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Part 215 – ANTONYMS Vocabulary Previous Year Questions

(a) numerous (b) large
(c) plentiful (d) enormous
Ans: (c) plentiful (Adjective): available in large numbers/ amounts, abundant meagre (Adjective): small in quantity and poor in quality ; paltry numerous (Adjective): many ; existing in large numbers large (Adjective): big in size/ quantity enormous (Adjective): extremely large ; huge ; immense

(a) amateur (b) tradesman
(c) labour (d) customer
Ans: (a) amateur (Noun): a person who does something for enjoyment, not as a job professional (Noun): a person who does a job that needs special skill/training and a high level of education ; a competent person tradesman (Noun): a person who sells goods ; shopkeeper labour or labourers (Noun): the people who work for a country/ company/factory, etc. customer (Noun): a person/an organisation that buys something from a shop/store/business

(a) scanty (b) prosperity
(c) majority (d) plenty
Ans: (d) plenty (Noun): a lot ; a large amount scarcity (Adjective): shortage; not enough of what is needed and difficult to obtain scanty (Noun): too little in amount for what is needed prosperity (Noun): affluent ; wealth majority (Noun): the largest part of a group of people or things

(a) fresh (b) old
(c) steal (d) stalk
Ans: (a) fresh (Adjective): recently produced or picked stale (Adjective): not fresh ; unfresh ; no longer fresh ; unpleasant to eat old (Adjective): very primitive; not new steal (Verb): to rob; to move secretly and quietly stalk (Verb): to move slowly and quietly

(a) evacuate (b) validate
(c) occupy (d) empty
(c) occupy (Verb): to fill or use a space, an area or an amount of time ; take up ; to live or work in a room, house or building vacate (Verb): to empty; to leave a building, seat, job. position of authority etc. evacuate (Verb): to move people from a place of danger to a safer place validate (Verb): to prove that something is true; to make something legally valid ; to state officially that something is useful and of an acceptable standard empty (Verb): to evacuate ; to remove everything from a container

(a) carried (b) acquired
(c) possessed (d) regained
Ans: (b) acquired (Adjective): got from something that cannot be passed on ; gained by your own efforts, ability or behaviour hereditary (Adjective): that is legally given to somebody’s child carried (Verb): to take somebody/ something from one place to another possessed (Adjective): controlled by an evil spirit regained (Verb): to get back (ability or quality)

(a) glad (b) pleasant
(c) enjoy (d) bliss
Ans: (d) bliss (Noun): extreme happiness misery (Noun): distress ; poverty; great suffering of the mind or body ; very poor living conditions glad (Adjective): pleased ; happy ; grateful ; very willing to do ; full of joy ; bringing joy pleasant (Adjective): enjoyable, pleasing or attractive ; friendly and polite enjoy (Verb): to get pleasure ; to be happy and get pleasure from what you are doing

(a) improved (b) cordial
(c) civilized (d) modified
Ans: (c) civilized (Adjective): having or showing polite and reasonable behaviour barbarous (Adjective): extremely cruel and shocking ; showing a lack of education and good manners improved (Verb): to become/ make better than before cordial (Adjective): pleasant and friendly modified (Adjective): changed in form or character

(a) stable (b) still
(c) lazy (d) static
Ans: (d) static (Adjective): not making, changing or developing dynamic (Adjective): having a lot of energy and a strong personality ; always changing and making progress stable (Adjective): firmly fixed ; not likely to move, change or fail ; steady, calm and reasonable ; not easily upset ; balanced still (Adjective): not moving ; calm and quiet lazy (Adjective): not wanting to work

(a) intelligent (b) lazy
(c) boastful (d) notorious
(b) lazy (Adjective): lethargic diligent (Adjective): showing care and effort in your work or duties intelligent (Adjective): very clever boastful (Adjective): talking about yourself in a very proud way notorious (Adjective): well– known for being bad

(a) standing (b) speedy
(c) moving (d) fast
Ans: (c) moving (Adjective): changing from place to another; causing you to have deep feelings of sadness/sympathy stationary (Adjective): not moving; not intended to be moved; not changing in quantity or condition; static standing (Adjective): not moving or flowing speedy (Adjective): rapid; happening or done quickly or without delay; moving/working very quickly fast (Adjective): very quick

(a) real (b) ambitious
(c) unbelievable(d) imaginary
Ans: (a) real (Adjective): genuine fictitious (Adjective): invented by somebody rather than true ambitious (Adjective): determined to be rich, powerful, successful etc. unbelievable (Adjective): that cannot be believed ; incredible (d) imaginary (Adjective): existing only in your mind or imagination

(a) jailed (b) exonerated
(c) convicted (d) accused
Ans: (c) convicted (Verb): to decide and state officially in court that somebody is guilty of a crime acquitted (Verb): to decide and state officially in court that somebody is not guilty of a crime jailed (Verb): to put somebody in prison/jail exonerated (Verb): to officially state that somebody is not responsible for something that he has been blamed for accused (Verb): to say that somebody has done something wrong or is guilty of something

(a) interesting (b) short
(c) incomplete (d) complete
Ans: (c) incomplete (Adjective): not complete/finished exhaustive (Adjective): including everything possible; very thorough or complete interesting (Adjective): attracting your attention because it is special short (Adjective): concise complete (Adjective): total

(a) assimilate (b) abandon
(c) acquire (d) absorb
Ans: (c) acquire (Verb): to gain something by your own efforts, ability or behaviour ; to obtain something by buying sacrifice (Verb): to give up something that is important or valuable to you ; to offer something to God (kill an animal/ person) assimilate (Verb): to fully understand an idea or some information so that you may be able to use it yourself abandon (Verb): to leave somebody, you are responsible for; to leave a thing/place because it is impossible/ dangerous to stay absorb (Verb): take in; engross

(a) superficially (b) carefully
(c) freely (d) callously
Ans: (a) superficially (Adverb): not studying/looking at something thoroughly thoroughly (Adverb): very much; completely and with great attention to detail carefully (Adverb): diligently freely (Adverb): without any restriction callously (Adverb): cruelly ; without any feeling

(a) unscrupulous
(b) dynamic
(c) rapid
(d) enthusiastic
Ans: (c) rapid (Adjective): happening in a short period of time ; done or happening very quickly gradual (Adjective): happening slowly over a long period ; not sudden unscrupulous (Adjective): without moral principles ; not honest or fair; unprincipled dynamic (Adjective): having a lot of energy and a strong personality enthusiastic (Adjective): feeling/showing a lot of excitement and interest

(a) remember (b) release
(c) unfurl (d) engage
Ans: (b) release (Verb): to let out ; to stop holding retain (Verb): to keep ; to preserve ; to continue to have/ hold/contain remember (Verb): to recollect unfurl (Verb): to open something that is curled/rolled tightly engage (Verb): to carry out/ participate in an activity ; be involved in

(a) rivalry (b) amicability
(c) animosity (d) proximity
Ans: (b) amicability (Noun): a state where something is done/ achieved in a polite/friendly way and without arguing enmity (Noun): feeling of hatred towards somebody rivalry (Noun): a state in which two people, companies, etc. are competing for the same thing animosity (Noun): a strong feeling of opposition, anger/ hatred; hostility proximity (Noun): the state of being near somebody/something in distance/time

(a) incompetent
(b) lazy
(c) extravagant
(d) frugal
(b) lazy (Adjective): lethargic diligent (Adjective): showing care/effort in your work/duties incompetent (Adjective): not having the skill/ability to do your job/a task as it should be done extravagant (Adjective): spending more that what is needed frugal (Adjective): using only as much money or food as is necessary ; small, plain and not costing very much ; meagre

(a) cunning (b) good
(c) tricky (d) crooked
Ans: (b) good (Adjective): smart and apt wicked (Adjective): morally bad; evil ; mischievous cunning (Adjective): crafty; wily ; clever and skilful tricky (Adjective): difficult to do/deal with ; clever but likely to trick you crooked (Adjective): dishonest

(a) clean (b) ease
(c) cure (d) clear
Ans: (d) clear (Verb): to move freely again ; not to be blocked; to remove something block (Verb): to obstruct; to hinder ; to stop something from moving clean (Verb): remove dirt/ unwanted substances ease (Verb): to relax; to reduce ; to move somebody/something cure (Verb): to make an illness go away

(a) honesty (b) truthfulness
(c) modesty (d) decency
Ans: (c) modesty (Noun): the fact of talking much about your abilities or possessions ; decorum vanity (Noun): too much pride in your own appearance, abilities or achievements ; the quality of being unimportant compared with other things that are important honesty (Noun): truthfulness truthfulness (Noun): honesty decency (Noun): honest, polite behaviour that follows accepted moral standards and shows respect for others

(a) inattentive (b) imprudent
(c) insignificant(d) careful
Ans: (d) careful (Adjective): very diligent negligent (Adjective): failing to give enough care or attention ; relaxed; not formal or awkward ; non–chalant inattentive (Adjective): not paying attention imprudent (Adjective): not wise or sensible ; unwise insignificant (Adjective): not big/valuable enough to be considered important

(a) sloppy (b) fragrant
(c) spruce (d) orderly
(a) sloppy (Adjective): that shows a lack of care, thought or effort ; baggy neat (Adjective): tidy and in order ; carefully done/arranged; trim fragrant (Adjective): having a pleasant smell spruce (Adjective): neat and clear in appearance orderly (Adjective): in arranged manner

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