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Part 211 – ANTONYMS Vocabulary Previous Year Questions

(a) moderation
(b) drunkenness
(c) dizziness
(d) stupidity
Ans: (b) drunkenness (Noun): drunk or getting drunk sobriety (Noun): the state of being sober; not being drunk ; the fact of being sensible and serious moderation (Noun): the quality of being reasonable and not being extreme dizziness (Noun): feeling of giddiness; a reeling sensation stupidity (Noun): behaviour that shows a lack of thought or good judgement

(a) recent (b) distinct
(c) alive (d) ancient
Ans: (c) alive (Adjective): living ; not dead extinct (Adjective): no longer in existence ; no longer active recent (Adjective): began only a short time ago distinct (Adjective): easily or clearly heard ; of a different kind ; definite ancient (Adjective): very old ; having existed for a very long time

(a) diabolical (b) devilish
(c) angelic (d) friendly
Ans: (d) friendly (Adjective): behaving in a kind and pleasant way fiendish (Adjective): cruel and unpleasant ; extremely clever and complicated ; extremely difficult diabolical (Adjective): extremely bad or annoying ; terrible devilish (Adjective): cruel or evil ; morally bad angelic (Adjective): good, kind or beautiful ; like an angel

(a) eventual (b) succeeding
(c) prior (d) comparative
Ans: (c) prior (Adjective): happening or existing before something else or before a particular time subsequent (Adjective): happening or coming after something else eventual (Adjective): happening at the end of a period of time or of a process succeeding (Adjective): coming after or following comparative (Adjective): connected with studying things to find out how similar or different they are

(a) revolutionary(b) heretical
(c) anarchist (d) generous
(b) heretical (Adjective): characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards orthodox (Adjective): generally accepted or approved of ; traditional revolutionary (Adjective): connected with political revolution ; involving a great or complete change anarchist (Noun): a person who believes that law and government are not necessary generous (Adjective): giving or willing to give freely

(a) travels (b) falls
(c) explodes (d) lands
Ans: (d) lands (Verb): comes down through the air onto the ground or another surface takes off (Idiom): leaves the ground and begins to fly ; to become successful or popular very quickly or suddenly travels (Verb): to go from one place to another, over a long distance falls (Verb): drops down from a higher level to a lower level ; suddenly stops standing ; decreases down in amount, number or strength explodes (Verb): bursts or makes something burst loudly and violently, causing damage

(a) hastily (b) lavishly
(c) likely (d) gorgeously
Ans: (b) lavishly (Adverb): luxuriously ; extravagantly ; spend generously niggardly (Adjective): unwilling to be generous with money, time etc. ; mean ; miserly hastily (Adverb): hurriedly ; very quickly likely (Adverb): very probably gorgeously (Adverb): very beautifully and attractively ; impressively

(a) harmonious (b) tuneless
(c) odious (d) mellifluous
Ans: (b) tuneless (Adjective): not having a pleasant tune or sound melodious (Adjective): pleasant to listen to harmonious (Adjective): friendly, peaceful and without any disagreement ; very pleasant when played or sung together odious (Adjective): extremely unpleasant ; horrible mellifluous (Adjective): sounding sweet and smooth ; very pleasant to listen to

(a) progressed (b) outpaced
(c) receded (d) retarded
Ans: (d) retarded (Verb): made the development or progress slower advanced (Verb): developed and improved progressed (Verb): improved or developed over a period of time; advanced outpaced (Verb): went, rose, improved etc. faster than somebody/ something ; outstripped receded (Verb): moved gradually away from somebody or away from a previous position ; became gradually weaker and smaller

(a) slander (b) bemoan
(c) darken (d) befog
Ans: (d) befog (Verb): to make somebody confused enlighten (Verb): to give somebody information so that he may understand something better slander (Verb): to make a false spoken statement about somebody that is intended to damage the good opinion that people have of him bemoan (Verb): to complain or say that you are not happy about something darken (Verb): to become dark ; to make something dark ; to become/make somebody unhappy or angry

(a) great (b) occasional
(c) common (d) absorbing
Ans: (c) common (Adjective): happening often; existing in large numbers or in many places exceptional (Adjective): unusually good; outstanding ; very unusual great (Adjective): look; fantastic; fabulous ; terrific ; brilliant occasional (Adjective): happening or done sometimes absorbing (Adjective): interesting and enjoyable and holding your attention completely

(a) disinterest (b) apathy
(c) carelessness(d) hatred
Ans: (b) apathy (Noun): the feeling of not being interested in or enthusiastic about something, or things in general zeal (Noun): great energy or enthusiasm connected with something that you feel strongly about disinterest (Noun): lack of interest carelessness (Noun): the quality of not being careful or taking pains hatred (Noun): a very strong feeling of dislike

(a) consecration
(b) discouragement
(c) despondency
(d) expectation
Ans: (a) consecration (Noun): stating officially in a religious ceremony that something is holy and can be used for religious purposes desecration (Noun): damage of a holy place or thing or treating it without respect discouragement (Noun): a feeling that you no longer have the confidence or enthusiasm ; the action of trying to stop something despondency (Noun): a feeling of sadness and without much hope expectation (Noun): a belief that something will happen because it is likely

(a) gloomy (b) glimmering
(c) refreshing (d) repining
Ans: (a) gloomy (Adjective): nearly dark or badly lit in a way that makes you feel sad ; depressing shimmering (Adjective): shining with a soft light that seems to move slightly glimmering (Adjective): shining with a faint unsteady light refreshing (Adjective): pleasantly new or different ; making you feel less tired or hot repining (Verb): to feel or express discontent

(a) wise (b) prudent
(c) familiar (d) realistic
(d) realistic (Adjective): sensible and appropriate ; possible to achieve ; feasible ; viable farfetched (Adjective): very difficult to believe wise (Adjective): sensible ; able to give good advice because of the experience and knowledge that you have ; prudent prudent (Adjective): sensible and careful while making judgements and decisions familiar (Adjective): well– known ; easy to recognize

(a) weak (b) pale
(c) monotonous (d) ugly
Ans: (b) pale (Adjective): having skin that is whiter than usual because of illness, a strong emotion, etc ; light in colour ; not strong or bright florid (Adjective): red ; having too much decoration or detail weak (Adjective): not physically strong monotonous (Adjective): never changing and therefore boring; dull; repetitious ugly (Adjective): unpleasant to look at; unattractive

(a) sanctity (b) reverence
(c) falsehood (d) rarity
Ans: (c) falsehood (Noun): the state of not being true; the act of telling a lie; a statement that is not true; lie verity (Noun): a belief or principle about life that is accepted as true; truth sanctity (Noun): the state of being very important and worth protecting; the state of being holy reverence (Noun): a feeling of great respect or admiration rarity (Noun): a person or thing that is unusual and is therefore often valuable or interesting; the quality of being true

(a) vagueness (b) dullness
(c) unfairness (d) unwillingness
Ans: (a) vagueness (Noun): unclearness by virtue of being vague or not clear perspicuity (Noun): clarity as a consequence of being perspicuous or easily understandable dullness (Noun): the quality of being slow to understand; lacking interest unfairness (Noun): injustice by virtue of not being equitable unwillingness (Noun): the quality of not willing to do something

(a) inexcitable
(b) enduring
(c) dispassionate
(d) subdued
Ans: (c) dispassionate (Adjective): not influenced by emotion ; impartial fervent (Adjective): having or showing very strong and sincere feelings; ardent inexcitable (Adjective): not likely to become easily excited enduring (Adjective): lasting for a long time subdued (Adjective): unusually quiet and possibly unhappy; not very bright; not very loud; not very busy

(a) sliding (b) sloping
(c) strained (d) straight
(d) straight (Adjective): not in a curve or at an angle meandering (Adjective): wandering; not straight; curved sliding (Adjective): being in a smooth continuous motion sloping (Adjective): having a slanted direction strained (Adjective): showing the effects of worry or pressure; tense; not relaxed or friendly; not natural; forced

(a) accept (b) reward
(c) preserve (d) consent
Ans: (a) accept (Verb): to take willingly that is offered; to say ‘yes’ to an offer, invitation, etc. jettison (Verb): to throw out of a moving plane or ship to make it lighter; abandon; to reject an idea reward (Verb): to give something to somebody because he has done something good, worked, etc. preserve (Verb): to keep in original state or in good condition; to present; save; to keep alive/safe from harm or danger consent (Verb): to agree; to give permission

(a) improve (b) depend
(c) soften (d) worsen
Ans: (d) worsen (Verb): to make or become worse than it was before ameliorate (Verb): to make something better improve (verb): to make/ become better than before depend (Verb): to rely and be able to trust; to be sure and expect that something wi l l happen soften (Verb): to make or become softer, less bright, rough or strong; to become or make more sympathetic and less severe or critical

(a) natural (b) odd
(c) whimsical (d) sinful
Ans: (a) natural (Adjective): existing in Nature grotesque (Adjective): strange in a way that is unpleasant or offensive; unusual odd (Adjective): strange or unusual whimsical (Adjective): unusual; amusing and annoying sinful (Adjective): morally wrong or evil; immoral

(a) straight (b) obvious
(c) simple (d) superficial
Ans: (a) straight (Adjective): without any curve or indirect way; honest devious (Adjective): behaving in a dishonest or indirect way, or tricking people; deceitful; not direct path obvious (Adjective): clean; easy to see or understand simple (Adjective): easy to understand or do; not complicated; easy superficial (Adjective): not studying or looking thoroughly; appearing to be true, real and important until you look at it more carefully

(a) imminent (b) permanent
(c) pervasive (d) immanent
(b) permanent (Adjective): lasting for a long time or for all time in the future evanescent (Adjective): disappearing quickly from sight or memory imminent (Adjective): likely to happen very soon pervasive (Adjective): existing in all parts of a place or thing immanent (Adjective): present everywhere

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