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Part 267 – ONEWORD SUBSTITUTION Previous Year Questions

Q1. One who sets type for books, newspapers, etc.
(a) typist (b) editor
(c) composer (d) compositor
Ans: (d) compositor

Q2. Land covered by water on three sides
(a) island (b) mainland
(c) strait (d) peninsula
Ans: (d) peninsula

Q3. A drug or other substance that produces sleep
(a) soporific (b) depressant
(c) narcotic (d) antiseptic
(a) soporific

Q4. A thing no longer in use
(a) illusion (b) illegal
(c) obsolete (d) historic
Ans: (c) obsolete

Q5. A place where astronomical observations are made
(a) laboratory (b) observatory
(c) astrolibrary (d) astrophery
Ans: (b) observatory

Q6. Killing one’s sister
(a) regicide (b) fratricide
(c) matricide (d) sororicide
(d) sororicide

Q7. Experts who scientifically study insects
(a) gerontologists
(b) pathologists
(c) entomologists
(d) ornithologists
Ans: (c) entomologists

Q8. One who pretends to be what he is not
(a) hypocrite (b) pessimist
(c) optimist (d) infallible
Ans: (a) hypocrite

Q9. A paper/story/poem first written out by hand
(a) handicraft (b) manuscript
(c) handiwork (d) thesis

Q10. A place where money is coined.
(a) bank (b) mint
(c) firm (d) parliament
Ans: (b) mint

Q11. The process by means of which plants and animals breathe.
(a) respiration (b) germination
(c) absorption (d) transpiration
Ans: (a) respiration

Q12. One who sneers at the aims and beliefs of his fellow men.
(a) critic (b) connoisseur
(c) pedant (d) cynic
(d) cynic

Q13. A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics etc.
(a) store (b) stall
(c) boutique (d) booth
Ans: (c) boutique

Q14. Interval between two events
(a) recess (b) interlude
(c) shuttle (d) prelude
Ans: (b) interlude

Q15. A person’s peculiar habit
(a) peculiarity (b) trait
(c) distinction (d) idiosyncracy
(d) idiosyncracy

Q16. The art of delaying
(a) degeneration
(b) inflation
(c) procrastination
(d) regression
Ans: (c) procrastination

Q17. A doctor who specializes in the diseases of the eyes
(a) ophthalmologist
(b) optimist
(c) optician
(d) orthodontist
Ans: (a) ophthalmologist

Q18. Person who eats too much
(a) cannibal (b) glutton
(c) obese (d) carnivorous
(b) glutton

Q19. A narrow stretch of land connecting two large bodies of land.
(a) lagoon (b) cape
(c) strait (d) isthumus
Ans: (d) isthumus

Q20. An animal which lives by preying on other animals
(a) aggressor (b) attacker
(c) terminator (d) predator
Ans: (d)predator

Q21. Government or rule by a small group of people
(a) monarchy (b) oligarchy
(c) autocracy (d) autonomy
(b) oligarchy

Q22. One who copies from other writers
(a) pluralist (b) imitator
(c) plagiarist (d) copycat
(c) plagiarist

Q23. Thing that can be felt or touched
(a) pandemic
(b) palpable
(c) paltry
(d) panchromatic
Ans: (b) palpable

Q24. The scientific study of elections
(a) pathology
(b) palaeontology
(c) psephology
(d) philology
(c) psephology

Q25. Shine with a bright but brief or irregular light
(a) whimper (b) flicker
(c) cower (d) mutter
Ans: (b) flicker

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