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Part 174 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. Never give your friends _____ .
(a) the cold arm
(b) the cold elbow
(c) the cold shoulder
(d) the cold hand
Ans: (c) give the cold shoulder: to treat somebody in an unfriendly way. Here, the cold shoulder is the right option.

Q2. My mother upset the kettle of boiling water and ______ her hand.
(a) scalded (b) scolded
(c) scorched (d) wounded
Ans: (a) scald (V.): to burn yourself or part of your body with very hot liquid. Here, scalded is the right option.

Q3. His writings are ____ mistakes.
(a) brooded with(b) burst into
(c) replete with (d) boasted of
(c) replete (Adj.): filled with something with a full supply of something. brood (V.): to think a lot about something that makes you annoyed, anxious/upset burst into (Phr. V.): to start producing something suddenly and with great force boasted of (Phr. V.): to talk with too much pride about something that you have/can do Here, replete with is the right option.

Q4. Sid and Harsh are _________ unable to complete the task.
(a) neither (b) either
(c) each (d) both
Ans: (d) Here, both is the right option

Q5. The examinee could guess _______the answer correctly.
(a) at (b) about
(c) through (d) to
Ans: (a) Here, at is the right option.

Q6. Be _______ and always look to the comfort of others.
(a) considerate (b) cautious
(c) considerable(d) consider
Ans: (a) considerate (Adj.): thoughtful; careful not to hurt or upset others. Here, considerate is the right option.

Q7. As usual, a lot of people were ________ in the king’s darbar.
(a) their (b) possess
(c) past (d) present
(d) Here, present is the right option.

Q8. Children must be _____ to their parents.
(a) obedient (b) obeying
(c) obey (d) obeyed
Ans: (a) obedient (Adj.): willing to obey; submissive to authority. Here, obedient is the right option.

Q9. Every minister is _____ to the Parliament.
(a) responsive
(b) response
(c) responsibility
(d) responsible
Ans: (d) responsible: involving important duties. Here, responsible is the right option.

Q10. She had a _____ talk with her friend.
(a) hard to hard
(b) heart to heart
(c) hard to heart
(d) heart to hard
(b) heart to heart: in good heart; happy and cheerful Here, heart to heart is the right option.

Q11. The police is ___ on his activities.
(a) keeping an eye
(b) keeping watchful eyes
(c) keeping both eyes
(d) keeping one eye
Ans: (a) keep an eye (Id.): to take care of something Here, keeping an eye is the right option.

Q12. Are you _____ stamp collecting?
(a) interested by
(b) interested in
(c) interested at
(d) interested about
Ans: (b) interested agrees with Prepositionin. Look at the sentence: I am very interested in history. Here, interested in is the right option.

Q13. Your report _____ my statement.
(a) conforms (b) conforming
(c) confirms (d) comforting
(c) confirm (V.): to state that something is definitely true. Here, confirms is the right option.

Q14. Everything ________ carefully checked.
(a) has been (b) have been
(c) are being (d) is been
Ans: (a) Everything is a Singular Subject. Hence, has been (Passive) is the right option.

Q15. I’ve _______ finished painting the house.
(a) about (b) nearing
(c) towards (d) almost
Ans: (d) (a) almost (Adv.): not quite; nearly. Here, almost is the right option.

Q16. She ______ made him angry.
(a) have absolutely
(b) has certainly
(c) have certainly
(d) has absolutely
(b) certainly (Adv.): without doubt ; definitely. Here, has certainly is the right option.

Q17. Naresh made a fortune _____ buying and selling used cars.
(a) at (b) by
(c) in (d) on
Ans: (b) Preposition by is the right option.

Q18. She has finished writing the article, _______
(a) has she ? (b) isn’t it ?
(c) hasn’t she ? (d) is it ?
Ans: (c) The sentence is Affirmative (Present Perfect). Hence, hasn’t she ? is the right option.

Q19. An animal species becomes _______ when its last existing member dies.
(a) exist (b) existing
(c) extinct (d) extract
(c) extinct (Adj.): no longer in existence Hence, extinct is the right option.

Q20. We can _________ see anything in the dim light.
(a) badly (b) scarcely
(c) fairly (d) rather
Ans: (b) scarcely (Adv.): only just ; almost not. Here, scarcely is the right option.

Q21. Few countries can __________ India in variety, colour and the richness of dance forms.
(a) compare (b) rival
(c) perform (d) prevail
Ans: (b) (a) rival (V.): compare with; to be as good, impressive etc. as somebody/ something else. Here, rival is the right option.

Q22. The scheme allows students from different countries to communicate __________.
(a) each other
(b) with each others
(c) themselves
(d) with one another
(d) Here, with one another is the right option.

Q23. The starving man ______ able to walk.
(a) can barely (b) were barely
(c) are barely (d) was barely
Ans: (d) barely (Adv.): just ; certainly not more than. Here, was barely is the right option.

Q24. The new railway counter at Dwarka should _____ all travellers.
(a) benefit (b) reward
(c) reserve (d) provide
Ans: (a) benefit (V.): to be useful. Here, benefit is the right option.

Q25. My younger brother _____ my grandfather.
(a) looks on (b) looks after
(c) looks to (d) looks of
(b) (a) look after (Phr., V.): to take care of somebody/ something. Here, looks after is the right option.

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