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Part 158 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. The bus ____ fifty passengers fell ____ the river.
(a) for; upon (b) over; on
(c) of; at (d) with; into
Ans: (d) Here, with; into (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q2. Take this medicine regularly and you will get rid _____ this disease.
(a) from (b) of
(c) over (d) at
Ans: (b) get rid of (Idiom): to remove something that you do not want any longer Here, of is the right usage.

Q3. She tries to adjust _______ her relations.
(a) at (b) so
(c) with (d) for
(c) Here, with (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q4. My tennis player is a _____; she will not play mixed doubles in shorts or a tennis skirt; she is overly concerned about being proper or modest.
(a) admonish (b) prude
(c) rude (d) loyal
Ans: (b) prude (Noun): a person who is easily shocked by nude things (connected with sex) Here, prude is the right usage.

Q5. Sometimes it is good to _____ your soul in front of your friends.
(a) bear (b) bare
(c) beer (d) bar
Ans: (b) bare your soul (Idiom): to tell somebody your deepest and most private feelings Here, bare is the right usage.

Q6. If you are worried about the problem, you should do something _____ it.
(a) against (b) with
(c) for (d) about
Ans: (c) Here, for (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q7. This is entirely_______you and me.
(a) between (b) from
(c) among (d) amidst
Ans: (a) Here, between (Prep.) is the right usage. It is used for referring to two things.

Q8. The mother parted ______ her married daughter in sorrow.
(a) for (b) off
(c) away (d) from
Ans: (d) part from (Idiom): to leave somebody part with (Idiom): to leave something Here, from is the right usage.

Q9. This movie is directed by Steven Spielberg, ______ ?
(a) hasn’t he (b) hasn’t it
(c) isn’t it (d) isn’t he
Ans: (c) Here, isn’t it is the right usage.

Q10. _____ can be no excuses this time, students
(a) They’re (b) They
(c) Their (d) There
Ans: (d) Here, There is the right usage.

Q11. Tables are usually made ______wood.
(a) from (b) of
(c) with (d) by
Ans: (b) Here, of (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q12. All of them are surprised _____ her rudeness.
(a) with (b) upon
(c) at (d) on
Ans: (c) Surprise (Verb) agrees with at (Preposition) Here, at is the right usage.

Q13. When Wilbur Wright tried to sell his flying machine to the U.S. Government, the officials in charge were _____.
(a) highly misunderstood
(b) grudging sceptical
(c) grudgingly unhappy
(d) highly sceptical
(d) sceptical (Adj.): having doubts that a claim or statement is true grudging (Adj.): given or done unwillingly; reluctant Here, highly sceptical is the right usage.

Q14. What would you have done if you______ the train ?
(a) have missed (b) had missed
(c) missed (d) missing
Ans: (b) Here, Past Perfect Tensehad missed is the right usage.

Q15. I stayed in Mumbai ____ eight years.
(a) for (b) since
(c) through (d) around
Ans: (a) Here, for (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q16. If I _____ her address, I would have called on her.
(a) will have (b) had known
(c) can have (d) shall have
Ans: (b) Here, Past Perfect Tensehad known is the right usage.

Q17. Balu ___ in several other States when he decided to work in Kolkata.
(a) had worked
(b) worked
(c) had been working
(d) working
Ans: (a) Here, Past Perfect Tensehad worked is the right usage.

Q18. The degree will be awarded during the annual ____.
(a) conference (b) convention
(c) convolution (d) convocation
Ans: (d) convocation (Noun): a ceremony held in a university or college when students receive their degrees conference (Noun): a large official meeting, lasting for a few days, where people with the same interests come together to discuss their views convention (Noun): a large meeting of the members of a profession, a political party, etc. convolution (Noun): a thing that is very complicated Here, convocation is the right usage.

Q19. She slipped and ___ her ankle.
(a) broken (b) sprained
(c) massaged (d) hurted
Ans: (b) sprained (Verb): injured a joint in your body, by suddenly twisting it. Here, sprained is the right usage.

Q20. Mussoorie, the Queen of hills in India. offers many ____.
(a) entertainments
(b) sights
(c) attractions
(d) tourists
Ans: (c) Here, attractions (Noun) is the right usage.

Q21. The boys ____ whom I was playing are all my good friends.
(a) with (b) to
(c) of (d) by
Ans: (a) Here, with (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q22. Parveen and Neelima could not enroll in the college ______ they had already managed to get a passing score in the official exam.
(a) therefore (b) even though
(c) hence (d) moreover
Ans: (a) even though (Idiom): despite the fact or belief that ; no matter whether Here, even though is the right usage.

Q23. The gypsies do not live ______ at a particular place.
(a) broadly (b) willingly
(c) permanently (d) voluntarily
(c) Here, permanent is the right usage. gypsy (Noun): a member of a group of people, originally from Asia, who travel around and do don’t live in one place.

Q24. Go home immediately ___ your mother is looking for you.
(a) after (b) so that
(c) because (d) but
Ans: (c) Here, because (Conj.) is the right usage. It shows reason.

Q25. He was slow as usual. Even a snail would have seemed ___.
(a) fastest (b) faster
(c) too fast (d) not fast
Ans: (b) Here, Comp. Deg. (faster) is the right usage.

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