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Part 175 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. We acted on a _____ impulse.
(a) momentary (b) momentous
(c) memorable (d) meritorious
Ans: (a) momentary (Adj.): lasting for a very short time. momentous (Adj.): very important/serious Here, momentary is the right option.

Q2. Do your best and we’ll back you ______ .
(a) on (b) in
(c) out (d) up
Ans: (d) back up (Phr.V.): support back out (Phr.V.): to withdraw from something before completion Here, up is the right option.

Q3. Sanjay _______ his mother in the morning everyday.
(a) calls in (b) calls up
(c) calls off (d) calls down
(b) call up (Phr.V.): to make a telephone call call in (Phr.V.): summon to enter call off (Phr.V.): postpone indefinitely call down (Phr.V.): censure severely/angrily Here, calls up is the right option.

Q4. Since last year his condition has been _____
(a) deteriorate.
(b) deteriorating.
(c) severely deteriorated.
(d) deterioratingly.
Ans: (b) Subject + has/ have + been + Ving is the right structure. Hence, deteriorating is the right option.

Q5. Most children remain ______ school between the ages of seven and ten.
(a) in (b) under
(c) at (d) inside
Ans: (c) Here, at is the right option Note: in is used in North American English.

Q6. The quake also _______ mudslides on the outskirts of the city.
(a) tempered (b) tampered
(c) erupted (d) triggered
(c) erupted (V.): to start happening, suddenly and violently trigger (V.): to make something happen suddenly temper (V.): to make something less severe. tamper (V.): interfere with. Here, erupted is the right option.

Q7. You are _____ common sense.
(a) lacking of (b) devoid in
(c) devoid of (d) dull on
Ans: (c) devoid of something: completely lacking in something Here, devoid of is the right option.

Q8. He ran so fast ________ .
(a) that he fell
(b) so he fell
(c) he fell
(d) that he is falling
Ans: (a) so … that is correct form of Correlative. Hence, that he fell is the right option.

Q9. The doctor has been _____ to attend to an urgent case.
(a) called (b) called in
(c) called by (d) call over
(b) call in (Phr. V.): to ask for the services of somebody ; to call in a doctor/ police. Here, called in is the right option.

Q10. With the amount of conflicts in the world, a Third World War is ________
(a) emanate (b) emanant
(c) eminent (d) imminent
Ans: (d) imminent (Adj.): likely to happen very soon. eminent (Adj.): famous; wellknown. emanate (V.): to produce or show something; come from. Here, imminent is the right option.

Q11. The traditional way of saying that you feel fine is to say that you are __________.
(a) alright (b) all correct
(c) all good (d) all right
Ans: (d) all right (Adj., Adv.): safe and well; OK Here, all right is the right option.

Q12. The army has been __________ to be ready to control the floods.
(a) alerted (b) warned
(c) awakened (d) wanted
Ans: (a) alert (V.): to make somebody aware of something; to warn about a dangerous or urgent situation. Here, alerted is the right option.

Q13. The relation between the Indian P.M. and the U.S. President is perfectly ________ .
(a) excellent (b) smooth
(c) informed (d) cordial
Ans: (d) cordial (Adj.): pleasant and friendly. Here, cordial is the right option.

Q14. Never _______ met any girl so beautiful.
(a) have I (b) I have
(c) I had (d) did I
(a) To express Exclamation Inversion, i.e. have I should be used after never. Hence, have I is the right option.

Q15. ___ man standing in that corner is a police man in plain clothes.
(a) Some (b) Any
(c) A (d) The
Ans: (d) Here, a particular man is being mentioned. Hence, The (Def. Art.) is the right option.

Q16. Eight cylinder engines are ______ that use great amount of petrol.
(a) conveyances
(b) devices
(c) instruments
(d) apparatus
Ans: (b) device (N.): a piece of equipment that has been designed to do a particular job. Here, devices is the right option.

Q17. He would always be late with submission because he would ______ whatever he was supposed to do.
(a) prevaricate
(b) procrastinate
(c) interrogate
(d) discriminate
Ans: (b) procrastinate (V.): to delay doing something that you should do; put off doing something. prevaricate (V.): be unclear inorder to mislead/withohold information interrogate (V.): pose a series of questions to discriminate (V.): distinguish; treat differently Here, procrastinate is the right option.

Q18. He talked on and on _______.
(a) ad infinitum
(b) voraciously
(c) hesitatingly
(d) ad interim
Ans: (a) ad infinitum: without ever coming to an end. voraciously (Adv.): in a way that involves eating/wanting large amounts of food ad interim (Adv.): temporarily Here, ad infinitum is the right option.

Q19. The order is _________ and you must abide by it, as there is not even the slightest chance of its being modified or withdrawn.
(a) irretrievable
(b) irreparable
(c) irrevocable
(d) irreconcilable
(c) irrevocable (Adj.): that cannot be changed; final. irretrievable (Adj.): irreparable; not able to be put right or got back irreconcilable (Adj.): incompatible; at variance; not possible to settle. irreparable (Adj.): too bad or too serious to repair. Here, irrevocable is the right option.

Q20. The battalion operating from the mountain was able to _____ three enemy divisions.
(a) tie up (b) tie down
(c) tie on (d) tie with
Ans: (b) tie down (Phr.,V.): to restrict somebody’s freedom tie up (Phr.,V.): to connect/ link something to something else Here, tie down is the right option.

Q21. Once he has signed the agreement, he won’t be able to ________.
(a) back up (b) back in
(c) back it (d) back out
Ans: (d) back out (Phr. ,V.): to separate; break ; no longer taking part in something that has been agreed. back up (Phr.V.): to support somebody/something Here, back out is the right option.

Q22. The passengers were afraid, but the captain _______ them that there was no danger.
(a) promised (b) advised
(c) assured (d) counselled
Ans: (c) assure (V.): to make sure ; guarantee. Here, assured is the right option.

Q23. I haven’t seen you ________ a week.
(a) within (b) since
(c) for (d) from
Ans: (c) To express period of time for should be used. Here, for is the right option.

Q24. She _________ a brief appearance at the end of the party.
(a) put on (b) put in
(c) put across (d) put up
(b) put in an appearance (Id.): to appear briefly at some place or at some event put on (Phr.V.): add to something existing put across (Phr.V.): to state so as to be understood clearly/ accepted readily put up (Phr.V.): to suggest an idea, etc. for other people to discuss Here, put in is the right option.

Q25. One of the reasons the impressionists caused such a scandal was _____ their colours were too bright.
(a) because of which
(b) due to
(c) because
(d) of
Ans: (c) Because = for the reason that

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