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Part 162 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. Come what____, I shall adhere to my principles.
(a) can (b) may
(c) might (d) will
(b) come what may (Idiom): despite any problems or difficulties you may have Here, may is the right usage.

Q2. The Prime Minister insisted ________ fuel prices in the Cabinet meeting.
(a) to raise (b) on raising
(c) in raising (d) at raising
Ans: (b) Here, on raising is the right usage. insist (Verb): to demand that something happens or that somebody agrees to do something

Q3. The __________ of puppies is fond of milk.
(a) gang (b) litter
(c) group (d) litre
Ans: (b) litter (Noun): a number of baby animals that one mother gives birth to at the same time. Here, litter is the right usage.

Q4. He _______ his father.
(a) takes back (b) takes after
(c) takes off (d) takes out
Ans: (b) take after (Phr. V.): to look or behave like an older member of your family, especially your mother or father Here, takes after is the right usage.

Q5. Guard _______ spel ling mistakes.
(a) against (b) after
(c) above (d) at
Ans: (a) Here, against (Prep.) is the right usage. guard against (Phr. V.): to take care to avoid something or someone

Q6. Make hay while the sun _____.
(a) shines (b) is shining
(c) was shining
(d) has been shining
(a) Here, shines is the right usage.

Q7. Internet cafe owners fear that a police crackdown may cause ____ damage to their business.
(a) irreparable (b) eternal
(c) untold (d) reparable
Ans: (a) irreparable (Adj.): too bad or too serious to repair or put right Here, irreparable is the right usage.

Q8. We heard that the Richards _______ their house recently.
(a) will shift (b) are shifting
(c) had shifted (d) have shifted
Ans: (c) Here, had shifted is the right usage.

Q9. The more he remonstrated _______ the referee the worse the situation became.
(a) with (b) for
(c) at (d) to
Ans: (a) Here, with (Prep.) is the right usage. remonstrate (Verb): to disagree and argue or complain about something

Q10. Our teacher encouraged _____ setting the poem to music.
(a) he (b) he’s
(c) his (d) him
Ans: (c) Here, his (Possessive Case) is the right usage.

Q11. He would not have been successful in the project but _____ my help.
(a) for (b) off
(c) of (d) with
(a) Here, for (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q12. Though this blanket is not made of wool, it has a ______ texture.
(a) wool (b) woollen
(c) woolly (d) woolish
Ans: (c) woolly: covered with wool or with hairlike wool. woollen: made of wool. Here, woolly is the right usage.

Q13. None of the guests ate much at the party because the food looked _______.
(a) unapproachable
(b) unauthorized
(c) unceremonious
(d) unappetizing
Ans: (d) unappetizing: unpleasant to eat. Here, unappetizing is the right usage.

Q14. Trust ______ God and do the right.
(a) in (b) with
(c) at (d) by
Ans: (a)trust (Uncountable N.) agrees with in (Prep.) we trust (in) somebody/ something Here, in is the right usage.

Q15. The accused was _______as the counsel could not produce a witness.
(a) let out (b) let off
(c) let on (d) let aside
Ans: (b) let off (Phr. V.): to not punish somebody for something they have done wrong let out (Phr. V.): to come to an end, so that it may be time for people to leave (classes, movies, meetings, etc.) let on (Phr. V.): to tell a secret Here, let off is the right usage.

Q16. ______ thousand species of butterflies have been identified.
(a) As many as (b) As many
(c) As much as (d) Much as
Ans: (a) For Countable Nouns, as many as should be used. Here, As many as is the right usage.

Q17. He ______ his mistake.
(a) understood (b) solved
(c) finished (d) realised
Ans: (d) realise: to understand or become aware of a particular fact or situation. Look at the sentence: Only later did she realise her mistake. Here, realised is the right usage.

Q18. You will not be allowed to enter _______ you have an entry pass.
(a) if (b) unless
(c) when (d) but
Ans: (b) unless: used to say that something can only happen or be true in a particular situation. Here, unless is the right usage.

Q19. It has been years since I last ______ him.
(a) had met (b) met
(c) meet (d) have met
Ans: (b) If a since Clause implies time, it must contain a Verb in Past Tense. Here, met is the right usage.

Q20. These murals are typical ______ Tamil Nadu.
(a) for (b) on
(c) with (d) of
Ans: (d) Typical agrees with Preposition of. Look at the sentence: This meal is typical of local cookery. Here, of is the right usage.

Q21. The flight will land ______ six this evening.
(a) in (b) on
(c) at (d) upon
(c) at (Prep.) is used for designating specific times. as in — The train is due at 12: 15 P.M. Here, at is the right usage.

Q22. Do not laugh ________ other’s mistakes.
(a) at (b) for
(c) against (d) about
Ans: (a) laugh at (Phr.V.): to make somebody/something seem stupid/not serious by making jokes about him/it Here, at is the right usage.

Q23. He could not cope _______ the heavy workload.
(a) in with (b) up with
(c) up (d) with
Ans: (d) cope with something: to deal successfully with something difficult; manage. Here, with is the right usage.

Q24. The garbage has been disposed________.
(a) off (b) of
(c) with (d) out
Ans: (b) dispose of somebody/something: to get rid of somebody/ something that you do not want. Here, of is the right usage.

Q25. She________college late that day.
(a) was reaching (b) reaching
(c) is reached (d) reached
Ans: (d) The event is of Past time. Here, Past Simplereached Here, reached is the right usage.

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