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Part 274 – IDIOMS/PHRASES Previous Year Questions

Q1. the greeneyed monster strikes a woman the moment she sees her husband talking to another pretty woman.
(a) anger (b) hatred
(c) envy (d) jealousy
Ans: (d) the greeneyed monster: used as a way of talking about jealousy Do you think his criticisms for Ramesh are valid or is it just a case of a greeneyed monster ? The best option is Jealousy

Q2. to fight tooth and nail
(a) to fight a losing battle
(b) to oppose resolutely
(c) to have a physical fight
(d) to lodge a formal protest
Ans: (b) to fight tooth and nail: to fight in a determined way for what you want They vowed to fight the new legislation tooth and nail. The best option is to oppose resolutely.

Q3. at one’s wit’s end
(a) to understand thoroughly
(b) to be puzzled
(c) to be a stupid person
(d) to behave irrationally
Ans: (b) at one’s wit’s end: to get puzzled I’ve tried every possible source but without success, and now I’m at my wit’s end. The best option is to be puzzled.

Q4. The clerk turned a deaf ear to his officer’s advice.
(a) disputed
(b) paid attention to
(c) disregarded
(d) acknowledged gratefully
Ans: (c) turned a deaf ear: ignored/ refused to listen Sheela turned a deaf ear to our pleadings. The best option is disregarded.

Q5. He expects his subordinates to be always at his beck and call
(a) at rest
(b) at work
(c) at his disposal
(d) at their desks
Ans: (c) to be always at his beck and call: always ready to obey somebody’s orders There were a dozen of maids and waiters at our beck and call. The best option is at his disposal.

Q6. in the long run
(a) permanently (b) universally
(c) occasionally (d) ultimately
Ans: (d) in the long run: concerning a longer period in the future He realized that in the long run, their argument wouldn’t seem so useless. The best option is ultimately.

Q7. If you are in the good books of the boss, you are sure to rise quickly.
(a) work well for the boss
(b) praise the boss
(c) in favour with the boss
(d) cooperate with boss
Ans: (c) in the good books: used for saying that somebody is pleased with you I cleaned the bathroom yesterday. So, I’m in mum’s good books. The best option is in favour with the boss.

Q8. The population of our country is increasing by leaps and bounds.
(a) very slowly
(b) very quickly
(c) irregularly
(d) very systematically
Ans: (b) by leaps and bounds: rapidly; very quickly India is progressing by leaps and bounds. The best option is very quickly

Q9. to weigh up the pros and cons is to
(a) measure the ingredient
(b) observe etiquette
(c) consider all facts
(d) postpone action
Ans: (c) the pros and cons: arguments or considerations for and against something; advantages and disadvantages We will discuss all the pros and cons before we decide to add a new wing to the library. The best option is consider all facts.

Q10. My close friend got the sack from his first job recently.
(a) resigned
(b) got rid of
(c) was demoted from
(d) was dismissed from
(d) got the sack: dismissed from a job Ravi got the sack today. He is always late. The best option is was dismissed from.

Q11. There is no love lost between any two neighbouring countries in the world.
(a) stop loving
(b) not on good terms
(c) forming a group
(d) have good understanding
Ans: (b) no love lost between: do not like each other These is no love lost between them. The best option is not on good terms.

Q12. He is accused of sitting on the fence.
(a) observing the scene
(b) resting on fence
(c) hesitating which side to take
(d) sitting back and enjoying the fun
Ans: (c) sitting on the fence: to avoid becoming involved in deciding/ influencing something The shrewd man is sitting on the fence in the quarrel. The best option is hesitating which side to take.

Q13. You have to read between the lines to understand most of the symbolic writing.
(a) read again and again
(b) understand the hidden meaning
(c) know the symbols
(d) look for many meanings
Ans: (b) read between the lines: looking for meanings that are not actually expressed Reading between the lines of the letter, she realised that her friend was in great trouble. The best option is understand the hidden meaning.

Q14. The rul ing party has been warned not to play to the gallery.
(a) to give importance to the common man
(b) to try to be clever
(c) to seek to win approval
(d) to sidetrack the issue
Ans: (c) to play to the gallery: to behave in an exaggerated way to attract people’s attention Akshay is a competent actor, but he has a tendency to play to the gallery. The best option is to seek to win approval.

Q15. In the securities scam, the national credibility was at stake.
(a) on trial
(b) under pressure
(c) in danger
(d) challenged
(c) at stake: that can be won/ lost, depending on the success of a particular action I have everything at stake on this bet. The best option is in danger.

Q16. The passing of antidefection law struck a chill to the heart of every opportunistic legislator.
(a) caused anger
(b) caused relief
(c) aroused fear
(d) awakened bitterness
Ans: (c) struck a chill to the heart: to make somebody be afraid The introduction of Boards in Class VIII struck a chill to the heart of all the students. The best option is aroused fear.

Q17. Our house is within a stone’s throw from the Red Building.
(a) far off (b) far away
(c) very near to (d) beside
Ans: (c) within a stone’s throw: a very short distance away Her house is within a stone’s throw from mine. The best option is very near to.

Q18. He has a bone to pick with his cousin.
(a) reasonable agreement
(b) cause of quarrel
(c) cause of doubt
(d) difference of opinion
Ans: (b) bone to pick: to be angry with somebody about something and want to discuss it with him; to have grounds for a quarrel. I have a bone to pick with my sister. The best option is cause of quarrel.

Q19. The day I graduated was a redletter day for me.
(a) a dangerous day
(b) an important day
(c) an eventful day
(d) a formidable day
Ans: (b) a redletter day: an important day 15th August is a redletter day in the history of India. The best option is an important day.

Q20. Many young artists were dropping names at the party to impress the gathering.
(a) talking proudly about their family members
(b) using pet names
(c) hinting at high connections
(d) talking informally
Ans: (c) dropping names: to mention famous people you know or have met in order to impress others Dropping names to impress ones friends is a common practice. The best option is hinting at high connections.

Q21. The teacher announced that she had no blueeyed boys in the class.
(a) royal children
(b) young boys
(c) foreigners
(d) favourites
Ans: (d) blueeyed boy: a person treated with special favour by somebody He was very much the blueeyed boy in the office. The best option is favourites.

Q22. The company has run into a lot of debts.
(a) incurred (b) settled
(c) opened up (d) avoided
Ans: (a) run into: to experience difficulties incurred: to pay some charges/ amount We have run into extra expenses with the renovation. The best option is incurred.

Q23. He was confident that all his present sufferings will soon blow over.
(a) increase
(b) pass off
(c) be looked into
(d) be taken care of
Ans: (b) blow over: to go away without having a serious effect The scandal will soon blow over. The best option is pass off.

Q24. The teacher advised the students to take into account the advice given by the elders.
(a) to obey (b) to neglect
(c) to consider
(d) to reject
Ans: (c) to take into account: to consider particular facts, circumstances, etc. while making a decision about something I hope you’ll take Mr. Gupta advice into account when you plan the party. The best option is to consider.

Q25. The lawyer asked his assistant to collect the details regarding the pros and cons of the case.
(a) ups and downs
(b) in and out
(c) weak and strong
(d) for and against
(d) pros and cons: arguments or considerations for and against something; advantages and disadvantages We have been discussing the pros and cons of buying a house. The best option is for and against.

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