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Part 259 – ONEWORD SUBSTITUTION Previous Year Questions

Q1. A person who agrees to work for somebody in order to learn a skill
(a) lackey (b) pupil
(c) apprentice (d) assistant
Ans: (c) apprentice apprentice (N.): a person who works for an expert to learn a trade lackey (N.): a male servant

Q2. Opinion contrary to accepted doctrines
(a) controversy (b) advocacy
(c) heresy (d) convention
Ans: (c) heresy heresy (N.): a belief/an opinion that disagrees strongly with what most people believe controversy (N.): a dispute where there is strong disagreement advocacy (N.): active support of an idea/acause convention (N.): the way in which something is done that most people in a society expect and consider to be polite/the right way to do it

Q3. Make pale by excluding light
(a) foliate (b) percolate
(c) procreate (d) etiolate
Ans: (d) etiolate etiolate (V.): make pale/sickly foliate (V.): decorate with leaves/foils percolate (V.): spread gradually; pass through procreate (V.): produce more individuals

Q4. Someone who is designated to hear both sides of a dispute and make a judgement
(a) counsellor (b) arbitrator
(c) magistrate (d) manager
(b) arbitrator arbitrator (N.): someone chosen to judge and decide a disputed issue counsellor (N.): someone who has supervisory duties/gives advice about problems ; a lawyer who pleads cases in court

Q5. A thing fit to be eaten
(a) eligible (b) audible
(c) delectable (d) edible
Ans: (d) edible edible (Adj.): fit to be eaten eligible (Adj.): qualified/entitled to be chosen audible (Adj.): that can be heard delectable (Adj.): delicious ; greatly pleasing

Q6. A land fit for growing crops
(a) sprout (b) arable
(c) sterlized (d) venerable
Ans: (b) arable arable (Adj.): suitable for growing crops sprout (N.): a new part growing on a plant sterilized (V.): to kill the bacteria in/or on something venerable (Adj.): people/things deserving/respect by vitrue of age, dignity, character, or position.

Q7. Feint
(a) pretended effect
(b) pretended attack
(c) pretended effort
(d) pretended support
Ans: (b) pretended attack feint (N.): a body movement that is intended to divert another’s attention, often by being deliberately left incomplete.

Q8. A person who is long experienced or practiced in an activity/ capacity
(a) veteran (b) versatile
(c) vulnerable (d) venerable
Ans: (a) veteran veteran (N.): a person who has a lot of experience in a particular area/activity

Q9. An excessive fear of confined spaces
(a) hydrophobia
(b) bathophobia
(c) cynophobia
(d) claustrophobia
Ans: (d) claustrophobia claustrophobia (N.): extreme fear of being in narrow/enclosed spaces. hydrophobia (N.): extreme fear of water bathophobia (N.): extreme fear of depths (deep water, falling from heights) cynophobia (N.): extreme fear of dogs

Q10. A remedy for all diseases
(a) analgesia (b) panacea
(c) eternal (d) mortal
Ans: (b) panacea panacea (N.): something that will solve all the problems of a particular situation analgesia (N.): the loss of the ability to feel pain while still conscious eternal (Adj.): without an end ; existing/continuing forever mortal (Adj.): that cannot live for ever and must die

Q11. Study of the skin and its diseases
(a) dactylogy (b) dermatology
(c) dendrology (d) axiology
Ans: (b) dermatology dermatology (N.): the scientific study of skin diseases dactylogy (N.): the science of communicating by sign language using the hands and fingers. dendrology (N.): the scientific study of trees axiology (N.): the study of the nature of values and value judgements

Q12. A person who looks at the bright side of things
(a) cynic (b) pessimist
(c) optimist (d) sycophant
Ans: (c) optimist optimist (N.): a person who always expects good thing to happen cynic (N.): a person who believes that people only do things to help themselves, rather than for good or sincere reasons pessimist (N.): a person who always expects bad things to happen sycophant (N.): a person who praises important or powerful people too much and in a way that is not sincere, especially in order to get something from them

Q13. A record of historical events
(a) documentary (b) anecdotes
(c) archives (d) annals
Ans: (c) archives archives (N.): a collection of historical documents/records of a government, a family, a place or an organization documentary (N.): a film/a radio/ a television programme giving facts about something anecdotes (N.): a short, interesting/ amusing story about a real person/event annals (N.): an official record of events/activities year by year

Q14. One who knows many languages
(a) polyphony (b) polyglot
(c) polyandry (d) polygamy
Ans: (b) polyglot polyglot (N.): person who knows, used/writes in more than one language polyphony (N.): the combination of several different patterns of musical notes sung together to form a single piece of music polyandry (N.): the custom of having more than one husband at the same time polygamy (N.): the custom of having more than one wife/husband at the same time

Q15. The area of medicine that treats illnesses of bones
(a) ornithology
(b) paediatrics
(c) orthodontics
(d) orthopaedics
Ans: (d) orthopaedics orthopaedics (N.): a the branch of medicine concerned with injuries and diseases of the bones/muscles ornithology (N.): the scientific study of birds paediatrics (N.): the branch of science concerned with children and their diseases orthodontics (N.): the treatment of problems concerning the position of the teeth and jaws

Q16. A reserve for animals, birds etc. in their natural habitat
(a) sanctuary (b) century
(c) forest (d) woods
(a) sanctuary (a) sanctuary (N.): reserve ; an area where wild birds/animals are protected and encouraged to breed

Q17. Something that is difficult to understand
(a) incomplete
(b) inconclusive
(c) inconceivable
(d) incomprehensible
Ans: (d) incomprehensible incomprehensible (Adj.): impossible to understand inconclusive (Adj.): not leading to a definite decision/result inconceivable (Adj.): impossible to imagine/believe

Q18. That which is arranged by conferring or discussing
(a) meeting (b) seminar
(c) debate (d) negotiation
Ans: (b) seminar seminar (N.): a meeting for discussion/ training meeting (N.): an occasion when people come together to discuss/ decide something debate (N.): an argument/a discussion expressing different opinions negotiation (N.): formal discussion between people who are trying to reach an agreement

Q19. A mournful poem or a song
(a) comedy (b) tragedy
(c) elegy (d) ode
Ans: (c) elegy elegy (N.): a poem or song that expresses sadness, especially for somebody who has died. ode (N.): a poem that speaks to a person or celebrates a special event

Q20. An image without objective reality
(a) shadow (b) utopia
(c) sensation (d) hallucination
Ans: (d) hallucination hallucination (N.): the fact of seeming to see or hear somebody/ something that is not really there utopia (N.): an imaginary place or state in which everything is perfect

Q21. The branch of medical science which deals with the problems of the old
(a) oncology (b) obstetrics
(c) paediatrics (d) geriatrics
Ans: (d) geriatrics geriatrics (N.): the branch of medicine concerned with the diseases and care of old people oncology (N.): study and treatment of tumours obstetrics (N.): concerned with the birth of children paediatrics (N.): branch of medicine concerned with children and their diseases

Q22. A child secretly changed for another in infancy
(a) nipper (b) changeling
(c) tiddler (d) tyke
Ans: (b) changeling changeling (N.): a child who is believed to have been secretly left in exchange for another tiddler (N.): a very small fish tyke (N.): a small child, one who behaves badly nipper (N.): a small child

Q23. One who suffers for one’s faith
(a) prophet (b) mystic
(c) seer (d) martyr
(d) martyr martyr (N.): a person who suffers very much because of their religious or political beliefs. mystic (N.): a person who tries to become united with God through prayer prophet (N.): a person who claims to know what will happen in the future seer (N.): prophet

Q24. Put side by side
(a) juxtapose (b) impose
(c) propose (d) depose
Ans: (a) juxtapose juxtapose (V.): place side by side impose (V.): compel propose (V.): present for consideration depose (V.): force to leave

Q25. One who can not be corrected
(a) ineligible
(b) indolent
(c) indefatigable
(d) incorrigible
Ans: (d) incorrigible incorrigible (Adj.): having bad habits which cannot be changed/ improved; incurable ineligible (Adj.): not eligible indolent (Adj.): lazy indefatigable (Adj.): tireless; unwearying

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