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Part 272 – IDIOMS/PHRASES Previous Year Questions

Q1. The watchdogs were asleep when the bulls ran riot.
(a) behaved cleverly
(b) acted without restraint
(c) wandered aimlessly
(d) had the best of time
Ans: (b) ran riot: to act without restraint or control The children ran riot when there was nobody (elders) at home. The best option is acted without restraint.

Q2. In spite of the immense pressure exerted by the militants, the Government, has decided not to give in.
(a) accede (b) yield
(c) oblige (d) conform
Ans: (b) give in: to admit that you have been defeated by somebody/ something The strikers seem determined, and are not likely to give in. The best option is yield.

Q3. The young and the old sat cheek by jowl in the large audience.
(a) very near (b) very far
(c) tongue tied (d) irritated
Ans: (a) cheek by jowl: side by side, close together The two families lived cheek by jowl in one house. The best option is very near.

Q4. We wanted to keep the gift as a surprise for mother but my sister gave the game away.
(a) lost the game
(b) gave out the secret
(c) played badly
(d) withdrew from the game
Ans: (b) gave the game away: betray; to make known something that somebody wants to keep secret Though they were the oldest of the employees of the company, they were giving the game away. The best option is gave out the secret.

Q5. I don’t think the law will interfere with us as we are just trying to turn an honest penny.
(a) make a legitimate living
(b) make a good living
(c) have dealings in white money
(d) become more honest
(a) turn an honest penny: to earn money honestly I cannot miss the opportunity of turning an honest penny. The best option is make a legitimate living.

Q6. a dark horse
(a) an unforeseen competitor
(b) a black horse
(c) a nightmare
(d) an unknown person
Ans: (a) a dark horse: a person who does not tell other people much about his life, and who surprises other people by having interesting qualities; a person taking part in a race, etc., who surprises everyone by winning 17 – year – old Karan could also be a dark horse for the medal in the Olympiad. The best option is an unfore seen competitor.

Q7. to run across
(a) to have an appointed meeting
(b) to meet by chance
(c) to run in the playground
(d) to run very fast
Ans: (b) to run across: to meet somebody or find something by chance I ran across some old friends at the Mall. The best option is to meet by chance.

Q8. to get one’s own back
(a) to get one’s revenge
(b) to get control over someone
(c) to get one’s position back
(d) to get hold of someone
Ans: (a) to get one’s own back: to obtain something again after having lost it; have one’s revenge She finally saw a chance to get her own back. The best option is to get one’s revenge.

Q9. to steer clear of
(a) drive carefully
(b) avoid
(c) explain clearly
(d) escape
Ans: (b) to steer clear of: to avoid a person or thing because it may cause problems Dad warned us to steer clear of Dr. Gupta and his poor advice. The best option is avoid.

Q10. to beat a retreat
(a) to withdraw in defeat or humiliation
(b) to withdraw after scoring a victory
(c) to march back after a ceremonious parade
(d) to run away in fear
Ans: (d) to beat a retreat: to go away or back quickly, especially to avoid something unpleasant The dog beat a retreat to its own yard. The best option is to run away in fear.

Q11. to blaze a trail
(a) to lead the way as a pioneer
(b) to light a track
(c) to set up a fire
(d) to wear a blazer whi le running
Ans: (a) to blaze a trail: to be the first to do/ to discover something that others follow The hospital has blazed a trail in developing new techniques for treating infertility. The best option is to lead the way as a pioneer.

Q12. redletter day
(a) a colourful day
(b) fatal day
(c) happy and significant day
(d) hapless day
Ans: (c) redletter day: an important day, or a day that you will remember, because of something good that happened then. 15th August is a redletter day in the history of India. The best option is happy and significant day

Q13. have the last laugh
(a) be of a cheerful nature
(b) laugh only after understanding something
(c) to be victorious at the end of an argument
(d) to crack the final joke
Ans: (c) have the last laugh: to make someone who has criticized or defeated you, look stupid by succeeding at something more important They fined her last year but she had the last laugh because she was taken on by her rivals at once. The best option is to be victorious at the end of an argument.

Q14. turn a deaf ear
(a) disregard (b) defy
(c) disobey (d) dismiss
Ans: (a) turn a deaf ear: to ignore or refuse to listen to somebody/ something Sheela turned a deaf ear to our pleadings. The best option is disregard.

Q15. to smell a rat
(a) to experience bad smell
(b) to misunderstand
(c) to see a hidden meaning
(d) to suspect a trick
(d) to smell a rat: to suspect that something is wrong about a situation I don’t think this was an accident. I smell a rat. The best option is to suspect a trick.

Q16. A few days before his death, he made a clean breast of everything.
(a) confessed
(b) took off his shirt
(c) suffered
(d) spoke ill
Ans: (a) make a clean breast of: to speak the truth about something that you longer feel guilty You’ll feel better if you make a clean breast of the incident. The best option is confessed.

Q17. I am done for.
(a) ruined (b) rewarded
(c) answered (d) questioned
Ans: (a) done for: to be in a very bad situation; to be certain to fail I’m sorry. This whole scheme is done for. The best option is ruined.

Q18. For a healthy and lasting friendship one must be on the level.
(a) equally rich
(b) mentally compatible
(c) honest and sincere
(d) ready for sacrifices
Ans: (c) on the level: honest; legal; above board You can trust Shivam. He is strictly on the level. The best option is honest and sincere.

Q19. The foolish young man soon made ducks and drakes of the vast property his father left him.
(a) squandered
(b) distributed
(c) spent
(d) gave in charity
Ans: (a) made ducks and drakes of: to squander; to waste Ritesh made ducks and drakes of the vast property he had possessed. The best option is squandered

Q20. All his ventures went to the winds.
(a) dissipated
(b) spread all over
(c) got speed of the winds
(d) became wellknown
(a) went to the winds: to be dissipated; to be utterly lost All his hard work and sincerity went to the winds, when he failed to achieve the target. The best option is dissipated

Q21. at one’s wit’s/wits’ end
(a) to work hard
(b) to be intelligent
(c) to get puzzled
(d) to be stupid
Ans: (c) at one’s wits, end: to be so worried by a problem that you do not know what to do next; to be puzzled I’ve tried every possible source but without success, and now I’m at my wits, end. The best option is to get puzzled

Q22. to take someone to task
(a) to scold someone
(b) to assign work to someone
(c) to take someone to his place of work
(d) to praise someone for the work done
Ans: (a) to take someone to task: to criticize somebody strongly for something he has done The teacher took Shalu to task for her misbehaviour. The best option is to scold someone

Q23. to face the music
(a) to be greeted rudely
(b) to be offered warm hospitality
(c) to enjoy a music programme
(d) to bear the consequences
Ans: (d) to face the music: to expect or deal with criticism or punishment for something you have done He is prepared to face the music for his conduct at the meeting. The best option is to bear the consequences

Q24. to blow one’s own trumpet
(a) to play on one’s own trumpet
(b) to praise one’s own self
(c) to create noisy disturbances
(d) to have a highpitched voice
Ans: (b) to blow one’s own trumpet: to boast Anyone will tell you she’s one of the best journalists we have got, although she never blows her own trumpet. The best option is to praise one’s own self.

Q25. to run one down
(a) to be in a hurry
(b) to be weak and tired
(c) to disparage someone
(d) to run down a lane
Ans: (c) to run one down: to criticize somebody/something in an unkind manner (a) disparage: to suggest that somebody/something is not important/ valuable; belittle Shefalli was always run down by her friends. The best option is to disparage someone.

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