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Part 154 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. The truck was _______ when the bus rammed into it.
(a) stationery (b) machinary
(c) machinery (d) stationary
(d) stationery (Noun): materials (such as paper, pencil, pen, etc.) that are used for writing or typing stationary (Adj): not moving; staying in one place or position Here, stationary is the right usage.

Q2. I haven’t ________ butter but I have a lot of bread.
(a) a lot of (b) little
(c) much (d) some
Ans: (c) much (Det; Pro.): used with Uncountable Nouns,Questions and Negative Sentences. Here, much is the right usage.

Q3. People from ________ and near came to see the final match of the tournament yesterday.
(a) distance (b) long
(c) above (d) far
Ans: (d) Here, far is the right usage.

Q4. The student ________ book I still have, can take it from me.
(a) that (b) whose
(c) which (d) his
Ans: (b) whose (Det. Pro.): used for showing which person or thing you are talking about Here, whose is the right usage.

Q5. Corruption should be ________ out with the utmost vigour.
(a) talked (b) left
(c) rooted (d) brought
Ans: (c) root out (Phr. V.): to find out the thing that is causing a problem and remove or get rid of it. Here, rooted is the right usage.

Q6. Books are a great source ______ happiness.
(a) of (b) for
(c) into (d) with
Ans: (a) Here, of (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q7. He spoke ________ his travels.
(a) of (b) on
(c) about (d) along
(a) speak of (Phr. V.): to speak about someone or something speak about (Phr. V.): to mention or discuss someone or something Here, of is the right usage.

Q8. Man is essentially a _____ animal and tends to associate with others.
(a) sentimental (b) gregarious
(c) selfish (d) perverse
Ans: (b) gregarious (Adj.): sociable; liking to be with other people Here, gregarious is the right usage.

Q9. Why do we always have to submit ______ his authority ?
(a) under (b) with
(c) for (d) to
Ans: (d) submit (Verb) agrees with to (Prep.) Here, to is the right usage.

Q10. The master assured her _____ success in the examination.
(a) of (b) in
(c) for (d) with
Ans: (a) assure (Verb) agrees with of (Prep.) Here, of is the right usage.

Q11. The child was so spoiled by her indulgent parents that she became _____ when she did not receive all of their attention.
(a) sullen (b) elated
(c) discreet (d) suspicious
Ans: (a) sullen (Adj.): bad – tempered and not speaking elated (Adj.): very happy and excited Here, sullen is the right usage.

Q12. His directions to the driver were ______ , and helped him to reach on time.
(a) expletive (b) implicate
(c) explicit (d) implicit
(c) explicit (Adj.): clear and easy to understand expletive (Noue): a word, especially a rude word, that you use when you are angry, or in pain implicate (Verb): to show or suggest implicit (Adj.): suggested without being directly expressed. Here, explicit is the right usage.

Q13. My windows look __________the garden.
(a) up on (b) out on
(c) in (d) at
Ans: (b) Here, out on is the right usage.

Q14. I have made a rough__________of the report.
(a) drapht (b) draught
(c) drought (d) draft
Ans: (d) draft (Noun): a rough written version of something that is not yet in its final form Here, draft is the right usage.

Q15. The reward was not commensurate __________the work done by us.
(a) for (b) on
(c) with (d) upon
Ans: (c) commensurate (Adjective): matching something in size, importance, quality, etc. Here, with is the right usage.

Q16. I don’t care________ the expense; I want the party to be a real success.
(a) of (b) with
(c) about (d) at
Ans: (c) care about (Phr. V.): to feel that something is important and worth worrying about Here, about is the right usage.

Q17. Vinay does not play cricket, and __________does Yeshwant.
(a) so (b) also
(c) either (d) neither
(d) neither (Adv.): used for showing that a negative statement is also true of somebody/ something else Here, neither is the right usage.

Q18. The department head insisted that he ____ absolute authority to regulate office work.
(a) gives
(b) is given
(c) would give
(d) would be given
Ans: (d) Passive Voice will be used. Hence, would be given is the right usage.

Q19. Vinod, two of ___ brothers attend primary school, wishes to be a school teacher after his graduation from the University.
(a) whom (b) them
(c) whose (d) which
Ans: (c) whose (Det., Pro.): used for saying which person or thing you mean Here, whose is the right usage.

Q20. The deadline was near by, so Mrs. Sweth had her students ____ their essays.
(a) complete (b) to complete
(c) completing (d) completed
Ans: (a) Inf. without tocomplete is the right usage.

Q21. Our new digital photoprint machine, the manual ____ is lost awaits to be set up properly.
(a) of what (b) where
(c) by whom (d) of which
Ans: (d) of which (Pronoun): used for being exact about the thing that you mean Here, of which is the right usage.

Q22. Ramu is in the habit of revising just once, but Suresh never understands a subject ____ he revises it for at least three times.
(a) in case (b) thus
(c) although (d) unless
Ans: (d) unless (Conj.): except under the circumstances that; used for saying that something can only happen or be true in particular circumstances Here, unless is the right usage.

Q23. He was sorry __ late last night.
(a) about coming
(b) to come
(c) to coming
(d) from coming
(a) sorry agrees with about (Prep.) and a Gerund. Here, about coming is the right usage.

Q24. Our rich culture inspires us to take _____ in our heritage.
(a) prided (b) proudly
(c) pride (d) proud
Ans: (c) pride (Noun): a feeling of pleasure or satisfaction that you get when you or people who are connected with you have done something well or own something that other people admire Here, pride is the right usage.

Q25. The car broke down and we ___ get a taxi.
(a) were to (b) are to
(c) had to (c) have to
Ans: (c) Here, had to is the right usage.

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