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Part 152 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. I prevailed _______ him to contest the election.
(a) on (b) off
(c) over (d) of
(a) prevail on somebody to do something: to persuade somebody to do something Here, on is the right usage.

Q2. The government must _____ all resources of energy.
(a) collect (b) gather
(c) muster (d) harness
Ans: (d) harness (Verb): to control and use the force or strength of something to produce power or to achieve something Here, harness is the right usage.

Q3. A.R. Rahman ____ the music for Commonwealth Games 2010.
(a) sang (b) made
(c) composed (d) produced
Ans: (c) composed (Verb): wrote music Here, composed is the right usage.

Q4. Appearances are _____.
(a) deceptive (b) deception
(c) deceptively (d) deceive
Ans: (a) deceptive (Adj.): misleading Here, deceptive is the right usage.

Q5. Girls generally ____ in their mother.
(a) confide (b) confident
(c) confidential (d) confidence
Ans: (a) Here, confide (Verb) is the right usage.

Q6. Children below the age of fourteen should be ______ sent to school.
(a) compel
(b) compulsory
(c) compulsively
(d) compulsorily
(d) Here, compulsorily (Adv.) is the right usage.

Q7. The headmaster congratulated Rajan ____ getting the merit scholarship.
(a) for (b) about
(c) with (d) on
Ans: (d) congratulate (Verb): agrees with Prep.-on Here, on is the right usage.

Q8. Smallpox has been eradicated ____ India.
(a) in (b) from
(c) within (d) out of
Ans: (b) eradicate (Verb): to destroy or get rid of something completely eradicate agrees with Prep.-from Here, from is the right usage.

Q9. The police offered a ____ for information about the stolen money.
(a) reward (b) award
(c) profit (d) prize
Ans: (a) reward (Noun): an amount of money that is offered to somebody for helping the police Here, reward is the right usage.

Q10. There is no possibility of _____ coming late.
(a) they (b) their
(c) them (d) theirs
Ans: (b) Possessive Pronoun their will be used with Gerund (coming) Here, their is the right usage.

Q11. His friend ____ unexpectedly.
(a) returned to (b) come back
(c) turned up (d) get down
(c) turned up (Phr. V.): arrived Here, turned up is the right usage.

Q12. Have you got any idea as to what has happened to Akila ? I haven’t seen her ______.
(a) lately (b) later on
(c) late (d) later
Ans: (a) lately (Adv.): in the recent past; recently Here, lately is the right usage.

Q13. I _____ hard to establish the validity of the theory since morning.
(a) have been trying
(b) had tried
(c) tried (d) am trying
Ans: (a) Present Perfect Continuous Tense (have been trying) is the right usage.

Q14. _____ of defence personnel would be given transfers to their place of choice.
(a) Friends (b) Wives
(c) Husbands (d) Spouses
Ans: (d) spouse (Noun): a husband or wife Here, spouses is the right usage.

Q15. Sachin was standing ____ me.
(a) aside (b) next
(c) beside (d) besides
Ans: (c) beside (Prep.): next to; at the side of Here, beside is the right usage.

Q16. My sister and _____ are pleased to accept your invitation.
(a) I (b) me
(c) myself (d) I myself
(a) Nominative Case (I) is the right usage.

Q17. For a child, a blow _____ selfesteem is a terrible thing.
(a) of (b) with
(c) to (d) on
Ans: (c) blow (Noun): a sudden event which has damaging effects on somebody, causing sadness or disappointment. blow agrees with to (Prep.) Here, to is the right usage.

Q18. The Greenland ice sheet is _____ at the rate of about 12 cubic miles a year.
(a) smelting (b) condensing
(c) melting (d) freezing
Ans: (c) melting (Verb) is the right usage.

Q19. The Principal called _____ an explanation from the clerks.
(a) on (b) out
(c) for (d) in
Ans: (c) call for (Phr. V.): ask for Here, for is the right usage.

Q20. The ______ crowd gave the victorious team a tumultuous welcome.
(a) jubilant (b) troublesome
(c) noisy (d) arrogant
Ans: (a) jubilant (Adjective): expressing joy Here, jubiliant is the right usage.

Q21. It is our duty to get ____ the truth.
(a) to (b) over
(c) into (d) at
(d) get at (Phr. V.): to learn or find out something Here, at is the right usage.

Q22. A thorough search of the aircraft was carried _____ in the airport.
(a) out (b) off
(c) on (d) along
Ans: (a) carry out (Phr. V.): to do and complete a task Here, out is the right usage.

Q23. Discrimination _____ any form should be avoided.
(a) of (b) by
(c) from (d) in
Ans: (d) Prep.-in Here, in is the right usage.

Q24. My friend’s father died _____ cancer.
(a) by (b) of
(c) from (d) with
Ans: (b) of (Prep.) is used for indicating the reason for something Here, of is the right usage.

Q25. I can’t make both ends ______ on my small salary.
(a) meet (b) unite
(c) join (d) touch
Ans: (a) meet (Verb) is the right usage. make both ends meet (Idiom): to earn enough money to be able to buy the things you need

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