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Part 153 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. His manners____him.
(a) speak of (b) speak out
(c) speak up (d) speak for
(a) speak of (Phr. V.): to be evident that something exists or is present speak for (Phr. V.): to state the views or wishes of a person or a group Here, speak of is the right usage.

Q2. The aim of education is to ______ the best in students.
(a) bring on (b) bring in
(c) bring about (d) bring out
Ans: (d) bring out (Phr. V.): to make something appear bring about (Phr. V.): to make something happen; cause Here, bring out is the right usage.

Q3. I have known him ______ a long time.
(a) since (b) for
(c) before (d) from
Ans: (b) Here, for (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q4. I wish I ______ her to clean the room.
(a) have asking
(b) have asked
(c) asked
(d) had asked
Ans: (d) Past Perfect Tense (had asked) is the right usage.

Q5. He always takes full _______of the mistakes made by his friends.
(a) benefit (b) advantage
(c) profit (d) use
Ans: (b) take advantage of (Idiom): achieve a selfish goal by exploiting ; profit selfishly by Here, advantage is the right usage.

Q6. He drained what was left __________ his drink.
(a) from (b) in
(c) of (d) off
(c) Here, of (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q7. Our teacher___several points before the exams.
(a) cleared off (b) cleared away
(c) cleared up (d) cleared out
Ans: (c) clear up (Phr. V.): to make something more clear; to explain something Here, cleared up is the right usage.

Q8. Let me give you ___.
(a) an advise
(b) any advice
(c) some advice
(d) some advises
Ans: (c) some is used in Positive Sentences Here, some advice is the right usage.

Q9. The cart was driven ___ bullocks.
(a) with (b) off
(c) to (d) by
Ans: (d) Here, by (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q10. Simon ___ very polite at the moment, because he wants to make a good impression.
(a) was being (b) has been
(c) is behaving (d) is being.
Ans: (d) The sentence expresses a continuous Action in the Present Time. Hence, is being is the right usage.

Q11. If I don’t ____advantage of this platform, then how dare I be a film maker ?
(a) make (b) take
(c) bring (d) find
(b) take advantage of (Idiom): to make use of an opportunity Here, take is the right usage.

Q12. The old gentleman _____ to be a very good friend of my grand father.
(a) turned in (b) turned over
(c) turned out (d) turned up
Ans: (c) turn out to be (Idiom): to be discovered to be Here, turned out is the right usage.

Q13. It’s a ______, that young people are inspired by celebrities.
(a) lie (b) myth
(c) bluff (d) mistake
Ans: (b) myth (Noun): something that many people believe but that does not exist or is false lie (Noun, Verb): to say or write something that you know is not true; a statement made by somebody knowing that it is not true Here, myth is the right usage.

Q14. Had I saved money, I _____ a new car.
(a) will purchase
(b) would purchase
(c) would have purchased
(d) purchased
Ans: (c) The structure of the sentence will be as follows: Had I saved money, I would have Past Perfect Tense would have purchased a …………. Past Participle Here, would have purchased is the right usage.

Q15. He decided to ____ for his matric examination in order to get a higher score.
(a) redo (b) reappear
(c) rewrite (d) remake
Ans: (b) reappear (Verb): to appear again Here, reappear is the right usage.

Q16. The police pushed the people back to make _____ for Prime Minister’s car to pass.
(a) passage (b) way
(c) place (d) area
(b) make way (Idiom): to allow somebody/something to pass Here, way is the right usage.

Q17. The Chairman is ill and we’ll have to _________ the meeting for a few days.
(a) put on (b) put of
(c) put away (d) put off
Ans: (d) put off (Phr. V.): postpone; to change something to a later time or date Here, put off is the right usage.

Q18. He told me that he ______the movie.
(a) is finished (b) was finished
(c) had finished (d) not finished
Ans: (c) Here, had finished (Past Perfect Tense) is the right usage.

Q19. I do my work ______ carefully to make mistakes.
(a) so (b) very
(c) too (d) more
Ans: (c) too precedes an Adverb (Carefully) Here, too is the right usage.

Q20. The cat and the dog have a ______ enemy in the rat.
(a) same (b) common
(c) mutual (d) similar
Ans: (b) common (Adj): shared by or belonging to two or more people or by the people in a group Here, common is the right usage.

Q21. He is very good ______ making stories.
(a) in (b) about
(c) at (d) for
(c) good at something: able to do something well Here, at is the right usage.

Q22. That farmer may be old but he is ________.
(a) less energetic
(b) more energetic
(c) most energetic
(d) energetic
Ans: (d) Here, energetic (Adj) is the right usage.

Q23. The monitor takes care ______the class _______ the absence of the teacher.
(a) in; at (b) of; in
(c) during; in (d) of; for
Ans: (b) Here, of; in (Prep) is the right usage.

Q24. When he saw the fish swimming ______ the river, he was extremely happy.
(a) on (b) besides
(c) in (d) at
Ans: (c) Here, in (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q25. The railway coaches______by the Integral Coach Factory, Chennai.
(a) is manufactured
(b) are manufactured
(c) are manufacture
(d) is being manufactured
Ans: (b) Here, are manufactured Plural–Passive Voice is the right usage.

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