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Part 167 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. A dog is a ______ animal.
(a) quadruped (b) quartet
(c) quadruple (d) quadrangle
(a) quadruped: any creature with four feet. Here, quadruped is the right usage.

Q2. The student was punished for his ______
(a) impudence (b) prudence
(c) modesty (d) clemency
Ans: (a) impudence (Noun): rudeness, not showing respect for other people; impertinence. prudence (N.): a sensible and careful attitude when you make judgements and decisions clemency (N.): kindness shown to somebody when they are being punished; mercy Here, impudence is the right usage.

Q3. My father was too ____ to push the heavy door.
(a) faint (b) feeble
(c) fragile (d) faltering
Ans: (b) feeble (Adjective): very weak. Here, feeble is the right usage.

Q4. The flood damaged the books so much that it was impossible to ____ them.
(a) retrieve (b) retrace
(c) retract (d) retreat
Ans: (a) retrieve (Verb): to bring or get something back; recover. Here, retrieve is the right usage.

Q5. His bungalow went through a make ____ .
(a) up (b) out
(c) over (d) for
Ans: (c) make over: to change something in order to make it look different. Here, over is the right usage.

Q6. This auspicious beginning ____ well for a successful completion of our project.
(a) attunes (b) argues
(c) augurs (d) answers
(c) augur (Verb): to be a sign that something will be successful or not successful in the future; bode. attunes (V.): to bring into a harmonious/responsive relationship Here, augurs is the right usage.

Q7. She was aware of what was going ________ her father’s mind.
(a) through (b) on
(c) in (d) by
Ans: (a) go through (Phr. V.): to experience or suffer something Here, through (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q8. Most parents _________ love and affection on their children.
(a) pour (b) pore
(c) poor (d) pool
Ans: (a) Pour (Verb): to express feelings. Here, pour is the right usage.

Q9. Then railway trains ______ the most popular and the cheapest means of transport.
(a) become (b) became
(c) becomes (d) becoming
Ans: (a) It is a general fact. Hence, Present Simple become is the right usage.

Q10. If left unattended, even a small cut can turn into a ____.
(a) soar (b) sour
(c) sore (d) ore
Ans: (c) sore (Noun): a painful red place on your body ; wound. Here, sore is the right usage.

Q11. My neighbour is very ______ for he believes that nothing good will happen to him.
(a) reasonable
(b) forward–looking
(c) pessimistic
(d) optimistic
(c) pessimistic (Adjective): expecting bad things to happen or something not to be successful. reasonable (Adj.): fair, practical and sensible forwardlooking (Adj.): planning for the future; willing to consider modern ideas and methods optimistic (Adj.): expecting good things to happen/ something to be successful; positive Here, pessimistic is the right usage.

Q12. She dwells too much ______ her past.
(a) from (b) on
(c) in (d) of
Ans: (b) dwell on: to think or talk a lot about something, especially it would be better to forget. Here, on is the right usage.

Q13. There were no buses yesterday because of the strike, and so I ________ walk to college.
(a) should (b) have to
(c) had to (d) will have to
Ans: (c) The sentence shows past time. I had to walk. (Past Tense) Here, had to is the right usage.

Q14. A wiseman _______ not pretend ______ know everything.
(a) did, to (b) may in
(c) does, or (d) does, to
Ans: (d) The sentence is as good as a Proverb. Hence, Simple Present should be used. Moreover to express purpose, infinitive should be used. Here, does, to is the right usage.

Q15. _______ the flight times before you book the tickets.
(a) Check (b) Control
(c) Inform (d) Prove
Ans: (a) check (Verb): to examine something. Here, check is the right usage.

Q16. I’m very pleased with my new secretary. Her work is of a high _______.
(a) condition (b) degree
(c) capacity (d) standard
(d) High standard: high quality. Here, standard is the right usage.

Q17. I saw a _____of cattle grazing in the meadow.
(a) herd (b) bunch
(c) group (d) litter
Ans: (a) herd: a group of animals of the same type that live and feed together. Here, herd is the right usage.

Q18. Our flight was ______ from Jaipur to Agra airport.
(a) shifted (b) diverted
(c) reverted (d) deflected
Ans: (b) divert (Verb): to make somebody/something change direction reverted (V.): to reply deflected (V.): to change direction, especially after hitting something Here, diverted is the right usage.

Q19. In these days of inflation we all have to _____ our belts.
(a) shorten (b) strengthen
(c) tighten (d) lesson
Ans: (c) tighten your belt: to spend less money because there is less available. Here, tighten is the right usage.

Q20. He made a powerful ______ in the region, and people felt he would make a good leader in the days to come.
(a) impression (b) discursive
(c) marked (d) interest
Ans: (a) Impression (Noun): the effect that an experience or a person has on somebody/something ; an idea, a feeling that you get about or that gives you. discursive (Adj.): moving from one point to another without any strict structure (writing/ speaking) Here, impression is the right usage.

Q21. The father _______ the throne for his son.
(a) reverted (b) relished
(c) relinquished
(d) revived
(c) relinquish (Verb): to stop having something ; give up. Here, relinquished is the right usage.

Q22. The ___ of the ‘Chief’ was ___ upon him.
(a) name, dismissed
(b) title, imposed
(c) appointment, thrown
(d) title, bestowed
Ans: (d) Here, title, bestowed is the right usage.

Q23. There were so many ____ points in his speech that the audience ___ to get the message.
(a) superficial, listened
(b) interesting, tried
(c) irrelevant, failed
(d) relevant, hastened
Ans: (c) Here, irrelevant, failed is the right usage.

Q24. She was so ____ that she was ___ by all.
(a) stupid, admired
(b) proud, respected
(c) excellent, warned
(d) talented, praised
Ans: (d) Here, talented, praised is the right usage.

Q25. He was so ____ at his job that he was asked to give a ____ to the visitors.
(a) accurate, display
(b) agile, demolition
(c) able, disclosure
(d) adept, demonstration
Ans: (d) Here, adept, demonstration is the right usage.

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