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Part 149 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. _______ your instructions, we have closed your bank account.
(a) In lieu of
(b) With regard to
(c) In accordance with
(d) On account of
Ans: (c) In accordance with (Idiom): to a rule or the way that somebody says that something should be done In lieu of (Idiom): instead of With regard to (Idiom): concerning somebody or something On account of (Idiom): because of Here, In accordance with is the right usage.

Q2. _______ she is clever, she often makes mistakes.
(a) Despite (b) Since
(c) Although (d) Yet
Ans: (c) Although (Conj.): though; used for introducing a statement that makes the main statement in a sentence seem surprising Here, Although is the right usage.

Q3. Do you prefer _____ or traditional art forms ?
(a) archaic
(b) contemporary
(c) foreign
(d) simultaneous
Ans: (b) contemporary (Adj.): belonging to the present time. archaic (Adj.): old and no longer used. foreign (Adj.): in or from a country that is not your own Here, contemporary is the right usage.

Q4. The farmers _______ their farms, if they had known that a thunderstorm was approaching.
(a) will leave
(b) would leave
(c) will have left
(d) would have left
Ans: (d) Past Perfect Tensewould have left is the right usage.

Q5. The Paralympics is a competition for the ____.
(a) disadvantaged
(b) discouraged
(c) disabled
(d) despised
(c) disabled (Adj.): unable to use a part of your body completely or easily because of a physical illness, an injury, etc. disadvantaged (Adj.): not having the things, such as education, or enough money, that people need in order to succeed in life; deprived discouraged (Adj.): feeling less confident despised (Adj.): to dislike and have no respect for somebody Paralympics (Noun): an International Athletic Competition for people who are disabled Here, disabled is the right usage.

Q6. She made her stepson her ____ to her large fortune.
(a) hare (b) heir
(c) hair (d) here
Ans: (b) heir (Noun): a person who has the legal right to receive somebody’s property, money or title when that person dies Here, heir is the right usage.

Q7. The stewardess showed the passenger _____
(a) when to start travelling
(b) where to land the plane
(c) how to fasten the seat belt
(d) how to judge the altitude of the plane
Ans: (c) stewardess (Noun): a female flight attendant Here, how to fasten the seat belt is the right usage.

Q8. Many people reported _____a noise in the night.
(a) to hear
(b) having heard
(c) to have heard
(d) been hearing
Ans: (c) In such sentences, the Perfect Inf. (to have + Past Participle) will be used. Here, to have heard is the right usage.

Q9. I am exhausted; let’s ____ a day.
(a) call it (b) call at
(c) call off (d) call in
Ans: (a) call it a day (Idiom): to decide or agree to stop doing something. Here, call it is the right usage.

Q10. The worker used _____ to patch up the hole in the wall.
(a) sand (b) cement
(c) soil (d) grass
(b) cement (Noun) is the right usage.

Q11. How did these things come _______ ?
(a) about (b) into
(c) at (d) down
(a) come about (Idiom): to happen Here, about is the right usage.

Q12. The news was _______ good to be true.
(a) very (b) too
(c) so (d) as
Ans: (b) too (Adv.): used before Adjective and Adverbs to say that something is more than is good, necessary, possible, etc. too + Adj + to (gives a negative sense) Here, too is the right usage.

Q13. How much longer __ this book ?
(a) you are needing
(b) will you be needing
(c) will you have needed
(d) have you needed
Ans: (b) Future Progressive Tensewill you be needing is the right usage. It shows a polite enquiry.

Q14. ______ you hear the President’s speech ?
(a) Have (b) Has
(c) Had (d) Did
Ans: (d) Did is the right usage. Structure of an Interrogative Sentence in Past Simple is as follows: Did + Subject + Verb + Object.

Q15. I ______ to the movie with some friends last night.
(a) have gone (b) went
(c) am gone (d) am going
Ans: (b) Simple Past Tensewent is the right usage.

Q16. She has only__________friends.
(a) fewer (b) less
(c) more (d) a few
(d) a few (Det. Adj.): used with Plural Nouns and a Plural Verb to mean a small number; some Here, a few is the right usage.

Q17. If I ____ a doctor, I would serve the poor.
(a) am (b) had been
(c) were (d) was
Ans: (c) In Subjunctive Mood, a Singular Subject agrees with a Plural Verb. Here, were is the right usage.

Q18. He is weak ___ he does a lot of work.
(a) and (b) yet
(c) because (d) so
Ans: (b) yet (Conj.): despite what has just been said; nevertheless; in spite of that Here, yet is the right usage.

Q19. Mahesh showed an _____ for sports at a very early stage.
(a) attitude (b) aptitude
(c) imagination (d) intuition
Ans: (b) aptitude (Noun): a natural ability to do something or to learn something attitude (Noun): the way you think and feel about someone or something Here, aptitude is the right usage.

Q20. For_______ sake don’t tell it to others.
(a) haven (b) heaven
(c) heavens (d) heaven’s
Ans: (d) for heaven’s sake (Idiom): used for emphasizing that it is important to do something or when you are annoyed about something Here, heaven’s is the right usage.

Q21. Napoleon’s army ___ to the Russian soldiers without any fight.
(a) evaded (b) decimated
(c) capitulated (d) cordoned
(c) capitulated (Verb): agreed to do something that you had been refusing to do for a long time; gave in; yielded evaded (Verb): escaped from somebody Here, capitulated is the right usage.

Q22. The work was _____ by the rains.
(a) restricted (b) prevented
(c) hampered (d) obstructed
Ans: (c) hampered (Verb): hindered; prevented from doing something; made it difficult for somebody to do something obstructed (Verb): blocked a road, an entrance, a passage, etc. so that somebody may not get through, see past, etc. Here,hampered is the right usage.

Q23. He knows French and German _____ Russian.
(a) beside (b) besides
(c) aside (d) except
Ans: (b) besides (Prep.): in addition to Here, besides is the right usage.

Q24. His reputation has been _____ by his foolish acts.
(a) increased (b) decreased
(c) retrieved (d) tainted
Ans: (d) tainted (Verb): damaged or spoilt the quality of something or the opinion that people have of somebody/something Here, tainted is the right usage.

Q25. Meditation is _____ way to calm your nerves.
(a) a best (b) one of the best
(c) the best (d) an best
Ans: (c) Here, the best is the right usage.

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