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Part 163 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. The Sun ________ brightly.
(a) shone (b) shining
(c) shine (d) is shine
Ans: (a) Shine Shone Shone shine: to be bright Look at the sentence: The sun shone brightly in a cloudless sky. Here, shone is the right usage.

Q2. Lokesh was busy when we ____ to see him.
(a) go (b) went
(c) gone (d) goes
Ans: (b)Here, wentSimple Past Tense is the right usage.

Q3. The date of the function _____ not been decided yet.
(a) have (b) has
(c) was (d) is
Ans: (b) Here, has is the right usage.

Q4. India was a prosperous country ________the reign of King Ashoka.
(a) between (b) from
(c) while (d) during
Ans: (d) during: all through a period of time. Here, during is the right usage.

Q5. Lemons are sold _____ the dozen in the market.
(a) in (b) at
(c) for (d) by
Ans: (d) by the dozen: in large quantities Here, by is the right usage.

Q6. The Supreme Court has ______ tourism in the core area of the forest.
(a) propagated
(b) encapsulated
(c) forced
(d) prohibited
(d) Here, prohibited is the right usage. propagated (V.): to spread an idea, a belief or a piece of information among many people encapsulated (V.): to express the most important parts of something in a few words/a small space/a single object

Q7. He does not ______ any fixed principle.
(a) go through (b) go about
(c) go with (d) go upon
Ans: (c) go with (Phr. V.): to agree/ accept something go about (Phr. V.): to continue to do something go through (Phr.V.): to look at/ examine something carefully Here, go with is the right usage.

Q8. My finger is still ______ where I caught it in the door yesterday.
(a) broken (b) wounded
(c) bruised (d) injured.
Ans: (c) bruised (Adj.): having one/ more blue, brown or purple marks on your skin after falling, being hit, etc.

Q9. A trader was ______ at the city airport early on Thursday for carrying gold jewellery worth over 1 crore.
(a) hindered (b) detained
(c) retained (d) blocked
Ans: (b) retained (V.): to keep something Here, detained is the right usage.

Q10. A book’s a book ______ there is nothing in it.
(a) because (b) unless
(c) till (d) although
Ans: (d) although: used for introducing a statement that makes the main statement in a sentence seem surprising. Here, although is the right usage.

Q11. ______ knocking at the gate, he demanded admission.
(a) Cruelly (b) Kindly
(c) Speedily (d) Loudly
Ans: (d) Here, loudly is the right usage.

Q12. I ______ the job if you had paid me enough.
(a) would have done
(b) had done
(c) will do
(d) would do
Ans: (a) In this case the structure is as follows: would have + Past Participle (V3) + if + Past Perfect Tense I would have + done….. + if + …. had paid ….. Here, would have done is the right usage.

Q13. As soon as he got the telegram, he ______ in a taxi.
(a) would have left
(b) left
(c) had left
(d) has left
Ans: (b) Here, Past Simple should be used. Here, left is the right usage.

Q14. We had difficulty ______ finding a parking place.
(a) at (b) about
(c) in (d) for
Ans: (c) In this case difficulty (N.) agrees with in (Prep.). When there is difficulty with something, with (Prep.) is used. Look at the sentences: I have difficulty with my travel arrangements. We had no difficulty in finding his address. Here, in is the right usage.

Q15. The peasant rebell ion was ______ with a high hand by the Emperor.
(a) put off (b) put away
(c) put back (d) put down
Ans: (d) put down (Phr.V.): to stop something by force put off (Phr. V.): to cancel a meeting/an arrangement that you have made with somebody put away (Phr. V.): to send somebody to prison, to a mental hospital, etc. put back (Phr. V.): to return something to its usual place or to the place where it was before it was moved Here, put down is the right usage.

Q16. That car is throwing ______ a lot of smoke.
(a) out (b) up
(c) away (d) in
(a) throw out: to produce smoke, light, heat etc. Here, out is the right usage.

Q17. Leila said the new restaurant was nothing to write about. She thought it was ______.
(a) just average
(b) really terrible
(c) splendid (d) excellent
Ans: (a) Here, just average is the right usage. nothing much to write home about: not especially good; ordinary.

Q18. My Nigerian friend, Fela is having trouble finding work here in London, but he says if push comes to shove he can always______.
(a) go to jail
(b) win the lottery
(c) end of the journey that is life
(d) go back to Nigeria
Ans: (d) when push comes to shove: when there is no other choice; when everything has failed. Here, go back to Nigeria is the right usage.

Q19. If you say to someone “You’re so full of yourself ” they’ll probably feel_______.
(a) upset (b) pleased
(c) calm (d) proud
Ans: (a) full of yourself: very proud; thinking only of yourself. Here, upset is the right usage.

Q20. The archer missed the ______ by an inch.
(a) score (b) point
(c) blow (d) aim
Ans: (d) aim by an inch is the right usage.

Q21. Bob and Jane decided to tie the knot because
(a) they loved one another
(b) they needed to save money
(c) they wanted to make a long rope
(d) it had come undone
(a) tie the knot: to get married. Here, they loved one another is the right usage.

Q22. She heard the ______ of the hinges.
(a) rattling (b) rustling
(c) crashing (d) creaking
Ans: (d) creaking: a sound that is sometimes made by a door when it opens or shuts crashing: a loud noise made by something falling or breaking. rattling: a series of short loud sounds eg. rattling cups and saucers in kitchen rustling: soft rustling of leaves. Here, creaking is the right usage.

Q23. The sound effects ______ by the recording director.
(a) are provided
(b) being provide
(c) been provided
(d) provided
Ans: (a) The structure of a sentence in Passive Voice and Simple Present Tense is as follows: Thing receiving action + be + V3 (Past Participle) + by + thing doing action The sound effects are provided by the recording director Here, are provided is the right usage. beautiful to describe in words Here, incredible is the right usage.

Q24. The _____ of cotton is very heavy.
(a) bald (b) bail
(c) bale (47)band
Ans: (c) bale: a large amount of a light material pressed tightly together. Bales of hay/straw/cotton/wool. Here, bale is the right usage.

Q25. The principal has given his ______ to the match.
(a) except (b) ascent
(c) refuse (d) assent
Ans: (d) assent (N.): official agreement to/ approval of something ascent (N.): an upward journey Here, assent is the right usage.

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