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Part 238 – ONEWORD SUBSTITUTION Previous Year Questions

Q1. A place where birds are kept
(a) aquarium (b) dareen
(c) aviary (d) sanctuary
Ans: (c) aviary aviary (N.): a large cage/building for keeping birds in aquarium (N.): a large glass container in which fish and other water creatures and plants are kept den (N.): the hidden home of some types of wild animalsbear, lion, etc. sanctuary (N.): an area where wild birds/animals are protected and encouraged to breed; reserve

Q2. A method which never fails.
(a) unflinching (b) irreparable
(c) irremediable (d) infallible
Ans: (d) infallible infallible (Adj.): never wrong ; never making mistakes; that never fails; always doing what it is supposed to do unflinching (Adj.): remaining strong and determined, even in a difficult/dangerous situation; not shrinking from danger irreparable (Adj.): too bad/too serious to repair or put right irremediable (Adj.): too bad to be corrected/cured

Q3. Something which cannot be believed.
(a) inevitable (b) ineffable
(c) incredible (d) ineluctable
Ans: (c) incredible incredible (Adj.): unbelievable; impossible/very difficult to believe inevitable (Adj.): unavoidable; that you cannot avoid/prevent ineffable (Adj.): too great/beautiful to describe in words ineluctable (Adj.): unavoidable; that you cannot avoid

Q4. Body of a human being or animal embalmed for burial
(a) corpse (b) mummy
(c) morgue (d) mortuary
Ans: (b) mummy mummy (N.): a body of a human/ an animal that has been preserved by treating it with special oils and wrapping it in cloth; embalm corpse (N.): a dead body (human) morgue (N.): a building in which dead bodies are kept before they are buried/burned mortuary (N.): morgue

Q5. Of very bad morals; characterised by debasement or degeneration.
(a) desultory (b) dilapidated
(c) depraved (d) dilatory
(c) depraved depraved (Adj.): morally bad; wicked; evil desultory (Adj.): going from one thing to another, without a definite plan and without enthusiasm dilapidated (Adj.): old and in very bad condition (furniture and buildings); ramshackle dilatory (Adj.): not acting quickly enough; causing delay

Q6. Government by a ruler who has unlimited power.
(a) despotism (b) autocracy
(c) monarchy (d) anarchy
Ans: (b) autocracy autocracy (N.): a system of government of a country in which one person has complete power despotism (N.): the rule of a ruler with great power, one who uses it in a cruel way monarchy (N.): a system of government by a king/queen anarchy (N.): a situation in a country, an organization, etc. in which there is no government, order/control

Q7. An occasion of great importance
(a) exemplary
(b) momentous
(c) herculean
(d) grandiose
Ans: (b) momentous momentous (Adj.): very important/ serious because there may be important results exemplary (Adj.): severe punishment used as a warning to others; providing a good example for people to copy herculean (Adj.): needing a lot of strength, determination or effort grandiose (Adj.): seeming very impressive but too large, complicated, expensive, etc. to be practical or possible

Q8. A person who is always hopeful and looks upon the brighter side of things
(a) florist (b) artist
(c) theist (d) optimist
Ans: (d) optimist optimist (N.): a person who always expects good things to happen or things to be successful florist (N.): a person who owns/works in a shop/store that sells flowers and plants artist (N.): a person who creates works of artpaintings/ drawings theist (N.): one who believes in the existence of God

Q9. Place of burial
(a) cave (b) church
(c) synagogue (d) cemetery
Ans: (d) cemetry cemetry (N.): an area of land used for burying dead people, especially one that is not beside a church cave (N.): a large hole in the side of a hill/under the ground church (N.): place of worship of the Christians synagogue (N.): a building where the Jews meet for religious worship and teaching

Q10. To have a very high opinion of oneself
(a) exaggeration
(b) adulations
(c) abundance
(d) conceited
Ans: (d) conceited conceited (Adj.): having too much pride in yourself and what you do exaggeration (N.): a statement or description that makes something seem larger, better, worse or more important than it really is adulations (N.): admiration and praise that is greater than is necessary abundance (N.): a large quantity that is more than enough

Q11. One who believes in giving equal opportunity to women in all fields
(a) canatic (b) misogynist
(c) philanderer (d) feminist
Ans: (d) feminist feminist (N.): a person who supports the belief that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men fanatic (N.): a person who is extremely enthusiastic misogynist (N.): a man who hates women philanderer (N.): a man who has sexual relationships with many different women

Q12. Inability to sleep
(a) hysteria (b) insomnia
(c) aphasia (d) amnesia
Ans: (b) insomnia insomnia (N.): the condition of being unable to sleep hysteria (N.): a state of extreme excitement, fear or anger in which a person, or a group of people, loses control of his emotions and starts to cry, laugh, etc. aphasia (N.): the loss of the ability to understand or produce speech because of brain damage amnesia (N.): a medical condition in which somebody party/ completely loses his memory

Q13. One who is given to pleasures of the flesh
(a) terrestrial (b) epicurean
(c) celestial (d) pedestrian
Ans: (b) epicurean epicurean (Adj.): devoted to pleasure and enjoy yourself terrestrial (Adj.): living on the land/on the ground, rather than in water/on trees/ in the air celestial (Adj.): of the sky/ heaven pedestrian (N.): a person walking in the street and not travelling in a vehicle

Q14. A tank where fish or water plants are kept
(a) aquarium (b) sanatorium
(c) nursery (d) aviary
Ans: (a) aquarium aquarium (N.): a glass tank where fish and water plants are kept sanatorium (N.): a hospital for recovery/for the treatment of severe/ chronic diseases nursery (N.): a place where young plants/trees are grown for sale/for planting somewhere else aviary (N.): a place where birds are kept

Q15. A person who never takes alcoholic drinks
(a) teetotaller (b) alcoholic
(c) addict (d) bagpiper
(a) teetotaller teetotaller (N.): a person who does not drink alcohol alcoholic (N.): a person who regularly drinks too much alcohol and cannot easily stop drinking addict (N.): a person who is unable to stop taking harmful drugs bagpiper (N.): someone who plays the bagpipe

Q16. Belief that God is in everything and that everything is God
(a) atheism (b) pantheism
(c) scepticism(d) animism
Ans: (b) pantheism pantheism (N.): the belief that God is present in all natural things atheism (N.): the belief that God does not exist scepticism (N.): an attitude of doubting that claims/statements that are true and that something will happen animism (N.): the belief that plants, objects and natural things each have a living soul

Q17. A picture of a person or a thing drawn in such a highly exaggerated manner as to cause laughter
(a) cartoon (b) cacography
(c) cartography (d) caricature
Ans: (d) caricature caricature (N.): a funny drawing/ picture of somebody that exaggerates some of his features cartoon (N.): an amusing drawing about politics/events in the news cacography (N.): a poor hand writing cartography (N.): the art of drawing/making maps

Q18. The state of being miserable bereft of all possessions
(a) dependant (b) complacent
(c) destitute (d) omnipresent
Ans: (c) destitute destitute (N.): without money, food and the other things necessary for life dependant (N.): a person, especially a child, who depends on another person for a home, food, money, etc. complacent (Adj.): too satisfied with yourself or with a situation omnipresent (Adj.): present everywhere

Q19. That which cannot be called back
(a) irresponsible
(b) irrevocable
(c) irredeemable
(d) incalculable
Ans: (b) irrevocable irrevocable (Adj.): that cannot be changed; final irresponsible (Adj.): not showing a feeling of responsibility irredeemable (Adj.): too bad to be corrected, improved or saved; hopeless incalculable (Adj.): very large or very great; too great to calculate

Q20. One who journeys from place to place
(a) quack (b) cannibal
(c) itinerant (d) courier
(c) itinerant itinerant (N.): travelling from place to place, especially to find work quack (N.): a person who dishonestly claims to have medical knowledge/skills cannibal (N.): a person who eats human flesh courier (N.): a person/ company whose job is to take packages/ important parcels some where

Q21. Study of insects is
(a) etymology (b) entomology
(c) ecology (d) embryology
Ans: (b) entomology entomology (N.): the scientific study of insects etymology (N.): the study of the origin and history of words and their meanings ecology (N.): the study of the relation of plants and living creatures to each other and to their environment embryology (N.): the scientific study of the development of embryos – young animals and plants before birth

Q22. Careful in the spending of money, time, etc.
(a) punctual (b) economical
(c) miserly (d) calculative
Ans: (b) economical economical (Adj.): providing good service/value in relation to the amount of time/money spent; using no more than is necessary; not spending more money than is necessary, frugal punctual (Adj.): not late ; happening or doing at the arranged/ correct time miserly (Adj.): hating to spend money calculative (Adj.): used of persons– the most calculating and selfish men; shrewd

Q23. Reproducing or memorizing word for word
(a) verbatim (b) verbose
(c) verbiage (d) verbalism
Ans: (a) verbatim verbatim (Adj.): exactly as spoken/ written ; word for word verbose (Adj.): using/containing more words than are needed; longworded verbiage (N.): the use of too many words or of more difficult words than are needed to express an idea verbalism (N.): a phrase/sentence having little or no meaning ; the way in which something is said

Q24. That which cannot be captured
(a) unbreakable
(b) ungrippable
(c) impregnable
(d) slippery
Ans: (b) ungrippable ungrippable (Adj.): that can’t be captured impregnable (Adj.): strong and impossible to defeat/change ; invincible unbreakable (Adj.): that can’t be entered by force slippery (Adj.): difficult to hold/ stand/move in, because it is smooth wet/polished

Q25. One who breaks the law
(a) aggressor
(b) politician
(c) transgressor
(d) pedestrian
(c) transgressor transgressor (N.): someone who violates a law or command aggressor (N.): a person, country etc. that attacks first politician (N.): a person connected with politics. pedestrian (N.): a person who walks on a street rather than use a vehicle.

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