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Part 160 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. The work ____, he left his office.
(a) having completed
(b) having been completed
(c) on being finished
(d) having been over
Ans: (b) having been denotes a completed activity. It shows y happened after x has happened. Here, having been completed is the right usage.

Q2. Our monthly expenditure ____ by five hundred rupees when we decided to buy milk from the milkman.
(a) shot up (b) got up
(c) lifted up (d) grew up
Ans: (a) shot up (Phr. V.): rose suddenly by a large amount Here, shot up is the right usage.

Q3. He was not a man _____ intelligence.
(a) lacking of (b) devoid of
(c) absent of (d) empty of
(b) devoid of (Adj.): completely lacking in something Here, devoid of is the right usage.

Q4. Google is one of the most popular search engines, it is ______ by the Internet users.
(a) utilized
(b) effected
(c) examined
(d) flabbergasted
Ans: (a) utilised (Verb): used something, especially for a practical purpose flabbergasted (Verb): extremely surprised and/or shocked Here, utilized is the right usage.

Q5. Raj was tired of Puja’s ________ approach, so he asked her to make her final decision by that evening.
(a) sillywilly (b) dillydaily
(c) wasting (d) dillynally.
Ans: (b) dilly–daily (Verb): to take too long to do something Here, dillydaily is the right usage.

Q6. Ria is _____at speaking languages. It is difficult to _____ only one puppy for animal shelter.
(a) adept, adapt (b) adapt, adapt
(c) adept, adopt (d) adapt, adopt
Ans: (c) adept (Noun): a person who is good at doing something that is quite difficult adapt (Verb): adjust adopt (Verb): foster; to take somebody else’s child into your family and become its legal parent (s) Here, adept, adopt is the right usage.

Q7. School days are considered to be the best years of your life. When my____ year in school began, I began to think of those past enjoyable days and of my future also.
(a) penultimate (b) absolute
(c) integral (d) termination
Ans: (a) penultimate (Adj.): immediately before the last one; next/ second to last Here, penultimate is the right usage.

Q8. Being ______, the judge gave a favourable verdict.
(a) sagacious (b) pugnacious
(c) malicious (d) tenacious
(a) sagacious (Adj.): showing good judgement and understanding pugnacious (Adj.): having a strong desire to argue or fight with other people malicious (Adj.): having or showing hatred and a desire to harm somebody or hurt their feelings. tenacious (Adj.): determined continuing to exist Here, sagacious is the right usage.

Q9. Throughout his career, his performance has fairly been ____.
(a) consistence
(b) consistent (c) consisting
(d) constituted
Ans: (b) consistent (Adj.): always in the same way, or having the same opinions, standards, etc. Here, consistent is the right usage.

Q10. I convey my thanks ______ the members of the club.
(a) for (b) of
(c) to (d) about
Ans: (c) convey (Verb) agrees with– to (Prep.) Here, to is the right usage.

Q11. The government ______ on this issue.
(a) is divided (b) are divided
(c) is being divided
(d) divided
Ans: (a) is divided (Singular Verb) divided (Adj.): split by disagreements or different opinions Here, government is Singular Subject Here, is divided is the right usage.

Q12. The student is yet to_______ his home task.
(a) completion (b) compete
(c) complete (d) continue
(c) Here, complete (Verb) is the right usage.

Q13. Arun has ________ his work.
(a) completely (b) completing
(c) complete (d) completed
Ans: (d) The sentence is in Present Perfect Tense. Here, completed (Verb) is the right usage.

Q14. Rather than ________ others, why don’t you look for your own mistakes ?
(a) helping (b) pointing
(c) blaming (d) watching
Ans: (c) blame (Verb): to think or say that somebody/ something is responsible for something bad point at somebody (Idiom): to accuse somebody of doing something Here, blaming is the right usage.

Q15. We have been living in this house ________ 1965.
(a) when (b) for
(c) before (d) since
Ans: (d) since (Prep.): used with Present Perfect Tense, i.e. from a time in the past until a later past time, or until now Here, since is the right usage.

Q16. Since Amit was an ______ photographer, he did not charge any money for taking our picture.
(a) amateur (b) professional
(c) useless (d) unknown
(a) amateur (Noun): a person who takes part in any activity for enjoyment, not as a job professional (Noun): a person who takes part in any activity as a paid job and not as a hobby Here, amateur is the right usage.

Q17. There is a ……… amount of fatty acids and carbohydrates in some of the imported chocolates.
(a) neglecting (b) negligent
(c) negligible (d) neglected
Ans: (c) negligible (Adjective): of very little importance or size and not worth considering ; insignificant Here, negligible is the right usage.

Q18. I’m not so successful……. she is.
(a) then (b) as
(c) like (d) than
Ans: (b) as + Adj. + as is used for comparing things that are equal in some way Here, as is the right usage.

Q19. Many Tamilspeaking Sri Lankans …….. from the island to escape the military and its atrocities.
(a) flown (b) flee
(c) fled (d) flew
Ans: (c) flee (Verb): to leave a place very quickly, especially because you are afraid of possible danger flee (S. Pr.) fled (S. Past) Here, fled is the right usage.

Q20. ……… the new Safari Storme, Mahindra has more leverage in increasing the sales.
(a) With (b) At
(c) On (d) In
Ans: (a) with (Prep.) is the right usage. leverage (Noun): power to influence people

Q21. The passenger car sales showed a decline ………. 7% to 5.6%.
(a) from (b) for
(c) of (d) to
(a) Here, from (Prep.) is the right usage. It is used for showing the range of something. (from …….. to)

Q22. His words were hardly …. with that screaming and shouting in the market.
(a) legible (b) eligible
(c) intelligible
(d) None of these
Ans: (d) legible (Adj.): clear enough to read The correct word will be audible (Adj.): that can be heard clearly

Q23. He was…angry to speak to me.
(a) so (b) too
(c) that (d) such
Ans: (b) Here, too (Adv.) is the right usage.

Q24. I wish I ……. a pen.
(a) were (b) am
(c) was (d) be
Ans: (a) In the Subjunctive Mood, the Verb is always in the Plural, even with a Singular Subject Here, were is the right usage.

Q25. Look after your health …… you should repent later on.
(a) as (b) because
(c) till (d) lest
Ans: (d) lest (Conj.): in order to prevent something from happening Here, lest is the right usage.

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