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Part 183 – Synonyms Vocabulary Previous Year Questions

(a) relatives (b) companions
(c) calculations (d) equipment
Ans: (d) equipment (Noun): things needed for a particular activity accoutrements (Noun): pieces of equipment needed for a particular activity. companions (Noun): persons who spend a lot of time with you calculations (Noun): the process of using numbers to find out an amount

(a) freedom (b) truth
(c) wisdom (d) loyalty
Ans: (b) truth (Noun): the facts in reality and not guess work veracity (Noun): truth; truthfulness freedom (Noun): the right to do or say anything without anyone stopping you wisdom (Noun): the ability to make sensible decisions loyalty (Noun): the quality of being faithful

(a) continuously (b) inevitably
(c) regularly (d) indiscreetly
Ans: (a) continuously (Adverb): happening without stopping or interruption incessantly (Adverb): never stopping; constantly inevitably (Adverb): certain or sure to happen regularly (Adverb): at regular intervals or times indiscreetly (Adverb): saying without being careful

(a) clapped (b) proclaimed
(c) protested (d) rewarded
Ans: (a) clapped (Verb): acclaim by clapping both hands heralded (Verb): to be a sign that something is going to happen; acclaim. proclaimed (Verb): to say something important in public protested (Verb): to say something to show that you do not agree rewarded (Verb): to give somebody something because he has worked hard or done something good

(a) deplorable (b) fundamental
(c) harmful (d) disgraceful
Ans: (c) harmful (Adjective): causing damage detrimental (Adjective): harmful; damaging. deplorable (Adjective): completely unacceptable fundamental (Adjective): basic; very important disgraceful (Adjective): very bad and unacceptable

(a) gigantic (b) colourful
(c) beautiful (d) fantastic
Ans: (a) gigantic (Adjective): extremely large colossal (Adjective): extremely large colourful (Adjective): full of bright colours beautiful (Adjective): goodlooking fantastic (Adjective): extremely good

(a) timid (b) arrogant
(c) adamant (d) angry
Ans: (c) adamant (Adjective): firm or determined not to change your mind stubborn (Adjective): determined not to change your mind; obstinate timid (Adjective): not brave; shy and nervous arrogant (Adjective): behaving in an unpleasant way angry (Adjective): having strong feeling about something you dislike

(a) usual (b) universal
(c) constant (d) similar
Ans: (c) constant (Adjective): happening all the time invariable (Adjective): never changing; unchanging; happening always usual (Adjective): normal universal (Adjective): done by all the people similar (Adjective): being the same

(a) revelation (b) acquittal
(c) refusal (d) accusation
Ans: (d) accusation (Noun): a statement saying that you think a person is guilty of doing something wrong indictment (Noun): a sign that a system, society, etc. is very bad or wrong revelation (Noun): the act of making people to know about something ; disclosure acquittal (Noun): an official decision in court that a person is not guilty of crime refusal (Noun): the act of refusing

(a) sweet (b) dull
(c) hard (d) sour
(a) sweet (Adjective): having a taste like sugar or a pleasant smell. dulcet (Adjective): sounding sweet and pleasant dull (Adjective): not interesting or exciting hard (Adjective): tough; solid, firm or stiff sour (Adjective): having a taste like a lemon

(a) doubtful (b) disputable
(c) duplicate (d) dangerous
Ans: (a) doubtful (Adjective): not sure; doubtful dubious (Adjective): not certain; doubtful disputable (Adjective): that can or should be questioned or argued about duplicate (Adjective): being too identical; identically copied from an original source dangerous (Adjective): likely to harm or injure somebody

(a) scared
(b) embarrassed
(c) dumbfounded
(d) humiliated
Ans: (c) dumbfounded (Adjective): unable to speak because of surprise flabbergasted (Adjective): extremely surprised; astonished scared (Adjective): afraid of something embarrassed (Adjective): feeling shy or ashamed or awkward humiliated (Verb): to make somebody feel ashamed and stupid

(a) innumerable
(b) unmeasurable
(c) prolonged
(d) perpetual
Ans: (d) perpetual (Adjective): continuous; continuing for a long period of time with interruption eternal (Adjective): without an end; continuing forever; constant innumerable (Adjective): countless; too many to be counted unmeasurable (Adjective): that cannot be measured prolonged (Adjective): extend; to make something last longer

(a) authentic (b) legitimate
(c) reliable (d) pure
Ans: (a) authentic (Adjective): known to be real and genuine and not copied genuine (Adjective): known to be real and authentic legitimate (Adjective): valid; for which there is a fair reasons. reliable (Adjective): that can be trusted; dependable pure (Adjective): not mixed with anything else

(a) indecent (b) incorrigible
(c) ridiculous (d) intolerable
(a) indecent (Adjective): thought to be morally offensive, especially because it involves sex obscene (Adjective): connected with sex in a way that most people find offensive; outrageous incorrigible (Adjective): having bad habits which cannot be changed or improved; incurable ridiculous (Adjective): very silly; unreasonable intolerable (Adjective): so bad that you cannot accept it; unreasonable

(a) hatred (b) anger
(c) disapproval (d) contempt
Ans: (b) anger (Noun): the strong feeling you have when you think that something bad or unfair has happened indignation (Noun): a feeling of anger and surprise caused by something that you feel is unfair or unreasonable hatred (Noun): a very strong feeling of dislike disapproval (Noun): a feeling that you do not like an idea because you feel it is bad or unsuitable contempt (Noun): the feeling that something or somebody has no value and deserves no respect at all

(a) A word with two or more meanings
(b) A word of new coinage
(c) A word formed by the initial letters of words
(d) A word of picturesque effect
Ans: (c) acronym (Noun): a word formed by the initial letters of words a word with two or more meanings — homonym a word of new coinage — neologism (c) a word of picturesque effect —vivid/graphic

(a) interfere (b) courage
(c) agreement (d) careful
Ans: (d) careful (Adjective): giving attention and thought in order to avoid mistakes or doing something wrong or hurting somebody meticulous (Adjective): paying careful attention to every detail; thorough; fastidious interfere (Verb): to get involved in a situation which is not liked by other people. courage (Noun): bravery agreement (Noun): a promise or contract made with somebody

(a) change (b) revoke
(c) repeat (d) reconsider
Ans: (b) revoke (Verb): to officially cancel something so that it may no longer be valid rescind (Verb): to officially state that a law, contract, decision etc. is no longer valid; revoke change (Verb): to become different repeat (Verb): to say or write something again or more than once reconsider (Verb): to think about something again in order to change your decision or opinion

(a) dishonesty
(b) disturbance
(c) demonstration
(d) dislike
(d) dislike (Noun): a feeling of not liking somebody or something antipathy (Noun): a strong feeling of dislike; hostility dishonesty (Noun): not being honest disturbance (Noun): actions that make you stop what you are doing, or that upset the normal state that something is in demonstration (Noun): a public meeting or march, protesting against or supporting somebody or something ; showing how something works

(a) immoral (b) illegal
(c) ineligible (d) illegible
Ans: (b) illegal (Adjective): not allowed by law illicit (Adjective): not allowed by the law; illegal; not approved by the normal rules of the society immoral (Adjective): not considered to be good or honest ineligible (Adjective): not having the necessary qualifications to do something illegible (Adjective): difficult or impossible to read

(a) talent (b) tendency
(c) bias (d) need
Ans: (a) talent (Noun): natural ability to do something well flair (Noun): natural ability to do something well tendency (Noun): behaving or act in a particular way; trend bias (Noun): a strong feeling in favour of or against somebody or something need (Noun): a situation when something in necessary or must be done

(a) preservation(b) respiration
(c) correction (d) confusion
Ans: (a) preservation (Noun): the act of keeping something in its original state conservation (Noun): the protection of the natural environment respiration (Noun): the act of breathing correction (Noun): a change that makes something more accurate than it was before confusion (Noun): the state of not being certain or sure

(a) sickening (b) gloomy
(c) sad (d) bottomless
Ans: (d) bottomless (Adjective): very deep; seeming to have no bottom or limit abysmal (Adjective): extremely bad or of a very low standard; terrible sickening (Adjective): making you feel disgusted or shocked gloomy (Adjective): nearly dark; depressing sad (Adjective): unhappy

(a) valiant (b) variant
(c) prudent (d) prominent
Ans: (d) prominent (Adjective): important; well–known salient (Adjective): most important; noticeable valiant (Adjective): very brave; courageous variant (Noun): the amount by which something changes or is different from something else prudent (Adjective): sensible and careful

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