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Part 273 – IDIOMS/PHRASES Previous Year Questions

Q1. at snail’s pace
(a) very slowly
(b) to walk like a snail
(c) to lack interest in work
(d) in methodical manner
Ans: (a) at a snail’s pace: very slowly Things are moving at a snail’s pace, but we’ll finish on time. The best option is very slowly.

Q2. to turn a deaf ear
(a) to be hard of hearing
(b) to be indifferent
(c) to be attentive
(d) to be obstinate
Ans: (b) to turn a deaf ear: to ignore/ refuse to listen to somebody/ something Sheela turned a deaf ear to our pleadings. The best option is to be indifferent.

Q3. to take to one’s heels
(a) to run off
(b) to show one’s heels
(c) to turn around
(d) to walk leisurely
Ans: (a) to take to one’s heels: to run away from somebody/something As soon as the thief saw the police, he took to his heels. The best option is to run off.

Q4. to have something up one’s sleeves
(a) having a practical plan
(b) having an important project
(c) having an ambitious plan
(d) having a secret plan
Ans: (d) to have something up one’s sleeves: to keep a plan or an idea secret until you need to use it I have something up my sleeve that will solve all your problems. The best option is having a secret plan.

Q5. to end in smoke
(a) to have a smoking session
(b) to be on fire
(c) to come to nothing
(d) to burn slowly
(c) to end in smoke: efforts that come to nothing or are useless All his schemes ended in smoke. The best option is to come to nothing.

Q6. As the bomb exploded people ran helterskelter.
(a) in great fear
(b) in disorderly haste
(c) in haste
(d) in great sorrow
Ans: (b) helterskelter: done in a hurry and in a way that lacks unity Clothes were scattered helterskelter. The best option is in disorderly haste.

Q7. He was progressing by leaps and bounds because of his hard work.
(a) rapidly (b) slowly
(c) peacefully (d) strongly
Ans: (a) leaps and bounds: very quickly; in large amounts India is progressing by leaps and bounds. The best option is rapidly.

Q8. Our founder had done a Herculean task by constructing this great educational institution.
(a) a work of no worth
(b) an effortless job
(c) a work requiring very great effort
(d) a work requiring very great intelligence
Ans: (c) Herculean task: a task needing a lot of strength, determination or effort It was a matter ofHerculean task for him to be selected for the Olympic Games. The best option is a work requiring very great effort.

Q9. My close friend got the sack from his first job recently.
(a) resigned
(b) got rid of
(c) was demoted from
(d) was dismissed from
Ans: (d) got the sack: dismissed from a job Ravi got the sack today. He is always late. The best option is was dismissed from.

Q10. I can no longer put up with her insolence.
(a) endure (b) evade
(c) suppress (d) assume
(a) put up with: to accept somebody/ something that is annoying. unpleasant etc. without complaining (a) endure: to bear; to experience and deal with something that is painful or unpleasant, especially without complaining (b) evade: to escape from somebody/ something or avoid meeting somebody (c) suppress: to put arn end, often by force (d) assume: to think or accept that something is true but without having proof of it I cannot put up with your constant complaining any longer. The best option is endure.

Q11. She is a fairweather friend.
(a) a good friend
(b) a friend who meets difficulties calmly
(c) a friend who deserts you in difficulties
(d) a favourable friend
Ans: (c) a fairweather friend: somebody who stops being a friend when you are in trouble I had a lot of money and I knew a lot of people, but most of them turned out to be fairweather friends. The best option is a friend who deserts you in difficulties.

Q12. to die in harness means to die while
(a) riding a horse
(b) in a stable
(c) in a uniform
(d) still in service
Ans: (d) to die in harness: to die at one’s work My friend, Rashi, died in harness. The best option is still in service.

Q13. to keep under wraps means to keep something
(a) covered (b) protected
(c) unpacked(d) secret
Ans: (d) to keep under wraps: being kept secret until sometime in the future We kept the plan under wraps until after the election. The best option is secret.

Q14. After independence Indian agriculture rose like a phoenix due to the Green Revolution.
(a) with a new life
(b) with a start
(c) with royal gait
(d) with vengeance
Ans: (a) like a phoenix: to be powerful or successful again a magic bird that lives for several hundred years before burning itself and then being born again from its ashes The Indian Industry has risen like a phoenix after Independence. The best option is with a new life.

Q15. His failure at the election has been a sore point with him for a long time.
(a) something which hurts
(b) something that brings fear to
(c) something memorable for
(d) something pleasurable to
Ans: (a) a sore point with: a subject that makes you feel angry or upset when it is mentioned sore: annoyed ; upset and angry I tried not to make any reference to his drinking habits. I know it’s a sore point with his wife at the moment. The best option is something which hurts.

Q16. The student is on the verge of breakdown.
(a) on the brink of
(b) at the outset of
(c) in the midst of
(d) at the risk of
Ans: (a) on the verge of: very near to the moment when somebody does something or something happens (a) brink: in a very new, dangerous or existing situation; the extreme edge of land. (b) outset: at/from the beginning of Sara was on the verge of tears when she heard the news. The best option is on the brink of.

Q17. My repeated attempts to get refund from the civic authorities were of no avail.
(a) unsuccessful
(b) postponed
(c) useless
(d) delayed
Ans: (c) of no avail: of little or no use Everything I did to help her was of no avail. The best option is useless.

Q18. He was progressing by leaps and bounds because of his hardwork.
(a) rapidly (b) slowly
(c) peacefully (d) strongly
Ans: (a) leaps and bounds: very quickly; in large amounts India is progressing by leaps and bounds. The best option is rapidly.

Q19. to emerge out of thin air means to
(a) appear suddenly
(b) descend gradually
(c) fall down quickly
(d) enter from space
Ans: (a) out of thin air: from nowhere or nothing, as if by magic Suddenly, out of thin air, the messenger appeared. The best option is appear suddenly.

Q20. The news of the accident came as a bolt from the blue.
(a) something unexpected
(b) something unpleasant
(c) something horrible
(d) something unexpected and unpleasant
(d) a bolt from the blue: an event or a piece of news which is sudden and unexpected; a complete surprise She seemed to be very involved in her job, so her resignation came as a bolt from the blue. The best option is something unexpected and unpleasant.

Q21. The story of the train accident as narrated by one of the survivors mademy flesh creep.
(a) thrilled me
(b) horrified me
(c) excited me
(d) frightened me
Ans: (b) made my flesh creep: made me feel afraid or full of disgust The story of the killings made my flesh creep. The best option is horrified me.

Q22. He has resigned his job and burnt his boats so far as government service is concerned.
(a) felt dejected
(b) blasted his hopes
(c) ruined himself
(d) left no means of retreat
Ans: (d) burnt his boats: to do something that makes it impossible to return to the previous situation later (a) retreat: to move away/back Turning down one job before you have another leads to burning your boats. The best option is left no means of retreat.

Q23. He cannot hold a candle to his elder brother.
(a) equal to
(b) not as clever as
(c) cannot be compared to
(d) duller than
Ans: (c) cannot hold a candle: is not so good as This hotel can’t hold a candle to the palace. The best option is cannot be compared to.

Q24. The question of higher membership fees was brought up at the last meeting.
(a) discussed at great length
(b) introduced for discussion
(c) criticised vehemently
(d) vaguely referred to
Ans: (b) brought up: raise; to care for a child, teaching him or her how to behave; to mention a subject or start to talk about it We were having a pleasant chat until someone brought up politics. The best option is introduced for discussion.

Q25. His arguments cut no ice with me.
(a) had no influence on me
(b) did not hurt me
(c) did not benefit me
(d) did not make me proud
(a) cut no ice with me: to have no influence or effect I don’t care who you are, It cuts no ice with me. The best option is had no influence on me.

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