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Part 186 – Synonyms Vocabulary Previous Year Questions

(a) good (b) wholesome
(c) unproductive(d) profitable
Ans: (c) unproductive (Adjective): not producing very much or good results barren (Adjective): not good enough for plants to grow on it; infertile; unproductive good (Adjective): of high quality ; suitable wholesome (Adjective): good for your health profitable (Adjective): that makes or is likely to make profit; rewarding

(a) notoriety (b) glory
(c) integrity (d) familiarity
Ans: (a) notoriety (Noun): fame for being bad infamy (Noun): the state of being well–known for something bad or evil glory (Noun): fame, praise or honour that is given to somebody because he has achieved something important integrity (Noun): the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; unity familiarity (Noun): the state of knowing somebody or something well

(a) hesitant (b) fearless
(c) extrovert (d) rash
Ans: (b) fearless (Adjective): not afraid intrepid (Adjective): very brave; not afraid of danger or difficulties; fearless hesitant (Adjective): slow to speak or act because you feel uncertain or nervous extrovert (Noun): a lively and confident person who enjoys being with other people rash (Adjective): doing something that may not be sensible; impulsive; reckless

(a) exclusive (b) productive
(c) lavish (d) carefree
Ans: (c) lavish (Adjective): impressive and costing a lot of money; luxurious; extravagant prodigal (Adjective): extravagant; too willing to spend money or waste time, energy or materials exclusive (Adjective): only to be used by one particular person or group productive (Adjective): making goods or growing crops in large quantities carefree (Adjective): having no worries or responsibilities

(a) relevant (b) precise
(c) brief (d) clear
(b) precise (Adjective): clear and accurate; exact perspicuous (Adjective): easily understandable; transpanently clear relevant (Adjective): closely connected with the subject you are discussing or the situation you are thinking about brief (Adjective): short; lasting only for a short time clear (Adjective): easy to understand and not causing any confusion ; obvious; evident; apparent

(a) talkative (b) slow
(c) content (d) unclear
Ans: (a) talkative (Adjective): talking a lot loquacious (Adjective): talking a lot; talkative slow (Adjective): not fast; not moving, acting or doing quickly; taking a long time content (Adjective): happy and satisfied with what you have unclear (Adjective): not clear or definite; difficult to understand

(a) imaginative (b) accusative
(c) spiteful (d) aggressive
Ans: (c) spiteful (Adjective): behaving in an unkind way in order to hurt or upset somebody; malicious vindictive (Adjective): trying to harm or upset somebody or showing that you want to, because you think he has harmed you; spiteful imaginative (Adjective): having or showing new and exciting ideas ; inventive accusative (Adjective): containing or expressing accusation aggressive (Adjective): angry, and behaving in a threatening way

(a) selfish (b) active
(c) unfavourable
(d) inactive
Ans: (c) unfavourable (Adjective): not good and likely to cause problems or make something more difficult inclement (Adjective): not pleasant; cold, wet, etc.; unfavourable selfish (Adjective): caring only about yourself rather than other people active (Adjective): always busy doing things, especially physical activities inactive (Adjective): not doing anything; not active

(a) cordial (b) unselfish
(c) careful (d) specific
Ans: (a) cordial (Adjective): pleasant and friendly genial (Adjective): friendly and cheerful; affable; cordial unselfish (Adjective): giving more time or importance to other people’s needs, wishes etc. than to your own careful (Adjective): giving attention or thought to what you are doing so that you may avoid hurting yourself, damaging something or doing something wrong specific (Adjective): detailed and exact; particular

(a) accumulate
(b) accommodate
(c) grow
(d) suffice
(a) accumulate (Verb): to gradually get more and more of something over a period of time; amass accrue (Verb): to increase over a period of time accommodate (Verb): oblige; to provide somebody with a room or place to sleep, live or sit grow (Verb): to increase in size, number or strength or quality suffice (Verb): to be enough for somebody or something

(a) showy (b) sad
(c) silly (d) snobbish
Ans: (b) sad (Adjective): unhappy poignant (Adjective): having a strong effect on your feelings especially in a way that makes you feel sad; moving showy (Adjective): brightly coloured, large or exaggerated silly (Adjective): foolish snobbish (Adjective): thinking that having a high social class is very important

(a) critical (b) curious
(c) complaining (d) ambiguous
Ans: (c) complaining (Adjective): expressing pain or dissatisfaction or resentment querulous (Adjective): complaining: showing that you are annoyed; peevish critical (Adjective): expressing disapproval of somebody or something and saying what you think is bad about him; crucial; serious curious (Adjective): having a strong desire to know something inquisitive 1ambiguous (Adjective): having different meanings

(a) brilliant (b) powerful
(c) bold (d) frightening
Ans: (c) bold (Adjective): brave and confident audacious (Adjective): willing to take risks or to do something shocking; bold brilliant (Adjective): extremely clever or impressive powerful (Adjective): being able to control and influence people and events; influential frightening (Adjective): making you feel afraid

(a) hazardous (b) rigorous
(c) resilient (d) requisite
Ans: (a) hazardous (Adjective): involoving risk or danger to somebody’s health or safety perilous (Adjective): very dangerous; hazardous rigorous (Adjective): done carefully and with a lot of attention to detail; thorough; strict resilient (Adjective): able to feel better quickly after something unpleasant has happened requisite (Adjective): necessary for a particular purpose

(a) determination
(b) daydream
(c) reality
(d) realization
(b) daydream (Noun): pleasant thoughts that make you forget the present reverie (Noun): a state of thinking about pleasant things; day– dream determination (Noun): the quality that makes you continue trying to do something even when it is difficult. reality (Noun): the true situation and the problems that actually exist in life realization (Noun): the process of becoming aware of something; awareness

(a) cut (b) deceive
(c) exhibit (d) blame
Ans: (c) exhibit (Verb): display; to show something in public for enjoyment or for information flaunt (Verb): to show something (you are proud of) to other people in order to impress them; flutter cut (Verb): to make an opening; to remove something deceive (Verb): cheat blame (Verb): to think or say that somebody or something is responsible for something bad

(a) capitulate (b) conquer
(c) strike (d) confuse
Ans: (b) conquer (Verb): to take control of a country or city and its people by force subjugate (Verb): to defeat somebody or something; to gain control over somebody or something capitulate (Verb): to agree to do something that you have been refusing to do for a long time; give in; yield strike (Verb): to hit somebody or something hard or with force confuse (Verb): to make somebody unable to think clearly or understand something ; mix up

(a) conduct (b) blessing
(c) character (d) response
Ans: (a) conduct (Noun): a person’s behaviour in a particular place or in a particular situation behaviour (Noun): the way that somebody behaves, towards other people blessing (Noun): God’s help and protection, or a prayer asking for this character (Noun): all the qualities and features that make a person; nature response (Noun): a spoken or written answer

(a) flexible (b) inflexible
(c) staunch (d) tough
Ans: (d) inflexible (Adjective): rigid; unable to change or make suitable for a particular situation stringent (Adjective): very strict and that must be obeyed flexible (Adjective): able to change to suit new conditions or situations staunch (Adjective): faithful, strong and loyal in your opinions and attitude tough (Adjective): difficult; strict; firm; strong

(a) spontaneously
(b) inadvertently
(c) intentionally
(d) naturally
(c) intentionally (Adverb): done deliberately; intended deliberately (Adverb): done in a way that was planned; not by chance; intentionally, on purpose spontaneously (Adverb): unplanned but done suddenly inadvertently (Adverb): unintentionally; by accident; without intending to naturally (Adverb): in a way that you would expect

(a) respect (b) liking
(c) love (d) suspicion
Ans: (a) respect (Noun): a feeling of admiration for somebody or something because of his/its good qualities or achievements regard (Noun): thought and care for somebody or something; respect; esteem liking (Noun): a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment love (Noun): a strong feeling of deep affection for somebody or something suspicion (Noun): a feeling that somebody has done something wrong or illegal, even though you have no proof

(a) snap (b) exchange
(c) break (d) exclude
Ans: (b) exchange (Verb): to give something to somebody and at the same time receive the same type of thing from him swap (Verb): to give something to somebody and receive something in exchange snap (Verb): to break; to move; speak something in an angry voice break (Verb): to be damaged and separated into two or more parts exclude (Verb): to not include something deliberately in what you are doing or considering

(a) wise (b) cunning
(c) frank (d) severe
Ans: (a) wise (Adjective): able to make sensible decisions and give good advice. prudent (Adjective): sensible and careful when you make judgements and decisions; discretionary; wise cunning (Adjective): crafty; wily; clever and skilful frank (Adjective): honest and direct in what you say severe (Adjective): extremely bad or serious; stern; stiff; harsh

(a) generous
(b) foreigner
(c) a person with uncommon intellect
(d) athlete
Ans: (c) genius (Noun): a person who has unusually great intelligence, skill or artistic ability generous (Noun): a person who is willing to give freely foreigner (Noun): a person who comes from a different country athlete (Noun): a person who competes in sports

(a) conclusion (b) climax
(c) abyss (d) cultivation
(b) climax (Noun): the most exciting or important or point in time or a play, music, etc. culmination (Noun): the highest point or end of something conclusion (Noun): completion; the end of something abyss (Noun): a very deep wide space that seems to have no bottom cultivation (Noun): the preparation and use of land for growing plants or crops

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