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Part 151 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. The agenda for the meeting is _____ the notice.
(a) forwarded in
(b) subscribed to
(c) enclosed with
(d) delivered as
(c) enclosed with: attached with Here, enclosed with is the right usage.

Q2. We shall go for a picnic if the weather _____ good.
(a) is (b) was
(c) has been (d) had been
Ans: (a) Simple Present Tenseis is the right usage.

Q3. Mr. and Mrs. Joshi go for a ____ walk just before dinner.
(a) vibrant (b) brisk
(c) vivacious (d) slow
Ans: (b) brisk (Adj.): quick Here, brisk is the right usage.

Q4. _____ weight gain or weight loss is not good for your body.
(a) Explosive (b) Expressive
(c) Extensive (d) Excessive
Ans: (d) excessive (Adj.): greater than what seems reasonable or appropriate Here, excessive is the right usage.

Q5. John must have the ____ to stick to his diet, if he wants to lose weight.
(a) obstinacy (b) determination
(c) decision (d) obligation
Ans: (b) determination (Noun): the quality that makes one to continue trying to do something even when this is difficult Here, determination is the right usage.

Q6. There was an ____ response for the marathon.
(a) overwhelming
(b) overriding
(c) excessive
(d) extreme
Ans: (a) overwhelming (Adj.): very great; so powerful that you cannot resist or decide how to react Here, over whelming is the right usage.

Q7. Some animals have unique ____ that allow them to survive in extreme weather conditions.
(a) characteristics
(b) problems
(c) feelings
(d) conditions
Ans: (a) characteristics (Noun): a typical feature or quality that something or somebody has Here, characteristics is the right usage.

Q8. Did the boys turn _____ for football practice?
(a) up (b) on
(c) back (d) in
Ans: (a) turn up (Phr. V.): to arrive or show up at an appointed or expected time or place Here, up is the right usage.

Q9. The fireman managed to put _____ the fire.
(a) away (b) down
(c) out (d) off
Ans: (c) put out (Phr. V.): to extinguish; to stop something from burning put off (Phr. V.): postpone Here, out is the right usage.

Q10. The pupil was asked to write ____ his name on the front page of the exercise book.
(a) back (b) in
(c) down (d) about
Ans: (c) write down (Phr. V.): to write something on paper Here, down is the right usage.

Q11. The teacher found many mistakes in my composition, when she went ______ it.
(a) into (b) about
(c) for (d) through
(d) go through (Phr. V.): to look at or examine something carefully; to study or consider something in detail Here, through is the right usage.

Q12. We must ________ help to the people hit by the cyclone.
(a) contribute (b) summon
(c) impart (d) render
Ans: (d) render (Verb): to give help to somebody Here, render is the right usage.

Q13. The metals and minerals sector________ currently highly volatile.
(a) are (b) is
(c) was (d) were
Ans: (b) Singular Verbis is the right usage.

Q14. We should not mix with those people who have an________ reputation.
(a) unsavoury (b) unsteady
(c) unsafe (d) unsanctified
Ans: (a) unsavoury (Adj.): unpleasant or offensive; not considered morally acceptable Here, unsavoury is the right usage.

Q15. It was said of Akbar that he rarely ________ more than three hours a day.
(a) sleeps (b) is sleeping
(c) had slept (d) slept
Ans: (d) Simple Past Tenseslept is the right usage.

Q16. As the bare mountains turned green, the people found _______ looking forward to spring.
(a) they (b) them
(c) their (d) themselves
(d) themselves the Reflexive form of they will be used. It emphasizes the Plural Subject (the bare mountains) Here, themselves is the right usage.

Q17. The sparrows took no ____ the bread.
(a) notice of (b) notice about
(c) notice from (d) notice to
Ans: (a) Here, notice of is the right usage. take notice of: paying attention to somebody/something

Q18. He shows great ability ____ Mathematics.
(a) at (b) for
(c) about (d) in
Ans: (d) ability (Noun) agrees with Prep.-in. Here, in is the right usage.

Q19. There ____ any message from my teacher since she moved to London.
(a) isn’t (b) wasn’t.
(c) hasn’t been (d) hadn’t been
Ans: (c) The sentence is in Present Perfect Tense. Hence, hasn’t been is the right usage.

Q20. May I give you ____ advice?
(a) an (b) some
(c) little (d) one
Ans: (b) advice (Uncountable Noun): suggestion some is used with an Uncountable Noun Here, some is the right usage.

Q21. She has been supporting her family ____ her husband’s death.
(a) on (b) at
(c) from (d) since
(d) Point of time is evident. Hence, since is the right usage.

Q22. The telephone kept ______ ringing, but no one attended.
(a) off (b) on
(c) up (d) up with
Ans: (b) keep on (Phr. V.): to continue keep off (Phr. V.): to avoid eating; to avoid mentioning a particular subject Here, on is the right usage.

Q23. She is sad, because her father turned ______ her request.
(a) up (b) off
(c) out (d) down
Ans: (d) turn down (Phr. V.): to refuse to consider an offer, a proposal etc. turn off (Phr. V.): to stop listening to Here, down is the right usage.

Q24. You should not confide _____ a stranger.
(a) in (b) to
(c) with (d) by
Ans: (b) confide (Verb): to tell somebody secrets and personal information that you do not want other people to know confide in/to (Phr. V.) →both can be used. Here, to is the right usage.

Q25. Poets have compared this world ______ a stage.
(a) with (b) to
(c) by (d) on
Ans: (b) compare (Verb) agrees with Prepto Here, to is the right usage.

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