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Part 276 – IDIOMS/PHRASES Previous Year Questions

Q1. The prodigal son was left high and dry by his friends, when he lost all his money.
(a) wounded
(b) alone
(c) depressed
(d) neglected
Ans: (d) high and dry: to leave someone helpless They walked out of the party, leaving me high and dry. The best option is neglected.

Q2. The success of his first novel completely turned his head.
(a) made him vain
(b) made him look back
(c) changed him completely
(d) made him think
Ans: (c) turned his head: to make a person feel too proud in a way that other people find annoying Sudden prosperity has turned his head. The best option is changed him completely.

Q3. She turns up her nose at this kind of dress.
(a) despises
(b) loves
(c) sees no harm in
(d) can just tolerate
Ans: (a) turns up her nose at: to reject/ dismiss scornfully He turned his nose up at my offer of soup. The best option is despises

Q4. At last the rioters fell back.
(a) fell on the ground
(b) yielded
(c) ran back
(d) turned back
Ans: (d) fell back: to move or turn back Finally, the army at the LOC had to fall back. The best option is turned back.

Q5. The Madagascar Coup attempt ended in a fiasco.
(a) had no effect
(b) was an utter failure
(c) resulted in bloodshed
(d) was a disaster
(b) ended in a fiasco: a total failure (a) fiasco: something that does not succeed The party ended in a fiasco. The best option is was an utter failure.

Q6. His parents cut him off, without a shilling.
(a) disinherited him
(b) snubbed him
(c) gave him only a shilling
(d) sent him away with a shilling
Ans: (a) cut him off, without a shilling: disinherit; to refuse to let somebody receive any of your property after you have died. Mr. James cut their son off without a shilling. The best option is disinherited him.

Q7. The carefully worked–out plan fell through because of an unexpected event.
(a) came out successfully
(b) had a steep fall
(c) was shattered
(d) failed
Ans: (d) fell through: not to be completed, or not to happen Hope our plans don’t fall through. The best option is failed

Q8. He has too many irons in the fire.
(a) is engaged in too many enterprises at the same time
(b) has several problems
(c) has many ideas in his head
(d) has a fire burning constantly in his house
Ans: (a) too many irons in the fire: to be involved in several activities/ areas of business at the same time, hoping that at least one will be successful It is better if you don’t have too many irons in the fire. The best option is is engaged in too many enterprises at the same time.

Q9. We wanted to give Rita a surprise party but John let the cat out of the bag.
(a) spoilt the party with a cat
(b) gave her a party himself
(c) told her about it unintentionally
(d) prevented her from attending it
Ans: (c) let the cat out of the bag: to tell a secret carelessly or by mistake Mom let cat out of the bag and told us that Akhil was engaged. The best option is told her about it unintentionally.

Q10. Why should you read between the lines whenever I say this to you?
(a) read the lines with great speed
(b) interpret the lines wrongly
(c) find more meaning than the words appear to express
(d) read a text linebyline slowly
Ans: (c) read between the lines: find more meanings than the words appear to express Reading between the lines of the letter, she realised that her friend was in great trouble. The best option is find more meaning than the words appear to express.

Q11. The Earl of Leicester threw down the glove.
(a) accepted defeat
(b) rejected the prize
(c) resorted to wrong tactics
(d) gave a challenge
Ans: (d) threw down the glove: gave a challenge Rajesh threw down the glove to his opponents. The best option is gave a challenge.

Q12. Ravi fought to the bitter end.
(a) fought to the last point of enemy’s position
(b) died fighting
(c) carried on a contest regardless of the consequences
(d) fought a losing battle
Ans: (c) fought to the bitter end: continue fighting till the end and try winning regardless of consequences The climbers fought to the bitter end till they reached the summit. The best option is carried on a contest regardless of the consequences.

Q13. I joined college late and found it difficult to catch up with other students.
(a) to compete with
(b) to come to their level
(c) to overtake them
(d) to hold them and stop
Ans: (b) to catch up with: to reach the same level or standard as somebody who was better or more advanced Ramesh finally caught up with his brother in height. The best option is to come to their level.

Q14. They have made many changes in the policy, but how many of these changes are going to affect the man in the street?
(a) the homeless man
(b) the ordinary man
(c) the man who works on the street
(d) the man who repairs roads
Ans: (b) the man in the street: an average/ordinary person The man in the street has little interest in literature. The best option is the ordinary man.

Q15. The students wanted a holiday, but the Principal put his foot down and said, ‘No’.
(a) asserted his authority
(b) kicked them
(c) stepped out
(d) came downstairs
(a) put his foot down: to be very strict in opposing what somebody wishes to do; take a firm stand She put her foot down and said we could not go to the carnival. The best option is asserted his authority.

Q16. It is high time he came out of his shell.
(a) appeared suddenly
(b) became more sociable
(c) became a loser
(d) removed his clothes
Ans: (b) came out of his shell: to become less shy and more confident while talking to other people Sanju used to be very withdrawn but he’s really coming out of his shell now after joining the army. The best option is became more sociable.

Q17. Every pol itical party is at present playing to the gallery.
(a) adopting cheap tactics
(b) befooling the common man
(c) fighting for votes
(d) appeasing the masses
Ans: (d) playing to the gallery: to seek to win approval Akshay is a competent actor, but he has a tendency to play to the gallery. The best option is appeasing the masses.

Q18. His blood ran cold when he heard his uncle was murdered.
(a) He was frightened
(b) He was horrified
(c) He was disgusted
(d) He was depressed
Ans: (a) His blood ran cold: become very frightened The thought of the damage such a bomb could do made my blood run cold. The best option is He was frightened

Q19. This is so simple that even a man in the street can understand it.
(a) an ordinary person
(b) an illiterate person
(c) an unknown person
(d) a stranger
Ans: (a) man in the street: an ordinary person; the common man The man in the street has little interest in literature. The best option is an ordinary person.

Q20. When he went to claim insurance for his car, the agent said he hadn’t a leg to stand on.
(a) had been injured in an accident
(b) was lame
(c) did not have much hope of getting it
(d) would have to wait for some time
(c) hadn’t a leg to stand on: unable to prove something or explain why something is reasonable He doesn’t have a leg to stand on in this debate. The best option is did not have much hope of getting it.

Q21. The angry hockey players gave vent to their feelings.
(a) to express
(b) to emphasise
(c) to suppress
(d) to dismiss
Ans: (a) gave vent to their feelings: to express a feeling, especially anger, strongly Suman gave vent to her feeling by shouting at Sheela. The best option is to express.

Q22. I trust you will bear with me a few minutes more.
(a) have patience with
(b) support
(c) carry the burden for
(d) be in control for
Ans: (a) bear with: to be patient with somebody/something Just bear with me while I finish downloading this file. The best option is have patience with.

Q23. As usual he is blowing his own trumpet.
(a) refusing to use anybody else’s trumpet
(b) playing a tune on the trumpet
(c) praising himself
(d) praising himself and others
Ans: (c) blowing his own trumpet: praising oneself; boasting Anyone will tell you she’s one of the best journalists we have got, although she never blows her own trumpet. The best option is praising himself.

Q24. When trade was brisk, he worked hard and made his fortune; he believes in making hay while the sun shines.
(a) taking advantage of a favourable opportunity
(b) earning money through dishonest means
(c) earning money at the cost of others
(d) taking advantage of the inflationary trends
Ans: (a) making hay while the sun shines: to make good use of opportunities, conditions, etc. while they last Car sales have finally improved. So we’re making hay while the sun shines. The best option is taking advantage of a favourable opportunity.

Q25. When they were surrounded from all sides, the dacoits laid down their arms.
(a) put their arms on the ground
(b) fought bravely
(c) surrendered
(d) became nervous
(c) laid down their arms: stop fighting The prisoners were instructed to lay down their arms. The best option is surrendered.

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