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Part 157 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. I am not angry ____ you, Paul.
(a) at (b) on
(c) with (d) against
Ans: (c) angry (Adj.) takes Prep.- with Here, with is the right usage.

Q2. ______ Australian and _______ European are there among the tourists.
(a) An, an (b) The, the
(c) An, a (d) A, an
Ans: (c) An will be used with Australian (Vowel Sound) A will be used with European (Consonant Sound) Here, An/a is the right usage.

Q3. I have been looking for an apartment and I finally found the ______ one.
(a) good (b) airy
(c) cheap (d) perfect
Ans: (d) perfect (Adj.): having everything that is necessary; complete and without weaknesses good better (the) best airy airier (the) airiest cheap cheap (the) cheapest Here, perfect is the right usage.

Q4. The youth should believe _____ God.
(a) upon (b) in
(c) on (d) of
Ans: (b) Here, in (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q5. He was born_________India.
(a) off (b) in
(c) of (d) through
Ans: (b) Here, in (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q6. The convict tried his level best to justify himself but the judge looked _____ him and found him guilty.
(a) around (b) at
(c) through (d) to
Ans: (b) look at (Idiom): to examine something closely Here, at is the right usage.

Q7. His opponents launched a political _____ against him.
(a) regimen (b) remission
(c) regale (d) tirade
Ans: (d) tirade (Noun): a long angry speech criticizing somebody or something or accusing somebody of something regimen (Noun): a set of rules about food and exercise of medical treatment that you follow in order to stay healthy or to improve your health remission (Noun): a period during which a serious illness improves for a time and the patient seems to get better Here, tirade is the right usage.

Q8. What an _____ story I am not ______ enough yet to believe it.
(a) incredible/credulous
(b) incredulous/credible
(c) increditable/believable
(d) unbelievable/creditable
(a) incredible (Adj.): unbelievable credulous (Adj.): too ready to believe things and therefore easy to trick incredulous (Adj.): not willing or not able to believe something credible (Adj.): that can be believed or trusted creditable (Adj.): praiseworthy Here, incredible/credulous is the right usage.

Q9. My father is very _____ to me, we play football every evening.
(a) friendly (b) friends
(c) friendlike (d) friendship
Ans: (a) Here, friendly (Adjective): is the right usage.

Q10. A technology – starved customer would only be ______ to be presented with a new product.
(a) thriving (b) declarative
(c) irritable (d) thrilled
Ans: (d) thrilled (Adj.): very excited and pleased thriving (Verb): flourishing; being successful Here, thrilled is the right usage.

Q11. Neither Shyam_____Rohit came to the school today.
(a) but (b) or
(c) nor (d) and
Ans: (c) Here, nor is the right usage. Neither … nor are Correlatives.

Q12. He is getting married _____ Maya.
(a) only (b) by
(c) with (d) to
Ans: (d) Here to (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q13. Medical doctors should try to_____ as many patients as possible.
(a) heel (b) heal
(c) kill (d) hale
Ans: (b) heal (Verb): to cure somebody who is ill/sick Here, heal is the right usage.

Q14. Can you tell the difference ____ butter and Margarine.
(a) over (b) with
(c) between (d) among
Ans: (c) Here between (Prep.) is the right usage It is used for referring to two things which are clearly separated.

Q15. I’m not very good _____ repairing things.
(a) at (b) for
(c) in (d) about
Ans: (a) Here, at (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q16. Will all of you _____ up for prayer?
(a) raise (b) rise
(c) raze (d) race
Ans: (b) rise (Verb): to move up; to stand up; to increase raise (Verb): to lift; to become bigger; to develop; to bring about Here, rise is the right usage.

Q17. The art of cooking _____ in ancient India.
(a) is perfected
(b) will perfect
(c) perfected
(d) was perfected
Ans: (d) Here, was perfected’ (Passsive Voice) is the right usage.

Q18. A number of refugees _____ been turned back at the border.
(a) are (b) has
(c) is (d) have
(d) The Subject (a number of refugees) →Plural Hence, Verb (have) →Plural, is the right usage.

Q19. The new government took _____ last year.
(a) after (b) over
(c) upon (d) out
Ans: (b) take over (Phr. V.): to begin to have control of something.

Q20. Mohan’s career has taken some _____ twists and turns.
(a) interesting (b) interactive
(c) intuitive (d) incentive
Ans: (a) Here, interesting (Adj.) is the right usage.

Q21. Sheila gained an advantage _____ me.
(a) from (b) on
(c) over (d) upon
Ans: (c) Here, over (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q22. She was remarkably _______ in singing and dancing.
(a) conducive
(b) fluctuating
(c) cooperative
(d) accomplished
Ans: (d) accomplished (Adj.): skilled. Here, accomplished is the right usage.

Q23. It is raining _____. Do not go out.
(a) fast (b) soundly
(c) strongly (d) heavily
Ans: (d) Here, heavily (Adv.) is the right usage.

Q24. When she retired, she handed ______ the charge to the’ Vice President.
(a) out (b) across
(c) off (d) over
Ans: (d) hand over (Phr. V.): to give something to someone else. Here, over is the right usage.

Q25. Statistics _____ always my worst subject.
(a) were (b) is
(c) have (d) are
Ans: (b) Here, is (Singular Verb) is the right usage.

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