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Part 256 – ONEWORD SUBSTITUTION Previous Year Questions

Q1. A woman whose husband is dead
(a) divorcee (b) fiancee
(c) widower (d) widow
Ans: (d) widow

Q2. One who eats no animal flesh
(a) cannibal (b) pilgrim
(c) vegetarian (d) pedestrian
Ans: (c) vegetarian

Q3. Man who has more than one wife at a time.
(a) celibate (b) bigamist
(c) misogamist (d) polygamist
Ans: (d) polygamist polygamist (N.): a person having more than one wife at the same time celibate (N.): a person who has chosen not to marry bigamist (N.): a person who commits the crime of marrying somebody when you are still legally married to some body else misogamist (N.): a man who hates marriage

Q4. One who deals in flowers
(a) A drover (b) A brazier
(c) A florist (d) A fruiterer
Ans: (c) A florist florist (N.): a person who deals in flowers drover (N.): a person who moves groups of cows/ sheep from one place to another, especially to market brazier (N.): a large metal container that holds a fire and is used to keep people warm when they are outside fruiterer (N.): a person who owns/ manages a shop/store selling fruit

Q5. House or shelter of a gipsy
(a) wigwam (b) chalet
(c) caravan (d) igloo
Ans: (c) caravan caravan (N.): a covered vehicle, used for living by gypsies wigwam (N.): a type of tent used by Native Americans (in the past) chalet (N.): a wooden house with a sloping roof, usually built in mountain areas, in Switzerland igloo (N.): a small round house/ shelter built from blocks of hard snow by the Inuit people of northern N. America

Q6. A person who leaves one country to settle in another
(a) emigrant (b) traveller
(c) tourist (d) globetrotter
Ans: (a) emigrant

Q7. A partner in a crime
(a) friend (b) comrade
(c) accomplice (d) companion
Ans: (c) accomplice

Q8. Relating to the countries of the west
(a) Oriental (b) Hellenistic
(c) Occidental (d) Platonic
Ans: (c) occidental occidental (Adj.): connected with western part of the world (Europe and America) oriental (Adj.): connected with eastern part of the world (China and Japan) hellenistic (Adj.): connected with ancient/modern Greece platonic (Adj.): friendly but not involving sex

Q9. A person who always runs after women
(a) Philanthropist
(b) Don Juan Casanova
(c) Philanderer
(d) Philatelist
Ans: (c) philanderer philanderer (N.): a man who has sexual relationships with many different women philanthropist (N.): a rich person who helps the poor and those in need, especially by giving money Don Juan Casanova (N.): a man who loves and has sex with many women philatelist (N.): a person who collects/ studies stamps

Q10. A person employed to drive a private or hired car
(a) chauffeur (b) autoist
(c) cabbie (d) automobilist
Ans: (a) chauffeur

Q11. Sentimental longing for a period in the past
(a) recollection (b) nostalgia
(c) reminiscence (d) wistfulness
Ans: (b) nostalgia nostalgia (N.): a feeling of sadness mixed with pleasure and affection when you think of happy times in the past reminiscence (N.): a spoken/ written description of something that somebody remembers about their past life wistfulness (N.): sad thought about something that you would like to have, especially something in the past that you can no longer have

Q12. A medicine that softens the bowels
(a) antacid (b) laxative
(c) remedy (d) herb
(b) laxative antacid (N.): a medicine that prevents/ corrects acidity (in the stomach) laxative (N.): a medicine, food/ drink that makes somebody empty their bowels easily

Q13. Belief in many gods
(a) pantheism (b) monotheism
(c) polytheism (d) atheism
Ans: (a) pantheism pantheism (N.): belief in many/ all Gods monotheism (N.): belief in only one God polytheism (N.): belief that there is more than one God atheism (N.): the belief that God does not exist

Q14. A cluster of flowers on a branch
(a) bouquet
(b) inflorescence
(c) wreath
(d) incandescence
Ans: (b) inflorescence inflorescence (N.): the flowering part of a plant/ arrangement of flowers on a stalk bouquet (N.): a bunch of flowers arranged in an attractive way so that it can be carried in a ceremony/ presented as a gift wreath (N.): an arrangement of flowers and leaves (in a circle) placed on graves, worn on head/ hung on doors as christmas decoration. incandescence (N.): being very bright

Q15. A person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions
(a) agnostic (b) cynic
(c) sceptic (d) misogynist
Ans: (b) cynic cynic (N.): someone who is critical of the motives of others agnostic (N.): a person who doubts truth of religion sceptic (N.): someone who habitually doubts accepted beliefs misogynist (N.): someone who dislikes women

Q16. A highly skilled musician
(a) artiste (b) virtuoso
(c) performer (d) diva
Ans: (b) virtuoso virtuoso (N.): someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field; a musician who is a master of technique and artistry artiste (N.): a public performer (dancer/ singer) diva (N.): a distinguished female operatic singer

Q17. A method of boiling briefly to cook food slightly
(a) steam (b) bake
(c) saute (d) parboil
Ans: (d)parboil parboil: cook briefly (vegetables) saute (V.): fry briefly over high heat

Q18. The group, especeally in the arts, regarded as being the most experimental
(a) avant – garde
(b) iconoclast
(c) revolutionary
(d) nerd
Ans: (a) avant – garde avantgarde (N.): artists/ writers whose ideas are ahead of their time iconoclast (N.): someone who tries to destroy traditional ideas/ institutions nerd (N.): a student who studies excessively

Q19. One who helps people by giving them money or other aid
(a) benefactor (b) beneficiary
(c) tycoon (d) patriot
(a) benefactor benefactor (N.): a person who helps people/ institutions beneficiary (N.): the recipient of funds/ other benefits tycoon (N.): a very wealthy/ powerful businessman

Q20. A policy that segregates people on the basis of race
(a) chauvinism
(b) theism
(c) apartheid (d) partisan
Ans: (c) apartheid apartheid (N.): the former official policy of racial segregation (in South Africa) charvinism (N.): fanatical patriotism theism (N.): the belief that God exists partisan (N.): an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person/ activity

Q21. Something which lasts forever
(a) eternal (b) youthful
(c) mortal (d) infallible
Ans: (a) eternal eternal (Adj.): continuing forever; everlasting mortal (Adj.): subject to death infallible (Adj.): incapable of failure/error

Q22. The schedule of travel
(a) itinerary (b) time–table
(c) travelbook (d) guidebook
Ans: (a) itinerary

Q23. Poem in short stanzas narrating a popular story
(a) ballet (b) epic
(c) ballad (d) sonnet
Ans: (c) ballad ballad (N.): a narrative poem of popular origin ballet (N.): a theatrical representation of a story performed to music by ballet dancers epic (N.): a long narrative poem telling of a hero’s deeds sonnet (N.): a verse form consisting of 14 lines with a fixed rhyme scheme

Q24. Design made by putting together coloured pieces of glass or stones
(a) tracery (b) mosaic
(c) relief (d) oleograph
(b) mosaic mosaic (N.): art consisting of a design made of small pieces of coloured stone/ glass tracery (N.): decoration consisting of an open pattern of interlacing ribs relief (N.): sculpture consisting of shapes carved on a surface so as to stand out from the surrounding background oleograph (N.): a print textured to resemble an oil painting

Q25. A fear of closed/dark place
(a) xenophobia
(b) acrophobia
(c) claustrophobia
(d) pyrophobia
Ans: (c) claustrophobia claustrophobia (N.): fear of being closed in a confined space xenophobia (N.): fear of strangers/ foreigners acrophobia (N.): fear of great heights pyrophobia (N.): fear of fire

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