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Part 173 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. The farmers suffered because the monsoon did not arrive _________ time.
(a) at (b) by
(c) on (d) after
(c) (a) on time: not late ; at the correct time. Here, on is the right usage.

Q2. The passengers were afraid but the captain ______ them that there was no danger.
(a) suggested (b) pleaded
(c) advise (d) assured
Ans: (d) (a) assure (V.): to guarantee; to tell somebody that something is definitely going to happen. Here, assured is the right option.

Q3. I insisted _______ his leaving the place.
(a) on (b) about
(c) in (d) with
Ans: (a) (a) insist (V.): to demand earnestly. insist (V.) agrees with on (Prep.) Hence, on is the right usage.

Q4. Please don’t ______ me when I’m speaking.
(a) interrupted (b) interrupts
(c) interrupt
(d) interrupting
(c) Structure of Imperative Sentence: Do/does + not + V1 (Infinitive without to) Hence, interrupt is the right usage.

Q5. The clock has ______ for want of winding.
(a) run down (b) run short
(c) run past (d) run up
Ans: (a) (a) run down (Phr. V.): to lose power or stop working; to gradually stop functioning. run short (Id.): to become scanty/insufficient in supply run past (Phr. V.): to run near/ alongside someone/something from one side to the other run up (Phr. V.): accumulate Here, run down is the right usage.

Q6. Few people know that flowers use textures to _______ different kinds of insects.
(a) signal (b) feel
(c) attract (d) distract
Ans: (c) (a) attract (V.): to interest something. Here, attract is the right option.

Q7. They abandoned their comrades ______ the wolves.
(a) by (b) between
(c) on (d) among
(d) For more than two things, among should be used. Hence, among is the right usage.

Q8. What good fortune I found the very thing I was ________
(a) looking in
(b) looking to
(c) looking besides
(d) looking for
Ans: (d) (a) look for: to hope for something Here, looking for is the right option.

Q9. The swimmer __________ his clothes and jumped into the river.
(a) took off (b) took of
(c) took out (d) took down
Ans: (a) (a) take off: to remove something especially a piece of clothing from body. Here, took off is the right option.

Q10. I will _________ to Singapore next month.
(a) be travelling (b) be travel
(c) travels (d) am travelled
(a) Structure of Future Imperfect: Subject + will be/shall be +Ving Here, be travelling is the right option.

Q11. See me tomorrow without ____.
(a) fails (b) failure
(c) fail (d) failing
Ans: (c) without fail: unfailingly; without exception Here, fail is the right option.

Q12. Radium _____ rays that blind the eyes.
(a) gives away (b) gives over
(c) gives up (d) gives off
Ans: (d) give off: to produce something such as a smell, heat light etc. give away (Phr. V.): make a gift of give over (Phr.V.) ; to tel l somebody to stop doing something give up (Phr.V.): to stop trying to do something Here, gives off is the right option.

Q13. You will have to work _____ you are in the office.
(a) as long as (b) as good as
(c) as far as (d) so far as
(a) Here, as long as is the right option.

Q14. He is _______ connected.
(a) respectively (b) respective
(c) respectably (d) respectable
(c) Here, respectably is the right usage. (a) respectably (Adv.): acceptably; no reason to be ashamed of ; fairly good.

Q15. After retirement Surti lived ______ Australia.
(a) in (b) at
(c) over in (d) over at
Ans: (a) Here, in is the right usage. lived in (Phr. V.): settled in

Q16. He _______ the low pay.
(a) moan at
(b) complain about
(c) grumbled at
(d) ran after
(c) Here, grumbled at is the right option. (a) grumble (at) (V.): to complain about somebody/ something in a badtempered way.

Q17. After a noisy and tumultuous supper, we _______ for the day.
(a) retirement (b) retiring
(c) retired (d) retire
Ans: (c) Here, V2 i.e, retired is the right option.

Q18. The villager cried ______ his voice for help.
(a) on the top of
(b) in the top of
(c) from the top of
(d) at the top of
Ans: (d) at the top of his voice: loudly. Here, at the top of is the right option.

Q19. Simon teaches children ______ water colour painting.
(a) the art on (b) the art in
(c) the art by (d) the art of
(d) Here, the art of is the right option.

Q20. Light is _____ than sound.
(a) faster (b) more faster
(c) sounder (d) lighter
Ans: (a) Here, Comparative Degree will be used. Hence, faster is the right option.

Q21. The man _____ for the purpose never did what was expected of him.
(a) supplied (b) favoured
(c) employed (d) cited
Ans: (c) (a) employ (V.): to give somebody a job to do for payment. Hence, employed is the right option.

Q22. There was a serious _____ between the two brothers.
(a) altercation (b) alteration
(c) aberration (d) alliteration
(a) altercation (N.): a noisy argument or disagreement. alteration (N.): a change to something that makes it different aberration (N.): a fact, an action/a way of behaving that is not usual, and that may be unacceptable alliteration (N.): the use of the same letter or sound at the beginning of words that are close together, as in – sing a song of sixpence Here, altercation is the right option.

Q23. The ship with its crew ______ gone to the bottom of the sea.
(a) has (b) have
(c) are (d) none
Ans: (a) Here, ship is a Singular Subject. Hence, has (Singular Verb) is the right option.

Q24. The peon respectfully asked if he ______ go there.
(a) may (b) might
(c) can (d) will
Ans: (b) Here, Reporting Verb (asked) is in Past Tense. Hence, might (V2) is the right option.

Q25. I know _____ certain that he has gone to England.
(a) with (b) of
(c) by (d) for
(d) for certain: without doubt. Here, for is the right option.

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