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Part 156 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. Did the child _____ from the chair?
(a) fell (b) fallen
(c) falling (d) fall
Ans: (d) The structure of the sentence is as follows: Auxiliary Subject Verb Did the child fall (S. Pr.) Rest of the sentence from the chair ? Here, fall is the right usage.

Q2. Do you _____ to see my collections?
(a) cared (b) like
(c) want (d) got
Ans: (c) Here, want (Verb) in Simple Present Tense is the right usage.

Q3. After initial setback, all _____ programmes were successful due to the initiative of the new dynamic team.
(a) consequent
(b) subsequently
(c) consequently
(d) subsequent
(d) subsequent (Adj.): happening or coming after something else consequent (Adjective): happening as a result of something Here, subsequent is the right usage.

Q4. Many women in developing countries experience a cycle of poor health that ______ before they are born.
(a) originates (b) derives
(c) begins (d) establishes
Ans: (c) Here, begins is the right usage. originates (Verb): to happen or appear for the first time in a particular place or situation

Q5. It is difficult_______affection on her.
(a) showering (b) to shower
(c) shower (d) of showering
Ans: (b) Here, to shower (Inf. with to) is the right usage.

Q6. Our ancestors had immense difficulty ________procuring books.
(a) for (b) of
(c) in (d) on
Ans: (c) Here, in (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q7. I asked him if I _____ borrow his car for a day.
(a) will (b) could
(c) can (d) should
Ans: (b) to make a polite request could is used Here, could is the right usage.

Q8. Work hard so that you______
(a) shall get good marks
(b) will get good marks
(c) may get good marks
(d) should get good marks
(c) Here may get good marks is the right usage.

Q9. They have lost____of their contacts.
(a) little (b) much
(c) many (d) small
Ans: (c) many (Adj.) is used with Countable Nouns. Here, many is the right usage.

Q10. I praise_____honesty of this boy.
(a) a (b) an
(c) the (d) your
Ans: (c) Here, the (Def. Art.) is the right usage.

Q11. Three ________ four make seven.
(a) with (b) into
(c) in (d) and
Ans: (d) and (Conj.): also; in addition to Here, and is the right usage.

Q12. The officer _____ the car to speak to the driver.
(a) stops (b) has stopped
(c) stopped (d) had stopped
Ans: (c) Here, stopped (Verb) is the right usage.

Q13. I have to recite Tagore’s sonnet, I will be the ____ one to do so in my school.
(a) earliest (b) initial
(c) solitary (d) only
(d) Here, only (Adv.) is the right usage.

Q14. There were ______ participants at the conference than we had expected, so we had trouble seating them.
(a) much more (b) many more
(c) so many (d) too many
Ans: (b) Here, many more: an even greater amount Here, many more is the right usage.

Q15. Men ______ are thinkers look for facts.
(a) who (b) that
(c) which (d) those
Ans: (a) Here, who (Rel. Pro.) Here, who is the right usage.

Q16. Asha and Rima could not get admission in the college ______ they had already managed to get a passing score in the official exam.
(a) even though (b) now that
(c) therefore (d) whether
Ans: (a) even though (Idiom): despite the fact or belief that ; no matter whether Here, even though is the right usage.

Q17. The principal congratulated him ______ passing the final exam.
(a) in (b) of
(c) on (d) with
Ans: (c) Here, on (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q18. Thank you very much ______ your suggestions.
(a) on (b) with
(c) about (d) for
(d) Here, for (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q19. Let us quickly _____.
(a) muddle (b) huddle
(c) hurdle (d) puddle
Ans: (b) huddle (Verb): to gather closely together, usually because of cold or fear muddle (Verb): to put things in the wrong order or mix them up Here, huddle is the right usage.

Q20. Rajesh’s car wasn’t _____ Ramesh’s, so we were too exhausted by the time we reached home..
(a) such comfortable
(b) as comfortable as
(c) comfortable enough
(d) so comfortable that
Ans: (b) Comparison of equality as Adj./Adv. as will be used Here, as comfortable as is the right usage.

Q21. I don’t suppose that Pramod will be elected _____ how hard he struggles as he is not completely supported by the committee.
(a) although (b) seeing as
(c) no matter (d) however
Ans: (c) no matter how (Idiom): used for saying that something is always true, whatever the situation is, or that somebody should certainly do something Here, no matter how is the right usage.

Q22. Regular exercise is conducive _____ health.
(a) in (b) to
(c) for (d) of
Ans: (b) conducive (Adj.): making it easy, possible or likely for something to happen; helpful; favourable conducive agrees with to (Prep.) Here, to is the right usage.

Q23. Can you please _____ my web site just before I publish it ?
(a) find out (b) go through
(c) set out (d) look up
(b) go through (Phr. V.): to look at or examine something carefully; to study or consider something in detail Here, go through is the right usage.

Q24. The teacher let us __________.
(a) to go early
(b) to leave early
(c) go early
(d) early to go
Ans: (c) let (Verb):permission let is followed by an Object (us) and an Inf. without to (go) Here, go early is the right usage.

Q25. Jane is annoyed __________.
(a) on me (b) with me
(c) against me (d) over me
Ans: (b) annoyed (Verb) agrees with, with Prep.-with. Here, with me is the right usage.

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