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Part 155 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. He said I ____ use his car whenever I wanted.
(a) could (b) can
(c) will (d) would
Ans: (a) could (Mod. Aux. V.): used for expressing an ability in the past Here, could is the right usage.

Q2. He will not work ___ he is compelled.
(a) till (b) if
(c) after (d) unless
Ans: (d) Here, unless (Conj.) is the right usage.

Q3. The teacher said disappointedly, “There is ____ in my class who can solve this problem.”
(a) anybody (b) somebody
(c) everybody (d) nobody
(d) nobody (Pro.): no one; none Here, nobody is the right usage.

Q4. While he was working at the construction site, the block of wood suddenly______ his right shoulder.
(a) was hitted (b) was hit
(c) had hitted (d) hit
Ans: (d) hit (Verb) →Past Form→hit Here, hit is the right usage.

Q5. The _____ in the region has been pleasant recently.
(a) climate (b) weather
(c) whether (d) season
Ans: (b) weather (Noun): the condition of the atmosphere at a particular place and time, such as temperature, and if there is wind, rain, sun, etc. climate (Noun): the regular pattern of weather conditions of a particular place Here, weather is the right usage.

Q6. ______ following all the instructions closely, he missed out an important guideline.
(a) Instead of (b) Although
(c) In spite of (d) Otherwise
Ans: (c) In spite of (Idiom): despite; without being prevented by; not stopped by Here, In spite of is the right usage.

Q7. He was junior_____ me in college and we have been friends since then.
(a) with (b) than
(c) from (d) to
Ans: (d) to (Prep.) is used with junior Here, to is the right usage.

Q8. I visit Shimla frequently; however, I have never _____ Kufri.
(a) went to (b) visited to
(c) been too (d) been to
(d) Here, been to is the right usage.

Q9. She is ______ girls I know.
(a) from the best
(b) the most best
(c) the best
(d) one of the best
Ans: (d) Here, one of the best is the right usage.

Q10. I have never seen ______ animal before.
(a) any larger (b) as large
(c) such a large (d) so large
Ans: (c) Here, such a large is the right usage.

Q11. He said to me, “You are ____ ”.
(a) fooling (b) a fool
(c) a foolish (d) fool
Ans: (b) Here, a fool is the right usage.

Q12. I ______ your house yesterday.
(a) past by (b) passing by
(c) pasting by (d) passed by
Ans: (d) pass by (Phr. V.): proceed past something Here, passed by is the right usage.

Q13. In the tragic incident, none of the 145 passengers ______
(a) could survived
(b) survive
(c) survived
(d) is surviving
(c) Here, survived (Verb) is the right usage.

Q14. They live___ the fifth floor.
(a) in (b) to
(c) on (d) at
Ans: (c) Here on (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q15. America was _____ by Columbus.
(a) discovered (b) found
(c) invented (d) reached
Ans: (a) Here, discovered (Verb) is the right usage.

Q16. Will you please _____ me a book?
(a) borrow (b) lend
(c) have to borrow
(d) have to lend
Ans: (b) lend (Verb): to give something or allow someone to use something that belongs to you, which he has to return to you later Here, lend is the right usage.

Q17. My cousin will arrive _________ Sunday.
(a) in (b) at
(c) the (d) on
Ans: (d) Here, on (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q18. The boys went inside ________ room.
(a) of the (b) the
(c) to the (d) of
(b) Here, the (Def. Art.) is the right usage.

Q19. I asked him for some paper, but he _____ .
(a) had not (b) has not
(c) had none (d) has none
Ans: (c) none (Pro.): not any Here, had none (Simple Past Tense) is the right usage.

Q20. I want _____ me the truth.
(a) to tell
(b) you at once tell
(c) that you tell
(d) you to tell
Ans: (d) The structure of the sentence is as follows: I want you to tell me the truth. Verb Object Inf. Structure ….. Here, you to tell is the right usage.

Q21. Does he resemble _____ ?
(a) to his father
(b) as his father
(c) his father
(d) of his father
Ans: (c) Here, his father is the right usage.

Q22. They attacked _____ .
(a) the enemy
(b) against the enemy
(c) on the enemy
(d) to the enemy
Ans: (a) Here, the enemy is the right usage.

Q23. My younger brother is good _____ Mathematics
(a) at (b) into
(c) on (d) with
(a) at (Prep.) goes with good (Adj.) Here, at is the right usage.

Q24. He _____ his living by hard work.
(a) earns (b) wins
(c) creates (d) ables
Ans: (a) Here, earns (Verb) is the right usage.

Q25. Bread is usually made _____ wheat.
(a) of (b) from
(c) with (d) by
Ans: (b) Here, from (Prep.) is the right usage.

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