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Part 246 – ONEWORD SUBSTITUTION Previous Year Questions

Q1. To bite like a rat
(a) chew (b) cut
(c) split (d)gnaw
Ans: (d) gnaw gnaw (V.): to keep biting/ chewing hard chew (V.): to bite continuously cut (V.): to make an opening ; to divide with a knife split (V.): to divide ; to tear ; to leave somebody and stop having a relationship with him

Q2. A style in which a writer makes display of his knowledge
(a) ornate (b) pedantic
(c) artificial (d) showy
Ans: (b) pedantic pedantic (Adj.): too worried about small details or rules ornate (Adj.): covered with a lot of decoration artificial (Adj.): not real ; made or produced to copy something showy (Adj.): so brightly coloured, large/ exaggerated that it attracts a lot of attention

Q3. A list of books available in a library
(a) catalogue (b) bibliography
(c) backlist (d) index
Ans: (a) catalogue catalogue (N.): a complete list of items ; a book/ pamphlet containing an examination (a numbered list) of things bibliography (N.): books/ articles about a particular subject/ author backlist (N.): the list of books that have been published by a company in the past and are still available index (N.): a list of names/topics that are referred to in a book

Q4. One who performs daring gymnastic feats
(a) athlete (b) juggler
(c) acrobat (d) conjuror
(c) acrobat acrobat (N.): an entertainer who performs difficult acts such as balancing on high ropes (at a circus) ; an athlete who performs acts that need skill, agility and coordination athlete (N.): a person who competes in sports – running, jumping, physical exercises, etc. juggler (N.): a person who juggles – to throw a set of three or more objects in air and catch and throw them again quickly, one at a time; an entertainer conjuror (N.): a person who performs magic tricks which seem to make things appear or disappear

Q5. An office with a salary but no work
(a) honorary (b) sinecure
(c) insolvent (d) sinuous
Ans: (b) sinecure sinecure (Adj.): a job you are paid for even though it involves little or no work -honorary (Adj.): given as an honour ; not paid insolvent (Adj.): not having enough money to pay what you owe sinuous (Adj.): turning while moving, in an elegant way ; having many curves

Q6. The study or collection of coins
(a) nymphomania
(b) numismatics
(c) numerology
(d) numeric
Ans: (b) numismatics numismatics (N.): the study of coins and medals nymphomania (N.): abnormally intense sexual desire in women numerology (N.): the use of numbers to try to tell somebody what will happen in the future numeric (N.): relating to numbers ; expressed in numbers

Q7. One who hates women
(a) misogynist (b) misanthrope
(c) feminist (d) effeminate
Ans: (a) misogynist misogynist (N.): a man who hates women misanthrope (N.): a person who hates and avoids other people feminist (N.): a person who supports the belief that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men effeminate (N.): looking, behaving or sounding like a woman or girl

Q8. A woman with dark brown hair
(a) blonde (b) philogynist
(c) brunette (d) dotard
Ans: (c) brunette brunette (N.): a white–skinned woman with dark brown hair blonde (N.): (of hair) pale gold in colour philogynist (N.): one who esteems women as the higher type of humanity dotard (N.): someone whose age has impaired (diminished in strength, quality or utility) intellect

Q9. Speech for the first time.
(a) introductory speech
(b) maiden speech
(c) concluding speech
(d) initial speech
(b) maiden speech maiden speech (N.): the first speech made by a person introductory speech (N.): said at the beginning of something as an introduction to what follows concluding speech (N.): said at the end of something as a conclusion to what happend initial speech (N.): said at the beginning

Q10. Someone who scientifically studies the birds
(a) earthologist
(b) orthopeadic
(c) orthodondist
(d) ornithologist
Ans: (d) ornithologist ornithologist (N.): a person who studies birds orthopaedic (N.): the doctor concerned with injuries and diseases of the bones/ muscles indispensable (N.): a dentist who treats problems concerning the position of the teeth and jaws

Q11. Something which is imagined to be real but actually does not exist.
(a) figment (b) insight
(c) mirage (d) shadow
Ans: (a) figment figment (N.): something that is imagined but does not exist inevitable (Adj.): that is sure to happen mirage (N.): Illusion ; an effect caused by hot air in deserts/ on roads, that makes you think you can see something, such as water which is not there shadow (N.): shade within clear boundaries

Q12. Someone having many skills
(a) versatile (b) projectile
(c) cyclostyle (d) anglophile
Ans: (a) versatile versatile (Adj.): able to do many different things projectile (Adj.): very fast and with a lot of force cyclostyle (Adj.): print with a cyclostyle – a writing implement with a small toothed wheel that cuts small holes in a stencil anglophile (N.): a person who is not British but who likes Britain things very much

Q13. To officially take private property away to seize.
(a) offer (b) confiscate
(c) annex (d) hijack
(b) confiscate confiscate (V.): to officially take something away from somebody offer (V.): to say that you are willing to do something annex (V.): to occupy ; to take control of a country, region, etc. especially by force hijack (V.): to use violence or threats to take control of a vehicle (plane) in order to force it to travel to a different place/ to demand something from a government

Q14. A hater of women
(a) androgynist (b) misogynist
(c) misanthropist (d) eveteaser
Ans: (b) misogynist misogynist (N.): a man who hates women androgynist (N.): a person who possesses the characteristics of both sexes misanthropist (N.): someone who dislikes people in general eveteaser (N.): a person who teases women/ girls

Q15. Easy to shape in any desired form
(a) ductile (b)malleable
(c) flexible (d) plasticine
Ans: (b) malleable malleable (Adj.): (a metal) that can be hit/ pressed into different shapes easily without breaking/ cracking ; (of people, ideas, etc.) easily influenced/ changed ductile (Adj.): (a metal) that can be made into a thin wire flexible (Adj.): able to change to suit new conditions/ situation; able to bend easily without breaking plasticine (Adj.): a soft substance like clay that is made in different colours, used by children for making models

Q16. Amount of money demanded by kidnappers
(a) donation (b) honorarium
(c) ransom (d) salary
Ans: (c) ransom ransom (N.): money that is paid to kidnappers donation (N.): something that is given to a person/ an organisation such as a charity, in order to help him/it honorarium (N.): a payment made for somebody’s professional services salary (N.): money that an employee receives for doing his job

Q17. Property inherited from one’s father or ancestors
(a) alimony (b) patrimony
(c) voluntary (d) armistice
Ans: (b) patrimony patrimony (N.): property given to somebody when his father dies alimony (N.): the money that a court orders somebody to pay regularly to his former wife/ husband when the marriage is ended voluntary (N.): done willingly ; doing a job without waiting to be paid armistice (N.): ceasefire ; a formal agreement during a war to stop fighting and discuss making peace

Q18. That which may be easily broken
(a) indestructible (b) revocable
(c) divisible (d) brittle
(d) brittle brittle (Adj.): hard but easily broken indestructible (Adj.): that is very strong and cannot easily be destroyed revocable (Adj.): capable of being cancelled officially so that it may no longer be valid divisible (Adj.): that can be divided, usually with nothing remaining

Q19. One whose motive is merely to get money
(a) businesslike (b) mercenary
(c) polyglot (d) fastidious
Ans: (b)mercenary mercenary (N.): a soldier who will fight for any group/ country that offers payment business like (N.): working in an efficient and organized way and not wasting time or thinking about personal things polyglot (N.): multilingual ; knowing, using/ written in more than one language fastidious (N.): being careful that every detail is correct ; meticulous; not liking things to be dirty/ untidy

Q20. A man who is quite like a woman
(a) feminine (b) feminist
(c) effeminate (d) womanly
Ans: (c) effeminate effeminate (Adj.): looking, behaving/ sounding like women/ a girl feminine (Adj.): having the qualities/ appearance considered to be typical of women ; connected with women feminist (N.): a person who supports the belief that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men womanly (Adj.): feminine

Q21. A co- worker in an office or institution
(a) companion (b) ally
(c) accomplice (d) colleague
Ans: (d) colleague colleague (N.): a person that you work with, in a profession or a business companion (N.): a person who travels/ spends a lot of time with you ally (N.): a person who helps and supports somebody in a difficult situation accomplice (N.): a person who helps another to commit a crime or to do something wrong

Q22. To supply land with water by artificial means
(a) irrigate (b) mitigate
(c) watergate (d) postulate
Ans: (a) irrigate irrigate (V.): to supply water to an area of land through pipes/ channels so that crop may grow mitigate (V.): to make less harmful, serious, etc. water gate (N.): a political scandal involving abuse of power and bribery and obstruction of justice postulate (V.): to suggest/ accept that something is true so that it may be used on the basis of a theory, etc.

Q23. A large burial ground
(a) mercenary (b) emissary
(c) symmetry (d) cemetery
(d) cemetry cemetery (N.): an area of land used for burying dead people mercenary (N.): a soldier who will fight for any group/ country that offers payment emissary (N.): a person who is sent to deliver an official message from one country to another, or to perform a special task ; envoy symmetry (N.): the quality of being very similar and equal

Q24. Exclusive possession or control of anything
(a) monotheism (b) monopoly
(c) monism (d) monomania
Ans: (b) monopoly monopoly (N.): the complete control of trade in particular goods or the supply of a particular service monotheism (N.): the belief that there is only one God monism (N.): the belief that all things are unified and are all based on one single principle or law monomania (N.): too much interest in/enthusiasm for one thing so that it may not be healthy

Q25. One who is unable to pay one’s debt
(a) bankrupt (b) bankroll
(c) extravagant (d) borrower
Ans: (a) bankrupt bankrupt (N.): without enough money to pay what you own ; insolvent bank roll (V.): to support by giving money ; finance extravagant: to spending more than is needed borrower (N.): a person/ organisation that borrows money from a bank

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