (b) over head and ears: completely; very much He was over head and ears in trouble. The best option is completely.

Q2. Gopi works by fits and starts.
(a) consistently
(b) irregularly
(c) in high spirits
(d) enthusiastically
Ans: (b) by fits and starts: impulsively and irregularly A sincere student works regularly, not by fits and starts The best option is irregularly.

Q3. Naresh Goyal had to stand on his feet very early in his life.
(a) to be physically strong
(b) to be independent
(c) to stand erect
(d) to be successful
Ans: (b) to stand on his feet: to be independent and be able to take care of yourself You should learn to stand on your own feet. The best option is to be independent.

Q4. The possession of Jerusalem is a bone of contention between Israel and Palestine.
(a) a subject of peace
(b) a subject of trade
(c) a subject of dispute
(d) a subject of exports
Ans: (c) a bone of contention: a subject which causes disagreement and arguments beween people The question of a fence between the houses has become a bone of contention. The best option is a subject of dispute.

Q5. My friend turned a deaf ear to my tale of loss and refused to help me.
(a) paid no heed
(b) went far away
(c) listened carefully
(d) turned his ear away
(a) turned a deaf ear: ignored; paid no attention Sheela turned a deaf ear to our pleadings. The best option is paid no heed.

Q6. to take to heart
(a) to be encouraged
(b) to grieve over
(c) to like
(d) to hate
Ans: (b) to take to heart: to be very upset by something that somebody says or does She took the rejection of college to heart. The best option is to grieve over.

Q7. yeoman’s service
(a) medical help
(b) excellent work
(c) social work
(d) hard work
Ans: (b) yeoman’s service: very useful work We should all put in yeoman’s service to achieve success. The best option is excellent work.

Q8. to face the music
(a) to enjoy a musical recital
(b) to bear the consequences
(c) to live in a pleasant atmosphere
(d) to have a difficult time
Ans: (b) to face the music: to be punished; to bear the consequences He is prepared to face the music for his conduct at the meeting. The best option is to bear the consequences

Q9. to put up with
(a) to accommodate
(b) to adjust
(c) to understand
(d) to tolerate
Ans: (d) to put up with: to tolerate I cannot put up with your constant complaining any longer. The best option is to tolerate.

Q10. to call it a day
(a) to conclude proceedings
(b) to initiate proceedings
(c) to work through the day
(d) None of the above
(d) to call it a day: to decide or agree to stop doing something; to retire I’m tired. Let’s call it a day. None of the above

Q11. a damp squib
(a) rainy weather
(b) a disappointing result
(c) a skirt in a laundry
(d) None of the above
Ans: (b) a damp squib: an event that is disappointing because it is not so exciting or impressive as expected The party turned out to be a bit of a damp squib. The best option is a disappointing result.

Q12. in cold blood
(a) angrily
(b) deliberately
(c) excitedly
(d) slowly
Ans: (a) in cold blood: acting in a way that is deliberately cruel; with no pity The killer walked up and shot the woman in cold blood. The best option is angrily.

Q13. to take someone for a ride
(a) to give a ride to someone
(b) to deceive someone
(c) to be indifferent
(d) to disclose a secret
Ans: (b) to take someone for a ride: to cheat or trick somebody Nowadays, the salesmen take us for a ride. The best option is to deceive someone.

Q14. to move heaven and earth
(a) to cause an earthquake
(b) to try everything possible
(c) to pray to all Gods
(d) to travel in a rocket
Ans: (b) to move heaven and earth: to do everything you possibly can in order to achieve something I wouldmove heaven and earth to get an apartment here. The best option is to try everything possible.

Q15. to smell a rat
(a) to smell foul
(b) to see a rat
(c) to chase a rat
(d) to be suspicious
(d) to smell a rat: to suspect that something is wrong about a situation I don’t think this was an accident. I smell a rat. The best option is to be suspicious.

Q16. a bolt from the blue
(a) a delayed event
(b) an inexplicable event
(c) an unexpected event
(d) an unpleasant event
Ans: (c) a bolt from the blue: an event or a piece of news which is sudden and unexpected; a complete surprise She seemed to be very involved in her job, so her resignation came as a bolt from the blue. The best option is an unexpected event.

Q17. cold comfort
(a) absurdity
(b) deception
(c) slight satisfaction
(d) foolish proposal
Ans: (c) cold comfort: the fact that something that would normally be good does not make you happy because the whole situation is bad It was cold comfort to the student that others had failed as he had done. The best option is slight satisfaction.

Q18. to be all at sea.
(a) a family voyage
(b) lost and confused
(c) in the middle of the ocean
(d) a string of islands
Ans: (b) to be all at sea: confused and not knowing what to do I’m all at sea with these new rules and regulations. The best option is lost and confused.

Q19. to take to one’s heels
(a) to walk slowly
(b) to run away
(c) to march forward
(d) to hop and jump
Ans: (b) to take to one’s heels: to run away from somebody/something As soon as the thief saw the police, he took to his heels. The best option is to run away.

Q20. to bite the dust
(a) eat voraciously
(b) have nothing to eat
(c) eat roots
(d) None of the above
(d) to bite the dust: to fail; to be defeated or destroyed; to die The soldier was too young to bite the dust. (to die) None of the above

Q21. to strain every nerve
(a) to make utmost efforts
(b) to feel weak and tired
(c) to be a diligent worker
(d) to be methodical in work
Ans: (a) to strain every nerve: to try as hard as you can to do something I was straining every nerve to catch what they were saying. The best option is to make utmost efforts.

Q22. to flog a dead horse
(a) to whip a dead horse
(b) to attempt to do the impossible
(c) waste one’s efforts
(d) to take advantage of a weakness
Ans: (b) to flog a dead horse: to waste your effort by trying to do something that is no longer possible He was warned again and again, but now I think there is no use flogging a dead horse. The best option is to attempt to do the impossible.

Q23. to show a clean pair of heels
(a) to hide (b) to escape
(c) to pursue(d) to follow
Ans: (b) to show a clean pair of heels: to escape by superior speed; to outrun. Sam showed them all a clean pair of heels as he raced for the finishing line. The best option is to escape.

Q24. to die in harness
(a) premeditated murder
(b) dying young in an accident
(c) to die while in service
(d) to be taken by surprise
Ans: (c) to die in harness: to die while in service (job/work) My friend, Rashi, died in harness. The best option is to die while in service.

Q25. to feather one’s nest
(a) to make a residential house
(b) something that lasts for a short time
(c) to profit in a dishonest way
(d) None of the above
(c) to feather one’s nest: to make oneself rich, especially in a way that is wrong and dishonest Ravish feathered his nest through his connection with big business houses. The best option is to profit in a dishonest way.

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