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Part 180 – Synonyms Vocabulary Previous Year Questions

(a) open (b) ventilate
(c) justify (d) recommend
Ans: (c) justify (Verb): show to be right/true/not guilty vindicate (Verb): show to be right/true/not guilty open (Adjective): not shut or closed ventilate (Verb): expose to cool or cold air so as to feel cool or fresh recommend (Verb): push for something

(a) religious (b) unnatural
(c) supernatural (d) strong
Ans: (c) supernatural (Adjective): not existing in Nature occult (Adjective): hidden and difficult to see ; mysterious; connected with magic powers ; supernatural religious (Adjective): relating to religion/spiritual things unnatural (Adjective): not in accordance with Nature strong (Adjective): having strength or power greater than average/expected

(a) request (b) prayer
(c) threat (d) curse
Ans: (c) threat (Noun): something that is a source of danger ; menace menace (Noun): something that causes/may cause danger ; threat request (Noun): asking ; inquiring prayer (Noun): the act of communicating with a deity curse (Noun): an evil spell

(a) expand (b) portray
(c) explain (d) argue
Ans: (c) explain (Verb): to tell somebody about something in a way that makes it easy to understand delineate (Verb): describe or explain in detail expand (Verb): become large in size, volume or quantity portray (Verb): represent or point a drawing or sculpture verbally argue (Verb): to speak angrily to somebody because you disagree with him

(a) elope (b) gatecrash
(c) abolish (d) destroy
(c) abolish (Verb): to get rid of ; do away with ; to officially end a law, a system or an institution abrogate (Verb): to officially end a law ; repeal elope (Verb): run away secretly with one’s beloved gatecrash (Verb): to go to a party or social event without being invited destroy (Verb): do away with; destruct

(a) rapid (b) victorious
(c) beneficent (d) consecutive
Ans: (d) consecutive (Adjective): following continuously successive (Adjective): coming one after the other without a break ; consecutive rapid (Adjective): done in a brief period of time victorious (Adjective): having won beneficent (Adjective): doing or producing good

(a) destroy (b) break
(c) demolish (d) abolish
Ans: (c) demolish (Verb): destroy completely ravage (Verb): to destroy something badly destroy (Verb): to do away with; destruct; to damage so badly that it no/longer works or exists. break (Verb): to damage in such a way that it is separated into two or more parts abolish (Verb): to do away with ; to get rid of

(a) pious (b) traditional
(c) irrational (d) sacred
Ans: (c) irrational (Adjective): not based on clear logical thought superstitious (Adjective): believing in superstition – the belief that particular events happen in a way that cannot be explained by reason or science pious (Adjective): having or showing or expressing a great feeling for a deity traditional (Adjective): being part of the beliefs, customs or way of life of a particular group of people sacred (Adjective): connected with good ; considered to be holy

(a) guide (b) genius
(c) stylist (d) philosopher
Ans: (a) guide (Noun): someone who shows the way by leading or advising mentor (Noun): a wise and trusted guide and advisor genius (Noun): someone who has exceptional intellectual ability stylist (Noun): someone whose job is cutting and shaping people’s hair philosopher (Noun): someone who writes or studies about philosophy

(a) paint (b) adorn
(c) garner (d) banish
Ans: (b) adorn (Verb): to make somebody/ something look more attractive by decorating it with something garnish (Verb): to decorate a dish of food with a small amount of another food paint (Verb): to cover a surface or object with a liquid to give it a particular colour garner (Verb): to obtain or collect something such as information, support etc.; gather; acquire banish (Verb): to order somebody to leave a place, especially a country, as a punishment.

(a) meaningless (b) unnecessary
(c) redundant (d) fruitless
Ans: (d) fruitless (Adjective): unproductive of success ; producing no useful results ; unproductive infructuous (Adjective): not producing good result ; fruitless meaningless (Adjective): having no meaning unnecessary (Adjective): not necessary redundant (Adjective):more than is needed, desired or required

(a) affection (b) allegiance
(c) accuracy (d) loyalty 6 SYNONYMS
Ans: (d) loyalty (Noun): the quality of being faithful fidelity (Noun): the quality of being loyal to somebody/something ; loyalty ; a faithful attitude towards somebody/something affection (Noun): a positive feeling of liking allegiance (Noun): a person’s continued support for a political party, religion, etc. accuracy (Noun): the state of being exact or correct

(a) hard (b) rough
(c) tough (d) sturdy
Ans: (b) rough (Adjective): unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound gruff (Adjective): deep and rough and often sounding unfriendly hard (Adjective): not easy tough (Adjective): not given to gentleness sturdy (Adjective): having rugged physical strength

(a) mournful (b) sober
(c) regretful (d) cheerless
Ans: (a) mournful (Adjective): mournful; sad; miserable doleful (adjective): mournful; sad; miserable sober (Adjective): serious and sensible regretful (Adjective): feeling or showing sadness or disappointment cheerless (Adjective): lacking happiness

(a) terrible (b) deadly
(c) poisonous (d) wrong
(b) deadly (Adjective): causing death fatal (Adjective): causing or ending in death, causing disaster terrible (Adjective): very unpleasant poisonous (Adjective): not safe to eat wrong (Adjective): not correct

(a) allure (b) leave
(c) deceive (d) escape
Ans: (d) escape (Verb): get away from a place elude (Verb): escape allure (Verb): tempt ; entice to do leave (Verb): the act of desparing deceive (Verb): be false to ; be dishonest with

(a) insight (b) uncertainty
(c) forewarning(d) scope
Ans: (c) forewarning (Noun): an early warning about a future event; premonition premonition (Noun): a feeling that something unpleasant is going to happen insight (Noun): a feeling of understanding uncertainty (Noun): being in doubt scope (Noun): an area in which something acts or operates

(a) injurious (b) shattering
(c) destructive (d) disparaging
Ans: (d) disparaging (Adjective): expressive of low opinion ; derogatory derogatory (Adjective): showing a critical attitude to somebody’s reputation; insulting; disparaging injurious (Adjective): harmful to living things shattering (Adjective): very shocking and upsetting destructive (Adjective): causing destruction or much damage

(a) fighting (b) rare
(c) strange (d) wandering
Ans: (d) wandering (Adjective): groups of people tending to travel and change settlements frequently; nomadic nomadic (Adjective): groups of people tending to travel and change settlements frequently ; wandering fighting (Adjective): a clash in which people try to defeat one another rare (Adjective): not done, seen, happening very often strange (Adjective): unusual or surprising

(a) rested (b) restless
(c) limited (d) limitless
Ans: (b) restless (Adjective): unable to stay still restive (Adjective): unable to stay still or unwilling to be controlled, especially because you are bored or not satisfied rested (Adjective): feeling healthy and full of energy because you have had a rest limited (Adjective): not very great in amount ; restricted limitless (Adjective): without a limit ; infinite

(a) previously (b) effectively
(c) wrongly (d) evidently
Ans: (c) wrongly (Adverb): not correctly; incorrect erroneously (Adverb): not correctly ; wrongly previously (Adverb): prior to ; happened or existed before the event effectively (Adverb): in a way that produces a successful result evidently (Adverb): clearly; that can be seen or understood easily

(a) jealous (b) angry
(c) separated (d) suspicious
Ans: (c) separated (Adjective): no longer with the other partner estranged (Adjective): no longer with the other partner; no longer friendly jealous (Adjective): feeling angry or unhappy with other’s advantages angry (Adjective): having strong feeling about something that you dislike very much suspicious (adjective): feeling that somebody has done something wrong

(a) repeat (b) execute
(c) summarize (d) surrender
Ans: (d) surrender (Verb): to admit that you have been defeated and you want to stop fighting capitulate (Verb): to agree to do something that you have been refusing to do for a long time repeat (Verb): to say or write something again and again execute (Verb): to do a piece of work, perform a duty, put a plan into action, etc. summarize (Verb): to give the main points of something

(a) conform (b) appease
(c) influence (d) approach
Ans: (b) appease (Verb): to make somebody calm by praising/ pleasing him propitiate (Verb): to stop somebody from being angry by trying to please him conform (Verb): to behave and think in the same way as most other people influence (Verb): to have an effect on the way that somebody behaves or thinks approach (Verb): to speak to somebody about something

(a) religious (b) formal
(c) official (d) pompous
(b) formal (Adjective): being according to established forms and requirements (eg. of formal dress, speech, writing, behaviour etc.) ceremonial (Adjective): relating to a ceremony that includes formal and traditional actions religious (Adjective): relating to religion or spiritual things official (Adjective): relating to the job of somebody who is in a position of authority pompous (Adjective): showing that you think you are more important than other people, especially by using long and formal words

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