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Part 266 – ONEWORD SUBSTITUTION Previous Year Questions

Q1. Violation of that which is holy and sacred
(a) malevolent (b) sacrilege
(c) bizarre (d) iniquitous
Ans: (b) sacrilege sacrilege (N.): the act of depriving something of its sacred character malevolent (Adj.): having/ showing a desire to harm other people bizarre (Adj.): unusual iniquitous (Adj.): very unfair/ wrong

Q2. One who believes in many Gods.
(a) polyglot (b) polygamy
(c) polygon (d) polythiest
Ans: (d) polytheist polytheist (N.): one who believes in a plurality of gods polyglot (N.): a person who speaks more than one language polygamy (N.): having more than one spouse at a time polygon (N.): a closed plane figure bounded by straight sides

Q3. One who lends money on high rates of interest
(a) usurper (b) usherer
(c) usurer (d) undertaker
Ans: (c) userer userer (N.): a person who lends money to people at unfairly high rates of interest usurper (N.): one who wrongly/ illegally seizes and holds the place of another usherer (N.): someone employed to conduct others undertaker (N.): one whose business is the management of funerals

Q4. A post with little work but high salary.
(a) freelancer (b) sine qua non
(c) sinecure (d) quangos
Ans: (c) sinecure sinecure (N.): an office that involves minimal duties freelancer (N.): a writer/artist who sells services to different employers without a longterm contract with any of them sine qua non (N.): a pre requisite quangos (N.): an organization dealing with public matters, started by the government, but working independently and with its own legal powers

Q5. A person, especially a young one, with exceptional abilities.
(a) intellectual (b) prodigy
(c) genius (d) mastermind
Ans: (b) prodigy prodigy (N.): an unusually gifted/intelligent (young) person

Q6. Incapable of feeling tired or exhausted
(a) invincible (b) inflatable
(c) indefatigable (d) inextricable
Ans: (c) indefatigable indefatigable (Adj.): showing sustained enthusiastic action with unflagging vitality invincible (Adj.): incapable of being overcome/subdued inflatable (Adj.): designed to be filled with air/gas inextricable (Adj.): incapable of being untied/disentangled

Q7. A new word coined by an author.
(a) novelty (b) innovation
(c) neologism (d) inception
(c) neologism neologism (N.): a newly invented word/phrase

Q8. One who collects postage stamps.
(a) Philanthropist
(b) Numismatist
(c) Philatelist
(d) Curator
Ans: (c) philatelist philatelist (N.): a collector and student of postage stamps philanthropist (N.): someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human wellbeing numismatist (N.): a collector and student of money (coins in particular) curator (N.): the custodian of a collection (museum/library)

Q9. Those who pass through this gate without permission will be prosecuted.
(a) bypassers
(b) absconders
(c) thoroughfares
(d) trespassers
Ans: (d) trespassers trespassers (N.): someone who intrudes on the privacy/property of another without permission bypassers (N.): one who passes by absconders (N.): one who runs away and hides to avoid arrest/ prosecution thorough fares (N.): a public road from one place to another

Q10. Nations that do not trust each other/look upon each other.
(a) calmly (b) hopefully
(c) askance
(d) retrospectively
Ans: (c) askance

Q11. Constant effort to achieve something.
(a) patience (b) vigour
(c) enthusiasm
(d) perseverance
Ans: (d) perseverance persevernace (N.): the quality of continuing to try to achieve a particular aim despite difficulties

Q12. The story of one’s own life.
(a) autobiography
(b) cartography
(c) calligraphy
(d) bibliography
Ans: (a) autobiography autobiography (N.): a biography of yourself cartography (N.): the making of maps and charts calligraphy (N.): beautiful hadwriting bibliography (N.): a list of writings with time and place of publication

Q13. A person who constantly thinks that he is sick.
(a) hypochondriac
(b) misogynist
(c) misanthrope
(d) hyper pituitary
Ans: (a) hypochondriac hypochondriac (N.): a patient with imaginary symptoms and ailments misogynist (N.): a person who dislikes women misanthrope (N.): a person who dislikes people

Q14. One of the timetested ways of remembering a series of items.
(a) recollection
(b) schematizing
(c) mnemonic
(d) ingenuity
Ans: (c)mnemonic mnemonic (Adj.): helping you to remember something

Q15. A careful preservation and protection of wildlife is the need of the hour.
(a) management
(b) embankment
(c) enhancement
(d) conservation
Ans: (d) conservation

Q16. Anything written in a letter after it is signed.
(a) corrigendum
(b) manuscript
(c) postscript
(d) postdiction
Ans: (c) postscript postscript (N.): a note appended to a letter after the signature corrigendum (N.): a printer’s error to be corrected manuscript (N.): a copy of a book, piece of music, etc. before it has been printed postdiction (N.): prediction after the fact

Q17. We are expecting a good monsoon this year.
(a) getting
(b) predicting
(c) hoping
(d) visualising
Ans: (b) predicting

Q18. Responsible according to law.
(a) eligible (b) illegitimate
(c) legalised (d) liable
Ans: (d) liable

Q19. Opposed to great or sudden change.
(a) conservative
(b) revolutionary
(c) evolutionary
(d) static
(a) conservative

Q20. One who studies the working of the human mind.
(a) anthropologist
(b) psychologist
(c) neurologist
(d) ethnologist
Ans: (b) psychologist

Q21. Place given to soldiers to live in
(a) barracks (b) trench
(c) garage (d) quay
Ans: (a) barracks

Q22. A person of South African Dutch descent
(a) boar (b) boer
(c) boor (d) bore
(b) boer

Q23. Lack of skill
(a) inertness (b) insistence
(c) ineptness (d) insolence
Ans: (c) lack of skill = Ineptness; ineptitude. Look at the sentence: The case remained unsolved due to lack of skill shown by the police.

Q24. Stick with a thick end used in a mortar for pounding
(a) thistle (b) stifle
(c) sceptre (d) pestle
Ans: (d) pestle

Q25. An act when people vote in order to make a decision about a particular subject or policy rather than voting for a person
(a) election (b) exitpoll
(c) byelection (d) referendum
(d) referendum

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