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Part 177 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. I had not expected to meet him; it was quite an ________ meeting.
(a) organised (b) unique
(c) accidental (d) intentional
(c) Accidental = happening by chance or unintentionally. Organised = arranged systematically

Q2. Pour the juice _____ the glass.
(a) in (b) into
(c) onto (d) on
Ans: (b) into

Q3. I have been _____ this problem since noon.
(a) working into
(b) working on
(c) working for
(d) with after
Ans: (b) Work on = to try hard to achieve or improve something

Q4. Sushma has a deep _____ for drunkards.
(a) hatred (b) hate
(c) hated (d) hating
(a) Hatred (Noun) = a very strong feeling of dislike

Q5. One should always set _____ some money for emergency.
(a) aside (b) on
(c) by (d) out
Ans: (a) Set aside = something that is saved and used for a particular purpose.

Q6. The train is expected to arrive in a few minutes ____ platform six.
(a) in (b) above
(c) near (d) on
Ans: (d) on

Q7. I haven’t had _____ opportunity to study during the day.
(a) very (b) many
(c) much (d) more
(c) much

Q8. Nothing is impossible _____ him.
(a) in (b) about
(c) for (d) on
Ans: (c) Appropriate preposition – for.

Q9. My relations _____ him are not friendly.
(a) between (b) with
(c) to (d) for
Ans: (b) Appropriate preposition with.

Q10. George _____ to this country a year ago.
(a) was coming (b) came
(c) is coming (d) comes
(b) The sentence shows past time.

Q11. I cannot conceive of _________ accepting the post.
(a) he (b) his
(c) him (d) he’ll
Ans: (b) Before a gerund, possessive case (his) …… should be used.

Q12. The maestro’s son has no taste ________ music.
(a) about (b) with
(c) in (d) to
Ans: (c) in

Q13. Rita promised to come but she never turned ________ .
(a) in (b) out
(c) down (d) up
(d) Turn up = be found; put in an appearance; arrive; appear.

Q14. I waited _____ the train arrived.
(a) as (b) until
(c) since (d) after
Ans: (b) Until = up to the point in time or the event mentioned. Let’s wait until the rain stops.

Q15. He loves you _____ than me.
(a) closer (b) nearer
(c) higher (d) more
Ans: (d) Here, comparative degree i.e., more …. should be used.

Q16. The squadron leader ordered his men to _____ immediately.
(a) fall in (b) fall out
(c) fall off (d) fall on
(a) If soldiers fall in, they form lines.

Q17. Due to heavy rains, the match was called _____.
(a) of (b) off
(c) down (d) out
Ans: (b) Call off = to cancel or abandon; to order to desist.

Q18. The Management gave us permission to _____ with the new curriculum.
(a) go fixed (b) go about
(c) go ahead (d) go around
Ans: (c) Go ahead = to proceed or be carried out. The project will go ahead.

Q19. Mount Everest has earned the _____ distinction of being the world’s highest garbage dump.
(a) marked (b) disgusting
(c) dubious (d) dismal
(c) Dubious (Adjective) = hesitating or doubting; doubtful; uncertain.

Q20. I like ______ in the sun.
(a) laying (b) lay
(c) lie (d) lying
Ans: (d) lie – lying (put yourself in a flat or horizontal position). Hence, Gerund i.e., lying should be used here.

Q21. Please do not ______ an offer made by the Chairman.
(a) deny (b) refuse
(c) refrain (d) refuge
Ans: (b) Refuse = to say that you will not do something that somebody has asked you to do; turn down. Deny = refuse to admit or accept something

Q22. The clerk asked for my _______.
(a) determination
(b) destiny
(c) destination
(d) designation
(d) Designation = the action of choosing someone to hold an office. Destination = aim; ambition; end. Determination = firmness of purpose

Q23. The director congratulated Mr. Varma _____ his success.
(a) on (b) for
(c) at (d) about
Ans: (a) The appropriate preposition will be ‘on’.

Q24. The boys were _____ to hear that we were going to build a bridge.
(a) delight (b) delights
(c) delighted (d) delighting
Ans: (c) Delighted (Adjective) = a high degree of pleasure or enjoyment; ecstatic; elated; overjoyed; pleased.

Q25. The revolting players and the game’s administrators held _____ discussions to resolve the payment dispute.
(a) unnecessary
(b) obligatory
(c) preliminary
(d) silent
(c) Preliminary (Adjective) = preparatory; introductory; initial.

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