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Part 172 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. As the weekend finally rolled around, the people were also too happy to laugh out the ___ away.
(a) memories (b) joys
(c) cares (d) struggles
Ans: (c) (a) cares (N.): a feeling of worry or anxiety. Here, cares is the right option.

Q2. The mission of this institution is to ____ young minds to explore their ability.
(a) catalyse (b) cackle
(c) circulate (d) combat
Ans: (a) (a) catalyse (V.): to make a process happen faster. (b) cackle (V.): talk/utter in a cackling manner (c) combat (V.): battle/contend against in/as if in a battle Here, catalyse is the right option

Q3. I am ______ on leave from tomorrow.
(a) escaping (b) running
(c) prospecting (d) proceeding
Ans: (d) (a) proceed on leave: go on leave Here, proceeding is the right option.

Q4. Losing a child is most people’s worst _____.
(a) nightmare (b) night school
(c) pride (d) pleasantry
(a) (a) nightmare: an experience that is very frightening and unpleasant. Here, nightmare is the right option.

Q5. The burglar was ______ when he broke into the house and found himself surrounded by police officers.
(a) flabbergasted
(b) unimpressed
(c) bored
(d) unruffled
Ans: (a) flabbergasted (Adj.): extremely surprised and/or shocked; astonished. Here, flabbergasted is the right option.

Q6. Appropriate manners are from society’s _____ behaviour.
(a) system (b) style
(c) cannons (d) shrewd
(c) (a) cannons (N.): a generally accepted rule, standard or principle by which something is judged.

Q7. I appreciate my neighbour’s ______ as she explained the reason for selling her house.
(a) candid (b) candour
(c) care (d) capacity
Ans: (b) (a) candour (N.): the quality of saying what you think openly and honestly ; frankness. (b) candid (Adj.): saying what you think openly and honestly; not hiding your thoughts Here, candour is the right option.

Q8. I was happy to receive my father’s ______ books.
(a) dog face (b) dogleg
(c) dogging (d) dogeared
Ans: (d) (a) dogeared (Adj.): used so much that the corners of many of the pages are turned down. (b) dog face (N.): A US Army foot soldier (World War II) (c) dog leg (N.): a sharp bend (road or golf course) (d) dogging (V.): go after with the intent to catch Here, dogeared is the right option.

Q9. ____ minds see new angles to everyday things.
(a) Dull (b) Creative
(c) Difficult (d) Realistic
(b) (a) creative (Adj.): having the skill and ability to produce something new by a work of art. Here, creative is the right option.

Q10. He had wonderful gifts of____, and spoke to the birds.
(a) uptight (b) folly
(c) insight (d) dullness
Ans: (c) (a) insight (N.): ability to see and understand the truth about a situation. (b) uptight (Adj.): anxious and/or angry about something (c) folly (N.): a lack of good judgement

Q11. Rahul was surprised to see a ____smile on Tarun’s face.
(a) ugly (b) symbolic
(c) opaque (d) genuine
Ans: (d) genuine (Adj.): true; not fake ; real ; authentic. Here, genuine is the right option.

Q12. He completed all projects on time except for two of them, which he found too difficult to ______ .
(a) embrace
(b) comprehend
(c) acknowledge
(d) discern
Ans: (b) (a) comprehend (V.): to understand something fully. (b) discern (V.): detect with the senses (c) acknowledge (V.): report the receipt of Here, comprehend is the right option.

Q13. The mother looked _____ as her child began to walk much before the month prescribed by the doctors.
(a) astonishingly (b) predictably
(c) irately (d) menacingly
Ans: (a) (a) astonishingly (Adv.): amazingly ; surprisingly. Here, astonishingly is the right option.

Q14. She was so ______ in her manner that he was mesmerised by her.
(a) deferential
(b) disputatious
(c) impertinent
(d) insolent
(a) (a) deferential (Adj.): the behaviour that shows that you respect somebody/ something. (b) disputatious (Adj.): inclined to dispute (c) impertinent (Adj.): rude and not showing respect for somebody who is older/more important (d) insolent (Adj.): extremely rude and showing a lack of respect Here, deferential is the right option.

Q15. The specialist _____ you want to meet is available only on Thursdays.
(a) whom (b) whose
(c) who (d) which
Ans: (a) whom (Pro.) is used instead of who as the Object of a Verb/ Prep. Look at the sentences: The author whom you criticized in your review has written a reply. I wonder who that letter was from. Here, whom is the right option.

Q16. Do not look _____ on women.
(a) down (b) right
(c) left (d) up
Ans: (a) (a) look down on somebody: to think that you are better than somebody Look at the sentence: She looks down on people who haven’t been to college. Hence, down is the right option.

Q17. I ____ him on this point.
(a) agreeing with
(b) agreed with
(c) admitted to
(d) agree to
Ans: (b) Prepositionwith should be used with agree here. Hence, agreed with is the right option.

Q18. The stranger ____in through the window last night.
(a) creep (b) crept
(c) creeping (d) creeps
Ans: (b) creep (V.): to move slowly, quietly and carefully. The sentence shows past time. Hence, crept is the right option.

Q19. They _____ living here since 2000.
(a) have been (b) are
(c) will be (d) are still
(a) The job was started in the past and continues till present time. Hence, Present Perfect Continuous should be used here. Hence, have been is the right option.

Q20. What a _____ holiday
(a) momentous
(b) memorable
(c) momentary
(d) immortal
Ans: (b) (a) memorable (Adj.): unforgettable, special, good or unusual. (b) momentous (Adj.): historic; very important or serious. Here, memorable is the right option.

Q21. Many important projects have reached the final stage of ___.
(a) accomplishment
(b) initiation
(c) resolution
(d) implementation
Ans: (d) (a) implementation (N.): carrying out; enactment; execution; application. Here, implementation is the right option.

Q22. _____ you live long
(a) Might (b) May
(c) Shall (d) Should
(b) may is used to express a wish. Here, May is the right option.

Q23. The waiter hasn’t brought the coffee _________ I’ve been here for an hour.
(a) still (b) yet
(c) up (d) till
Ans: (b) yet is used in Negative Sentences to talk about something that has not happened. Hence, yet is the right option

Q24. I always fall __________ old friends in times of need.
(a) over (b) through
(c) back on (d) off
Ans: (c) (a) fall back on somebody: to go to somebody for support Here, back on is the right option.

Q25. A person came in with a baby who, she said, _________ a safety pin.
(a) swallowed
(b) just swallowed
(c) had just swallowed
(d) was just swallowing
Ans: (c) For two events of the past, the event that happens earlier should be expressed in Past Perfect. Hence, had just swallowed is the right option.

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