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Part 166 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. Is not learning superior ___ wealth ?
(a) than (b) from
(c) by (d) to
(d) The Adj. inferior, superior, senior, junior, prior, etc. take the to (Prep.). Here, to is the right usage.

Q2. I think I am _____ young to get married.
(a) much (b) too
(c) more (d) very
Ans: (b) too (Adv.): used before Adj. and Adv. to say that something is more than is good, necessary, possible, etc. Here, too is the right usage.

Q3. The pilot was not feeling so well before he _____ in his helicopter.
(a) took away (b) took over
(c) took off (d) took up
Ans: (c) take off (Phr. V.): to leave the ground and begin to fly (of an aircraft, etc.) take away (Phr. V.): to make a feeling, pain, etc. disappear ; take something out (to buy cooked food at a restaurant and carry it away to eat) take over (Phr. V.): to replace something/somebody Here, took off is the right usage.

Q4. I need to buy _____.
(a) a bread
(b) a loaf of bread
(c) a loaf bread
(d) breads
Ans: (b) Here, a loaf of bread is the right usage.

Q5. Medical science has _____ almost everything except death.
(a) surrendered (b) conquered
(c) controlled (d) crushed
Ans: (b) conquered (V.): to succeed in dealing with/ controlling something surrendered (V.): to admit that you have been defeated and want to stop fighting ; to allow yourself to be caught, taken prisoner, etc. Here, conquered is the right usage.

Q6. To try to solve a problem without enquiring into the problem is like taking a course of treatment without _____ the disease.
(a) curing (b) prescribing
(c) diagnosing (d) operating
(c)Here, diagnosing is the right usage.

Q7. Students are not prepared ______ that kind of question.
(a) to (b) with
(c) for (d) on
Ans: (c) prepared (V.) agrees with for (Prep.) Here, for is the right usage.

Q8. Communism and Socialism have always _____ the sermons of economic equality.
(a) said (b) instructed
(c) preached (d) obeyed
Ans: (c) Here, preached is the right usage.

Q9. Robert _____ Ali of his support.
(a) assure (b) ensured
(c) insured (d) assured
Ans: (d) Here, assured is the right usage.

Q10. The students are told to ____ these words in the dictionary.
(a) look down (b) look up
(c) look into (d) look after
Ans: (b) look up (Phr. V.): to look for information (dictionary/ reference book/computer). look down on (Phr. V.): to think that you are better than somebody/something look into (Phr. V.): to examine something look after (Phr.V.): to be responsible for or to take care of somebody/something Here, look up is the right usage.

Q11. Rama took his ______ for the wrong done to him.
(a) avenge (b) vengeance
(c) revenge (d) ravage
(c) revenge (N.): something that you do in order to make somebody suffer because he has made you suffer avenge (V.): to punish/hurt somebody in return for something bad/wrong that he has done to you, your family/ friends (to avenge) vengeance (N.): the act of punishing/harming somebody in return for what he has done to you, your family/friends (to take vengeance) ravage (V.): to damage something badly As take (V.) has been used, revenge is the right usage

Q12. Only the brave deserve the ______ .
(a) fare (b) flare
(c) flair (d) fair
Ans: (d) fair (Adj.): of pleasing appearance ; acceptable and appropriate in a particular situation fare (V.): to be successful in a particular situation →fare well/ badly/better, etc. flare (V.): to burn brightly, but usually for only a short time/ not steadily None but the brave (only the brave) deserve the fair is a Proverb: only the best deserve the best ; only a courageous and gallant man deserves a beautiful woman Here, fair is the right usage.

Q13. You cannot lose what you ______ had.
(a) once (b) always
(c) never (d) have
Ans: (c) You cannot lose what you never had is a Proverb: you should not have lost something if you only wished that you had it to begin with Look at the sentence: Mary was never your girlfriend. You haven’t lost what was never yours. Here, never is the right usage.

Q14. We should go ________ doing more good than harm.
(a) on (b) above
(c) about (d) to
Ans: (c) Here, about is the right usage.

Q15. When we got home last evening, we found that the guest ______.
(a) have arrived (b) has arriving
(c) is arriving (d) had arrived
Ans: (d) Here, Past Perfect Tense had arrived is the right usage.

Q16. Neocolonialism is ________ that persists even after the demise of the formal colonization all over the so called Thirdworld.
(a) a monster (b) a devil
(c) a satan (d) an imp
(a) Here, a monster is the right usage.

Q17. The plane was ____ five hours late.
(a) evenly (b) almost
(c) keeping (d) allmost
Ans: (b) almost: not quite ; nearly. Here, almost is the right usage.

Q18. His ____ tastes and habits explain why he is always in debt.
(a) thrifty (b) extravagant
(c) moderate (d) judicious
Ans: (b) Here, extravagant is the right usage. moderate (Adj.): staying within limits that are considered to be reasonable by most people

Q19. We offer ____ to all who ask.
(a) councillor (b) council
(c) counsellor (d) counsel
Ans: (d) counsel (N.): advice (by older people/ experts) councillor (N.): a member of a council council (N.): a group of people chosen to give advice, make rules, do research, provide money, etc. counsellor (N.): a person who has been trained to advise people with problems, especially personal problems. Here, counsel is the right usage.

Q20. His and her talents are _____.
(a) complementary
(b) complimentary
(c) complementing
(d) complicating
Ans: (a) complementary: (two things that are complementary are different but together form a useful combination. complimentary: expressing admiration ; given free. Here, complementary is the right usage.

Q21. The two families have been engaged in a bitter ____ for the past two decades.
(a) feud (b) argument
(c) quarrel (d) fight
(a) feud: an angry and bitter argument between two people or groups of people that continues for a long period of time. Here, feud is the right usage.

Q22. We always _______ your team at cricket.
(a) overcome (b) beat
(c) defeat (d) conquer
Ans: (b) beat: to defeat somebody in a game or competition. Here, beat is the right usage.

Q23. The recent _______ in the size of the army is alarming.
(a) builtup (b) builtin
(c) buildup (d) buildon
Ans: (c) buildup (Noun) an increase in the amount of something. Here, buildup is the right usage.

Q24. Please ______ that the lights are switched off at night.
(a) insure (b) assure
(c) ensure (d) censure
Ans: (c) ensure: to make sure that something happens or is definite. Here, ensure is the right usage.

Q25. A wellread man is quick to catch literary _______.
(a) allusions (b) illusions
(c) delusions (d) diversions
Ans: (a) allusions: something that is said or written that refers to or mentions another person or subject in indirect way. illusions (N.): a false idea/ belief delusions (N.): a false belief/ opinion about yourself/ your situation.

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