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Part 159 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. The father seems relieved as he has married ___ both of his daughters.
(a) of (b) off
(c) to (d) away
Ans: (b) marry off (Phr. V.): to find a husband or wife for somebody, especially your daughter or son Here, off is the right usage.

Q2. Mohan, have you ever ___ before? It’s my first time in a plane and I am a little nervous.
(a) fled (b) flowed
(c) flown (d) flying
Ans: (c) Present Past Past Participle fly flew (have) flown Here, flown is the right usage.

Q3. They have already completed the job, ___?
(a) isn’t it (b) has they
(c) haven’t they(d) won’t they
Ans: (c) Here, haven’t they is the right usage.

Q4. The whole class sympathised ___ the peon.
(a) at (b) for
(c) with (d) towards
Ans: (c) Here, with (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q5. Your tie does not go well ___ your shirt.
(a) above (b) with
(c) for (d) over
Ans: (b) Here, with (Prep.) is the right usage. go with (Phr. V.): match

Q6. I am grateful ___ him.
(a) with (b) in
(c) for (d) to
Ans: (d) Here, to (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q7. The subordinate made a ___ remark against his boss that cost his job.
(a) derogatory B) complimentary
(c) oblique
(d) conscientious
Ans: (a) derogatory (Adj.): insulting; expressing a low opinion of somebody or something Here, derogatory is the right usage.

Q8. He ___ before the court that he was innocent of the crime.
(a) denied (b) denounced
(c) demanded (d) declared
(d) declared (Verb): to say or state in an official or public way; to say in a strong and confident way Here, declared is the right usage.

Q9. We …….. respect our parents and teachers.
(a) may have to (b) will
(c) shall (d) ought to
Ans: (d) ought to (Mod. V.): used for saying what is the right thing to do Here, ought to is the right usage.

Q10. Let us sit down ……… the shade of a tree for sometime.
(a) inside (b) below
(c) in (d) beneath
Ans: (c) in (Prep.): at a point within an area or a space below (Prep.): at or to a lower level than somebody or something beneath (Prep.): in or to a lower position from somebody or something Here, in is the right usage.

Q11. You are fortunate ………. having an intelligent and obedient son.
(a) to (b) for
(c) of (d) in
Ans: (d) fortunate (Adj.) used differently: I have been fortunate enough to visit many parts of the world. I was fortunate in having a good teacher. It was very fortunate for him that I arrived on time. Here, in is the right usage.

Q12. Mother had prepared 20 biscuits, Raj ate all of them. Therefore, mother called him a ……….
(a) digester (b) goader
(c) needy (d) glutton
Ans: (d) glutton (Noun): a person who eats too much digester (Noun): one that digests makes a digest (a piece of writing) Here, glutton is the right usage.

Q13. We are highly disappointed ……….. the exam results.
(a) about (b) from
(c) in (d) with
(d) disappointed (Verb) agrees with Prep. with Here, with is the right usage.

Q14. What ________ ? It ______wonderful.
(a) is cooking, smell
(b) is cooking, smelled
(c) are you cooking, smelt
(d) are you cooking, smells
Ans: (d) The structure of the sentence (Interrogative, Present Continuous) is as follows: Is/Am/Are + Subject +Ving? Here, are you cooking, smells is the right usage.

Q15. We had _____ money left, so we went out for a meal. We decided to abandon our trip as we had ____ money left.
(a) a little, a little
(b) little, a little
(c) a few, few
(d) a little, little
Ans: (d) a little (Adv.): a small amount; some: used with Uncountable Nouns little (Adj.): not much Used with Uncountable Nouns few (Adj.): not many Used with Plural Nouns and a Plural Verb a few (Adv. Adj): a small number; some; used with Plural Noun and a Plural Verb Here, a little, little is the right usage.

Q16. Please write to me _____ this address.
(a) upon (b) at
(c) to (a) on
Ans: (b) Here, at (Prep.) is the right usage. at (Prep.) is used for specific addresses.

Q17. I hate him for the simple reason that he keeps singing his own praises continually talking about himself. He is an irritating _____. He is a real _____ because for anything he does he always expects something in return, a selfish person indeed.
(a) poser, misanthrope
(b) poser, egotist
(c) egoist misanthrope
(d) egotist, egoist
Ans: (d) egotist (Noun): a selfish, self–centred person egoist (Noun): a person who thinks that he or she is better than other people and who thinks and talks too much about himself or herself poser (Noun): a difficult question or problem misanthrope (Noun): a person who hates and avoids other people Here, egotist, egoist is the right usage.

Q18. On Tuesday it’s the carnival, _____ everybody gets dressed up in a fancy costume. So we will meet at John’s house, _______ is about a couple of kilometres away.
(a) which, where
(b) where, when
(c) when, where
(d) when, which
(d) Here, when; which (Rel. Pro.) is the right usage.

Q19. Studentparking should be ______; students should not be charged to buy parking stickers.
(a) fined (b) free
(c) costly (d) cheap
Ans: (b) free (Adj.): costing nothing Here, free is the right usage.

Q20. If you have roses growing in your garden, you can make a lovely ____ of flowers at home.
(a) bouqutte (b) bucquete
(c) bouquete (d) bouquet
Ans: (d) bouquet (Noun): a bunch of flowers arranged in an attractive way Here, bouquet is the right usage.

Q21. The _____ of the middle school is a woman of ____.
(a) principles, principal
(b) principals, principal
(c) principal, principles
(d) principle, principals
Ans: (c) Principal (Noun): the person who is in charge of a school, college or a university principles (Noun): moral rules or a strong beliefs that influences your actions Here, Principal, principles is the right usage.

Q22. With the changing times, most of the students have become businesslike they are ______ and want to take only those courses which they find rewarding.
(a) idealistic (b) pragmatic
(c) enthusiastic (d) partial
Ans: (b) pragmatic (Adj.): solving problems in a practical and sensible way rather than by having fixed ideas or theories idealistic (Adj.): having a strong belief in perfect standards and trying to achieve them, even when this is not realistic Here, pragmatic is the right usage.

Q23. 1. John’s at ____ institute studying French. 2. They’re building _____ school at the end of our street. 3. Do they live in ____ United Kingdom or somewhere else ?
(a) a, the, an (b) the, a, an
(c) an, a, the (d) the, an, a
(c) Here, an, a, the (Art.) is the right usage.

Q24. _____ the people looked well enough, but when one looked more closely one saw that their faces were filled with despair.
(a) At first looking
(b) At first observation
(c) On first sight
(d) At first sight
Ans: (d) At first sight (Idiom): immediately; at first glance; when you first begin to consider something; when you see somebody or something for the first time Here, At first sight is the right usage.

Q25. He was assured by his friends _____ every type of help, in an emergency.
(a) by (b) of
(c) with (d) about
Ans: (b) Here of (Prep.) is the right usage.

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