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Part 268 – ONEWORD SUBSTITUTION Previous Year Questions

Q1. The act of setting free from bondage of any kind
(a) emancipation
(b) eradication
(c) indemnity
(d) emigration
Ans: (a)emancipation

Q2. A disease that affects a large number of people in an area at the same time
(a) endemic (b) epidemic
(c) epidermic (d) endothermic
(b) epidemic

Q3. One who is eighty years old
(a) septagenarian
(b) sextagenarian
(c) nonagenarian
(d) octogenarian
Ans: (d) octogenarian

Q4. A shady fertile place in the desert
(a) oasis (b) motel
(c) orchard (d) garden
Ans: (a) oasis

Q5. A place where bees are kept
(a) apiary (b) nursery
(c) aviary (d) kennel
(a) apiary

Q6. A drug which makes one see things that are not really there.
(a) aphrodisiac
(b) steroid
(c) carcinogen
(d) hallucinogen
Ans: (d) hallucinogen

Q7. Providing relief
(a) reissue (b) reprieve
(c) rejoinder (d) refuge
Ans: (b) reprieve

Q8. The philosophy of putting another’s welfare above one’s own.
(a) agnosticism
(b) polytheism
(c) altruism
(d) iconoclasm
(c) altruism

Q9. A person who is new to a profession
(a) expert (b) coach
(c) tutor (d) novice
Ans: (d) novice

Q10. That which makes one highly knowledgeable
(a) erudition
(b) irreverence
(c) irritability
(d) impulsiveness
Ans: (a) erudition

Q11. A state of emotional or intellectual separation
(a) euphoria
(b) ecstasy
(c) alienation
(d) communion
(c) alienation

Q12. Proposition made as a basis for reasoning without the assumption of its truth
(a) hypertext (b) hypocrisy
(c) hyperbole (d) hypothesis
Ans: (d) hypothesis

Q13. Indifference to pleasure and pain
(a) perseverance
(b) tolerance
(c) stoicism
(d) radicalism
Ans: (c) stoicism

Q14. No longer a child, but not yet an adult
(a) youngster (b) adolescent
(c) juvenile (d) yokel
(b) adolescent

Q15. Act of making things like new again.
(a) innovate (b) renovate
(c) motivate (d) activate
Ans: (b) renovate

Q16. One who knows everything.
(a) omniscient (b) conscious
(c) intellectual (d) learned
Ans: (a) omniscient

Q17. Any morbid dread of water.
(a) hydrofoil (b) hydrophobia
(c) hydraulic (d) hyacinth

Q18. The ceremony of crowning a sovereign
(a) felicitation (b) promotion
(c) coronation (d) installation
Ans: (c) coronation

Q19. One who tends to patronize, rebuff or ignore people regarded as social inferiors and imitate, admire people regarded as social superiors
(a) snob (b) fob
(c) dandy (d) freak
Ans: (a) snob

Q20. A room where dead bodies are kept until burial
(a) grave (b) cemetery
(c) mortuary (d) pyre

Q21. Government by a king
(a) autocracy (b) aristocracy
(c) oligarchy (d) monarchy
Ans: (d)monarchy

Q22. Hobson’s choice
(a) choice to live or die
(b) excellent choice
(c) no choice at all
(d) bigman’s choice
Ans: (c) no choice at all

Q23. Violation of the sanctity of a sacred place
(a) sin (b) sacrilege
(c) sedition (d) blasphemy
(b) sacrilege

Q24. A child born after the death of father
(a) post dated (b) premature
(c) paternal (d) posthumous
Ans: (d) posthumous

Q25. A person who completely abstains from alcohol
(a) teetotaller (b) drunkard
(c) alcoholic (d) imposter
Ans: (a) teetotaller

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