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Part 170 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. You take a decision. The ball is in ____ now.
(a) your court (b) your net
(c) your pocket (d) your garden
Ans: (a) the ball is in your/ somebody’s court: It is your responsibility to take action next. Here, your court is the right usage.

Q2. He is a man of ___simplicity.
(a) childlike (b) childless
(c) child (d) childish
Ans: (a) childlike: having the qualities that children usually have. Here, child like is the right usage.

Q3. We can ____ right and wrong.
(a) distinguish by
(b) distinguish from
(c) distinguish between
(d) distinguished for
(c) distinguish: differentiate. Look at the sentence: Are children able to distinguish between right and wrong ? Here, distinguish between is the right usage.

Q4. All of us are devoted _____ one another.
(a) for (b) of
(c) at (d) to
Ans: (d) devote agrees with Preposition to Look at the sentences: I could only devote two hours a day to work. They are devoted to their children. Here, to is the right usage.

Q5. _____ is the way to the zoo?
(a) What (b) Which
(c) Where (d) When
Ans: (b) Here, Which is the right usage.

Q6. He agreed ____ my business proposal.
(a) at (b) for
(c) on (d) to
Ans: (d) Here, to (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q7. This area suffers from _____.
(a) drought (b) droaghts
(c) draughts (d) drafts
(a) drought: a long period when there is little or no rain. Here, drought is the right usage.

Q8. All orders must ________ the rules.
(a) conforms with
(b) conform to
(c) conforms to
(d) conforming with
Ans: (b) conform to: to agree with or match something. Here, conform to is the right usage.

Q9. She failed to _____ to her name.
(a) rise up (b) line up
(c) shine up (d) keep up
Ans: (d) keep up: to continue something same usually high level. Here, keep up is the right usage.

Q10. As the doctor ______ into the room, the nurse handed him the temperature chart of the patient.
(a) is coming (b) came
(c) was coming (d) comes
Ans: (b) Both simultaneous events relate to the past. Here, came is the right usage.

Q11. The economic _____ has affected our sales tremendously.
(a) touchdown (b) showdown
(c) slowdown (d) crackdown
(c) slowdown: a reduction in speed or activity. Here, slowdown is the right usage.

Q12. Ten dollars ____ too much to pay.
(a) are (b) is
(c) could (d) were
Ans: (b) Ten dollars denotes a certain amount of money. Hence, Singular Verbis is the right usage.

Q13. I have no ______ office work.
(a) experience to
(b) experience in
(c) experience on
(d) experience of
Ans: (d) It is my first experience of living alone. Look at the sentences: I have no experience of office work. Here, experience is the right usage.

Q14. Solar panels are used to _____ Satellites.
(a) powerful (b) power
(c) powerless (d) powers
Ans: (b) power (Verb): to supply a machine with energy. Here, power is the right usage.

Q15. His words were _____ for the occasion.
(a) appropriately (b) suit
(c) appropriate (d) suitably
(c) Here, an Adjective i.e., appropriate is the right usage.

Q16. Have you ever ____ the wolf cry ?
(a) heard (b) hear out
(c) hear (d) heard of
Ans: (a) hear of something: to know about something. Here, heard is the right usage.

Q17. Afreen ______ that the weather was very pleasant that day.
(a) remarked (b) announced
(c) argued (d) suggested
Ans: (a) remark: something that you say or write which expresses an opinion about something. Here, remarked is the right usage.

Q18. Mrs. Hall was prepared to excuse the scientist’s strange habits and ______ temper.
(a) irate (b) irritation
(c) irritable (d) irritate
Ans: (c) irritable: getting annoyed easily. irate: very angry. Here, irritable is the right usage.

Q19. This house ______ ten rooms.
(a) consists by (b) consisted with
(c) consists of (d) consist of
(c) consist of: to be formed from the things consist in: to have something as the main or only feature. Look at the sentences: The beauty of the city consists in its magnificent buildings. The committee consists of ten members. Here, consists of is the right usage.

Q20. The speeding car ______ a man this morning.
(a) knocked down
(b) pushed out
(c) hit about
(d) hit out
Ans: (a) knock down: to hit somebody and make them fall on the ground. Here, knocked down is the right usage.

Q21. Politics is the last ______ of scoundrels.
(a) resort (b) retort
(c) report (d) result
Ans: (a) The first/last/final resort: the first or last course of action that you can take in a particular situation. Here, resort is the right usage.

Q22. Take care ____ your health.
(a) of (b) about
(c) over (d) for
Ans: (a) take care of: be careful about something Here, of is the right usage.

Q23. The terrorists made a vain attempt to _____ the bridge.
(a) blow over (b) blow up
(c) blow out (d) blow down
(b) blow up: to destroy something by an explosion. Here, blow up is the right usage.

Q24. One who tries may fail but one who does not try never ________.
(a) succeeds (b) success
(c) prosper (d) gain
Ans: (a) succeeds Here, succeeds is the right usage.

Q25. The lady ________ to be a close relative of ours.
(a) turned out (b) turned in
(c) turned up (d) turned about
Ans: (a) turn out: to be discovered to be; to prove to be. Here, turned out is the right usage.

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