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Part 147 – Fill in the Blanks Previous Year Questions

Q1. My friends fail to see why I should ride the ––––––– horse just because I have won a prize
(a) great (b) good
(c) big (d) high
Ans: (d) ride the high horse (Idiom): behave in a way that shows you are better than other people Here, high is the right usage.

Q2. By –––––––– united struggle, we may achieve success.
(a) a (b) an
(c) the
(d) None of the above
Ans: (a) a (Indef. Art.) is the right usage. U gives a consonant sound.

Q3. She feared that she __________.
(a) will fail (b) may fail
(c) might fail (d) would fail
Ans: (c) The structure of the sentence is as follows: It is possible + that + Pro. + might She feared + that + she + might + Verb fail. Here, might fall is the right usage.

Q4. He is the most generous man, I –––––– him for a long time.
(a) knew (b) have known
(c) know (d) had known
Ans: (b) The structure of the sentence is as follows: He ……….., I have known him Subject Aux.V. Main.V. for a long time. (Present Perfect Tense) Here, have known is the right usage.

Q5. The sudden change in his behaviour came as a surprise to me, I began __
(a) to cut a sorry figure
(b) to smell a rat
(c) to turn a new leaf
(d) to blow hot and cold
(b) to smell a rat (Idiom): to have suspicion to cut a sorry figure (Idiom): to be ashamed to turn a new leaf (Idiom): to reform and begin again to blow hot and cold (Idiom): to change one’s mind Here, to smell a rat is the right usage.

Q6. The hotel was not too expensive, _____
(a) was it ? (b) wasn’t it ?
(c) is it ? (d) isn’t it ?
Ans: (a) The sentence is Negative. So, the Question Tag will be Positive. Here, was it ? is the right usage.

Q7. Like humans, zoo animals also must have a dentist ______ their teeth.
(a) to fill (b) filled
(c) filling (d) to be filled
Ans: (a) Here, to fill (Inf. with to) is the right usage.

Q8. It was very kind of you to do the washingup, but you ____ it.
(a) didn’t have to do
(b) hadn’t to do
(c) mightn’t have done
(d) mustn’t have done
Ans: (d) Here, mustn’t have done is the right usage.

Q9. He went ____ the sea alone.
(a) in (b) to
(c) into (d) on
Ans: (b) to (Prep.). Is used for indicating the place, person, or thing that someone or something moves toward, or the direction of something Here, to is the right usage.

Q10. The _____ of our civilization from an agricultural society to today’s complex industrial world was accompanied by war.
(a) adjustment
(b) migration
(c) route
(d) metamorphosis
(d) metamorphosis (Noun): transformation Here, metamorphosis is the right usage.

Q11. The court ______ cognizance of the criminal’s words.
(a) took (b) made
(c) gave (d) allowed
Ans: (a) cognizance (Noun): notice. take cognizance of (Idiom): to notice or give attention to Here, of is the right usage.

Q12. ______ wins this civil war there will be little rejoicing at the victory.
(a) Whichever (b) Whoever
(c) Whatever (d) Wherever
Ans: (b) whoever (Pro.): any person who Here, whoever is the right usage.

Q13. As he got older his belief in these principles did not ______.
(a) wither (b) shake
(c) waver (d) dither
Ans: (a) wither (Verb): to become less waver (Verb): to become weak or unsteady dither (Verb): to hesitate about what to do because you are unable to decide Here, wither is the right usage.

Q14. Everyone in this world is accountable to God _____ his actions.
(a) about (b) for
(c) to (d) over
Ans: (b) accountable (Adj.): responsible for your decisions or actions Here, for is the right usage.

Q15. Your father used to be the principal of this college, ____ ?
(a) did he ? (b) does he ?
(c) didn’t he ? (d) doesn’t he ?
Ans: (c) didn’t is the right Auxiliary to be used with used to. Here, didn’t he ? is the right usage.

Q16. A wise man profits ….. the mistakes of others.
(a) through (b) from
(c) with (d) by
Ans: (b) from (Prep.) is used for expressing that something comes from something else Here, from is the right usage.

Q17. My friend has written a ….. account of his journey to the Mars.
(a) factitious (b) factional
(c) fictional (d) factual
Ans: (d) factual (Adj.): based on or containing facts factitious (Adj.): not genuine but made to appear to be true fictional (Adj.): not real or true; existing only in stories Here, factual is the right usage.

Q18. Speed is ….. essence.
(a) in (b) for
(c) about (d) of
Ans: (d) of the essence (Idiom): necessary and very important Here, of is the right usage.

Q19. I was washing my face as the insect ….. quietly into the bedroom.
(a) crept
(b) creeps
(c) was creeping
(d) has crept
Ans: (a) Simple Past Tense (short action) is used with Past Continuous Tense (long action) In the following sentence we have two actions: 1. long action →washing my face (Past Continuous Tense) 2. short action →crept (Past Tense) Here, crept is the right usage.

Q20. During the recent floods twothirds of our city ….. in ruins.
(a) are (b) were
(c) is (d) was
(d) As the Subject (our city) is Singular, Singular Verbwas is the right usage.

Q21. I have ______ Lakshmi for the past twelve years.
(a) know (b) knew
(c) known (d) knows
Ans: (c) Present Perfect Tense have known will be used. Here, known is the right usage.

Q22. He did not qualify ______ the job.
(a) for (b) to
(c) against (d) with
Ans: (a) qualify (Verb) agrees with for (Prep.) Here, for is the right usage.

Q23. ______ the last ten years we have been victims of abuse.
(a) From (b) For
(c) Before (d) Since
Ans: (b) Here, for (Prep.) is the right usage.

Q24. The strike has been called ___.
(a) of (b) at
(c) off (d) up
Ans: (c) call off (Phr. V.): to cancel something; to decide that something will not happen Here, off is the right usage.

Q25. He is always angry ______ his children.
(a) with (b) on
(c) over (d) at
(a) with (Prep.) is the right usage.

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