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Part 176 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. She must sometimes ______ to run away.
(a) has wanted
(b) have wanted
(c) having want
(d) has want
Ans: (b) Subject + must have + V3.

Q2. The bank decided to _______ them the money as they were reliable clients.
(a) let (b) lend
(c) borrow (d) lease
(b) Infinitive to + V1 Lend = loan ; to give something to somebody.

Q3. The aim of a Peace Council is ________ rather than cure.
(a) salvation
(b) preservation
(c) maintenance
(d) cultivation
Ans: (b) Preservation = the act of keeping something in its original state or in good condition.

Q4. He gives everyone _________ the class opportunities for practice.
(a) at (b) in
(c) of (d) on
Ans: (b) Here, preposition ‘in’ …. should be used.

Q5. Harish soon gained _________ in English.
(a) provincialism
(b) proficiency
(c) efficiency
(d) eminency
(b) Proficiency (Noun) = ability to do something well because of training and practice.

Q6. By a single mean act, he _____ out all his good deeds.
(a) wiped (b) whipped
(c) worked (d) whisked
Ans: (a) Wipe out = to destroy or remove something completely.

Q7. I was conscious _____ a break in my voice.
(a) to (b) of
(c) over (d) for
Ans: (b) Conscious (of something) = aware of something.

Q8. The young woman broke _____ on hearing the news of her husband’s death.
(a) up (b) down
(c) off (d) in
(b) Break down = to lose control of your feelings and start crying.

Q9. Do not _____ your own personal views upon the reader.
(a) expose (b) interpose
(c) express (d) impose
Ans: (d) Impose = to force; to make somebody accept something.

Q10. This school isn’t _____ from the last one.
(a) more different
(b) any different
(c) difference
(d) any difference
Ans: (b) It is a negative sentence.

Q11. I have decided _____ my course of action.
(a) upon (b) with
(c) for (d) of
(a) Here, preposition ‘on/upon’ should be used.

Q12. She __________ him angrily because he made the floor dirty with his muddy shoes.
(a) scold (b) scolds
(c) scolded (d) scolding
Ans: (c) The sentence shows past time. Hence, Past Simple …. should be used.

Q13. He walked along the road wondering what __________ happened and where all the people had gone.
(a) had (b) has
(c) have (d) it
Ans: (a) Here, Past Perfect should be used. Reporting verb is in Past Tense.

Q14. The criminal was __________ lest he should escape.
(a) fetid (b) fettered
(c) fettled (d) feted
(b) Fetter (Verb) = to restrict somebody’s freedom to do what they want; put chains around a prisoner’s feet; shackle. Here, Past participle should be used. The sentence is in Passive Voice.

Q15. Legislation was passed to punish brokers who ________ their client’s funds.
(a) devastate (b) devour
(c) defalcate (d) dawdle
Ans: (c) Defalcate (Verb) = to misuse or misappropriate property; embezzle.

Q16. His father was _________ the same business.
(a) managing over
(b) engaged in
(c) endowed with
(d) enlisted in
Ans: (b) Engaged in = busy doing something.

Q17. It is due to this lethargy that the plan fell _____
(a) off (b) out
(c) through (d) away
(c) Fall through = to not be completed or not happen.

Q18. He has no recommendations; he will _____ get the job.
(a) however (b) whatsoever
(c) whereas (d) whatever
Ans: (a) However is used to introduce a statement that contrasts with something.

Q19. Leaves _____ in autumn.
(a) fall down (b) fall of
(c) fall on (d) fall off
Ans: (d) Fall off = to decrease in quantity or quality. Fall down = to drop down from a higher level to a lower level.

Q20. Each time he tried to climb the tree, he failed to do _____ .
(a) thus (b) then
(c) so (d) this
(c) So refers back to an action that has just been mentioned.

Q21. The man was _______ his deafness.
(a) rewarded for
(b) cured of
(c) convicted by
(d) saved at
Ans: (b) Cure (Verb) = to make a person or an animal healthy again after an illness.

Q22. He is the talk ___________
(a) of the town
(b) for the town
(c) about the town
(d) over the town
Ans: (a) Be talk of the town = to be the person or subject that everyone is talking about and interested in.

Q23. I ________ very much like to see my old classmates.
(a) can (b) should
(c) would (d) might
(c) Would is used for saying what you want to happen (wish).

Q24. A partial victory is sometimes all we can hope to _______.
(a) gain (b) lose
(c) suffer (d) reward
Ans: (a) As sense suggests, gain (= to obtain) should be used.

Q25. My father has been advised to _______ his smoking.
(a) cut down (b) cut off
(c) cut into (d) cut in
Ans: (a) Cut down = to reduce or curtail volume or activity

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